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Avatar f tn i would like anybody who has a 9 year old son or daughter to tell me what are the symptoms of ADHD before i take my nephew to a pdoc...........
Avatar m tn By the way, I have seen several studies that show that sleep apnea can produce ADHD like symptoms. In fact, there have been several posters on here that have had sleep apnea, been treated and their daytime behaviors definitely changed. Has anybody ever commented about you snoring or breathing loud at night? "Regardless of type, an individual with sleep apnea is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing, even upon awakening.
Avatar f tn In fact I tend to think once past the development delays, aspergers and PDD NOS are practically the same thing. You can also try reading things written by autistic adults/adults with autism and see if there is anything you identify with. That can help you be able to put your thoughts/experiances into words to share with a professional.
707438 tn?1240963240 It's much more logical to assume that we have different levels of this disorder and some of us are able, for what ever reasons, to learn to control some of the symptoms. I do see the creative side of ADHD - it's very evident in my own family but I do want to say that there is an alarming number of people in the prison population who test positive for it - as high as 30%. I have also experienced this side firsthand. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn I have only recently learned of the ODD. My daughter has been diagnosed with "mild" ADHD. Her pychologist also told us that she is extremely bright. She is doing well academically in kindergarten; her teacher said she is above average in most areas of learning. Our problem is her behavior. She not only falls into four symptoms of ODD, but exhibits all six of the criteria.
Avatar f tn have a hyperactive 5 and a half yr. old boy. Hyper since birth.Changing diapers was difficult. I am used to this and it has gotten a bit easier to manage since then. Alot of his behavior seems like ADHD,the type that is hyper but "takes everything in". He never liked loud music,covers his ears. And also complained once of lights being too bright at Gymnastics class (which he DID NOT LIKE). He will interact with other children and isn't shy once he gets comfortable.
Avatar f tn I have also had many, many kids with ADHD. I have had kids who I gave two to three days to finish a 25 question test. I have had a least two who died shortly after highschool. In short, I have seen both sides. All I want people to do is to recognize that the situation does exist. That there is more than one way to handle it. That it can be horrible for a child or an adult if they have ADHD and can't cope.
Avatar f tn Lower dose, another med, non time released. Are my symptoms more ADD or ADHD or something else. Is there a test I can take to tell me what it is?
2110632 tn?1334189982 And, many times caused by the ADHD. Your symptoms at home are certainly consistent with ADHD or ADD. But, you should also had problems at school. But, in school, how far did you get and what was your GPA. I have seen many adult posts where they were intelligent enough to get through high school, but had a lot more problems in college.
Avatar f tn Most people with anxiety have ADHD symptoms but, in fact, do not have ADHD (this is why so often one will read that Ritalin or similar medication is not working). I also believe that mild/moderate anxiety can be helped with herbal and/or natural remedies. So, why not try this route as a first option. However, from reading your first post, I get the impression that you are suffering from more than just "mild" anxiety issues.
Avatar m tn im a 20 year old man. i have about 85 percent of the symptoms of adhd but i havent been diagnosed. i was wondering if adhd or add can cause me to feel like i dont wanna work. i mean. i hate to work more than most people. once i get going its okay. but sometimes i get very frustrated just thinking that i have to spend 40 hours out of the week working. i find myself wanting to do other things in the middle of my work. is this adhd or could it be part of a personality disorder?
Avatar f tn I am in the process of being evaluated for ADHD. I am 68. Are there special considerations for senior citizens with this diagnosis. I also take meds for depression. Starting back on effexor xr from welbutrin.
Avatar f tn And yes, there are several things that can cause ADHD symptoms that are not ADHD - and they should be checked out! But your symptoms are also classic ADHD as well as your self medication reactions. To get a feeling for what adult ADHD is like check out the link and the advice posted here. You ask about resources for people like you. My first question would be - what kind of a doctor is your doctor?
