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Avatar f tn school nagging about me taking a test for my 8 year old (ADHD TEST) okay looking over the test i see questions that are not suitable for a school aged kid in 3 grade so i only answer a few of them. Called yesterday to tell me that the result of this test are in, make appt to see them. But I was told that they would send them home...yeah cannot trust them.... anyone have this issue with there school???
Avatar m tn I feel for these parents and find it horrible that this doctor will add to a stigma that does exist regarding children with ADD/ADHD. What can help families is for doctors to be responsible. To not cave to parents who have read online information and then diagnosed their child themselves or listened to teachers exclusively when they aren't seeing the symptoms themselves.
Avatar f tn I can understand your concerns. I don't know if this will help you feel better, but the guidelines for diagnosing a child with ADHD very clearly state that it must be present in two or more places. Regardless of what the mother may have said, he also must be showing the symptoms in someplace like school. It also sounds like he may be on a dose that is a bit too high. With kids, its kind of trial and error.
Avatar n tn Olga is a reputable professional who has been invited to speak to professionals and parents in our city and whose questionnaire is used by our autism department for parents to complete. Can you tell me if you are in the USA or UK so that I know what other information to give you.
602796 tn?1219877065 Yet I know his behavior is just the joy of life or the intensity of emotions. As for the reason of ADD/ADHD being diagnosed as often, I only have two thoughts: if this disorder is indeed on the rise, it may go hand in hand with the feeling of many adolescents and teenagers that life is overloaded with choices of all kinds, leaving them confused, seemingly bored and restless. Dietary factors may contribute to this with the large amounts of sugar that is often consumed.
Avatar f tn I am a recovering alcoholic who currently takes Adderall and who is also enrolled in cognitive therapy for my ADHD. I hope to one day retire the drugs completely as well. I did not begin taking Adderall until I was over two years sober however, but that two year period was hell as I was constantly battling against this dopamine deficiency in my brain (bad moods-irritability-resentment-fear).
Avatar f tn After living with ADHD for 7 years I told my BFF about it. She began telling it doesn't exist and everyone has it. She asked me if I was in meds I said no. I can't take meds because I'm also bipolar and it causes manic stuff. I didn't tell her about the bipolar. Is ADHD really something everyone has or did she just make that up?
219373 tn?1274925034 They use the gym and put out ropes, balance beams, trampoline, balls, bouncy castle etc. The club is for children on the spectrum and with ADHD and is also for their siblings. They can also bring guest friends along too. There are 3/4 adults to keep an eye on everyone and the parents meet in another room to have a coffee/chat etc. If there is nothing suitable in your area you could see if there were other parents in a similar situation and set something up yourselves. Anyway best wishes.
Avatar f tn I think it could very easily not catch a child with ADD. The gold standard for diagnosis is to do a questionnaire with the teachers and parents. ADD and ADHD are very different. Good link here - My personal opinion is that this test is just a way for inexperienced professionals to deal with a problem they have little knowledge of. Are you in the United States (which state) or England?
7087196 tn?1389309719 He was given an assessment where his teacher filled out a questionnaire and his parents filled out a questionnaire as well. The diagnosis was borderline ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD at 15, was given Ritalin, and my behaviors became so much worse, wrong diagnosis. In 2005 was diagnosed with Bi-Polar. They have tried Celexa, Risperdal, Quafanicine (unsure of spelling) and they work for a very short time and his behavior gets worse then it was before.
Avatar m tn you might consider talking with his pediatrician about his behavior, and ask if he can be screened / tested for ADHD or any other behavioral disorders; also ask about medications which could help in combination w/ therapy, unless you've already done so.
Avatar f tn If he is developmently delayed it would be more mild but enough to qualify him for a funded school program. He was evaluated by a psychologist who did not feel ADD/ADHD. My son also has a habbit of nose picking or crotch grabbing both which I am learning might just be a nervous soothing habbit. I am trying to break these asap. My son also is very serious and I think might have low self esteem due to his learning problem.