Avatar n tn // Its for adults with ADHD. I think you will find out you are not alone with the problems you face. Best wishes!
1390055 tn?1365618655 The longer it goes untreated after it triggers, the worse the symptoms get, and the more symptoms/problems you tend to develop. When they randomly test thousands of folks, about 3% who tested positive had been diagnosed by their doctors, because the symptoms that docs thought went with this disease turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg.
Avatar f tn Annie, The following link will take to the DSM-IV Criteria for ADHD...the same scale is used for adults as it used for children....with the only difference being that on criteria such as getting out of one's seat and such are usually more internal for adults....adults tend to have the self-discipline to stay seated and just fidget...move their feet, tap their fingers etc. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn org/medical-information/show/2157/Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder-ADHD?page=1#sec_3761 - for symptoms or just google it. Another source which I think that you will find very interesting is this Utube video by a young lady with ADD in which she describes her situation and symptoms. Personally, I have found that frustration was a key factor in helping to identify a person with ADD.
Avatar m tn Richard Saul March 14, 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
Avatar m tn The trouble is that depression will cause the symptoms you have mentioned. And the symptoms you mentioned would cause you to be depressed. To figure it all out you first need to eliminate the physical causes. It sounds like you have been doing that with the tests for hypothyroidism and I would assume that you have been getting other blood work done (low iron, anemia, etc.) The next step is to make sure you have a doctor that can deal with both the physical and mental/emotional issues.
Avatar f tn Many other conditions and situations can trigger behavior that resembles ADHD.
Avatar dr m tn Not only is it seen in children, but adults can have it as well. Symptoms include inability to focus or pay attention, being easily distracted, and various behavioral problems in the classroom. There are a number of proposed explanations for why ADHD occurs, including brain biochemical imbalances, environmental and dietary toxins, and allergic conditions. One possible explanation that never receives very much attention is from lack of deep quality sleep.
329950 tn?1194801117 Yes you can have bipolar and ADHD however many ADHD symptoms are also bipolar symptoms and the diagnosis of ADHD is often a step to a real diagnosis of BP. In all things do not accept the diagnosis without proper testing and avoid Ritalin which is bad for Bipolars in so many ways for one thing its a stimulant and for another its a dangerous drug in its own right with addictive qualities and some nasty side effects.
Avatar n tn Hello, the symptoms you describe do sound like ADHD, particularly the impulsivity. Kids with ADHD can also be anxious, so it can be difficult sometimes to tease out the correct diagnosis. Keep in mind that the symptoms you describe could happen for more reasons than just ADHD. I would indeed have her tested, though the school is not likely to want to test her unless her difficulties are having an educational impact.
Avatar f tn HELP I actually think that I might have been missed diagnosed as having anxiety---and have ADHD. I can be very hyper and not able to sit still, or lethargic and depressed the next hour? I can over organize my stuff for hours because I can't sit still. I work full time as a teacher and work a night part time job just so I am busy! I also wake up all hours of the night and my body is restless.
Avatar n tn He has bad eye contact and will look around when you are trying to talk to him(he does this at home too). I took him fro an eye test at the schools request and although they think his vision is fine, he could not follow the instructions from them or follow their finger with his eyes. He will question instructions or just say no to the teacher. We are a happy and close family and he does not speak rudely to either of us. I notice though the lack of concentration and following instructions.
865817 tn?1255285681 // Both sites are done by people with ADD. totallyadd was actually a PBS special and consequently is a series of short videos. Quite entertaining and useful. Jeffs add mind really reflects him. Has much more adult interaction. Both are worth checking out. Anyway, thanks for your post.
233622 tn?1279338505 is this test suppose to be done while sitting or standing. Also, what does it mean when a person can get pull one foot onto of the knee on one side but not the other? I can get my left foot on top of my right knee but have to pull my right knee ontop of my left knee. Also, I can lift my right heel and run it along my left shin, with a lot of effort while I am sitting. While standing I can NOT run my right heel along my left shin.