Avatar m tn You mentioned that you need help with parenting. Take a look at Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents - it is very useful (see
521840 tn?1348844371 New Screening Measure for Doctors Detects Signs of Autism at 12 Month Well Baby Visit--Good News! There is some wonderful news for all of us parents of young children! The Journal of Pediatrics has published a new tool for screening one-year-olds for early signs of developmental delays--including symptoms and behaviors consistent with Autism. Autism is a developmental delay that impacts children's language, social functioning, play, learning, and behaviors.
Avatar n tn And any good doctor should send a questionnaire to the teacher for their opinion. It helps if the teacher has a clue as to what is going on. I have many links to material that will help both you and his teacher (assuming he does have ADD.) But for starters, I would highly recommend that you buy the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. Its around $12 on Amazon. I do hope this helps. You might want to also check out this link- http://www.addadult.
Avatar f tn This is a very good article that not only looks (again) at Anger Overload and Anger Overload and ADHD. But more importantly it gives treatment techniques for parents and teachers that perhaps you haven't heard about. The link is - And besides all the consistency things - which are difficult to do - some things are easier and can be fun.
Avatar n tn My daughter is now 21 and was diagnosed with adhd at 19. We live in the usa. Problem is she has no insurance, and for a diagnosis, it is several thousand.If there is no cure I figure why bother. She functions as an adult, cleaning houses with me, and has her own space. Just get concerned with her lack of friends on her peer level.She has obsessive traits about her car, house, anything that belongs to her. I can't even ride in her car, she is always afraid of me scratching it or something.
Avatar f tn I have a 9year old daughter who has Autism, ADHD and PICA. Since she was little she would chew on her blankets which didn't cause a problem really. About a year ago it started with biting the nails finger and toe nails. It has now moved to a new level. She is tearing strips of her skin off the pads of her fingers and under her big toe and chewing them. She typically doesn't swallow. What can I do about this. She is currently on Vyvance, Clonidine and Melatonin.
Avatar n tn Also, I had trouble in school, but my parents just punished me for not trying. I never went to a Dr. for my learning issues, but I was painfully aware that I was not keeping up with others. It breaks my heart to imagine this could be the road my child is going down. So my question is...Should I be concerned? Is this normal behavior for a 2 year old? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I truly believe there is more or this goes deeper then the ADHD. What would you suggest? Thank you for your time.
362281 tn?1199774311 That can also be typical of being on the spectrum (not sure about NVLD). For the criteria for ASDs it talks about problems with social interaction and communication. That can range from being totally unaware of anyone or thing around them or being totally overbearing and not understanding personal space or boundaries or recognising when someone is not interested and has had enough. It is also quite possible to have a mixture of disorders with traits of each.
Avatar f tn Have you ever had him tested for ADD/ADHD? I first discovered my son had ADD at age 5 but I tried medication and didn't like how he reacted to it so I've tried home remedies and holistic ways to control his outburst and behavior aspects and have found that between school and home corporation things have gotten better. A lot of times children can be misdiagnosed for ADD/ADHD and they just are exceptional kids who just need to be micromanaged to keep them focused.
Avatar f tn How was the testing for ADHD done. Was a questionnaire given to both teachers and parents (that is the standard)? or did the doc just talk to him? Because he sure shows signs of AD/HD. Hopefully, your appointment is not with a pediatrician, but with a child psychiatrist or something similar. It really sounds like he may need some medications until this gets under control. It looks like his life is rapidly spiraling out of his control. I assume his grades at school are bad.
Avatar m tn Hey, I feel for you and I can't tell you how many posts I have seen like this on the ADHD forum - - where I am also the CL. First the doctors reply to you about him not having ADHD based solely on, "he has high grades, can sit and read therefore he doesn't have ADHD." Is absolute BS. That is not how you judge ADHD. It does not follow any of the clinical guidelines.
Avatar n tn I have an 8 year old who won't stop talking either. I googled this site after yet another note from his teacher today. My son makes A's & B's and reads on almost a 6th grade level. He is very smart and is also an only child of a single mother. I've had this problem now for almost 2 years. I agree that the schools need more ability to punish.
443100 tn?1210625462 ASPERGER'S SYNDROME A GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND PROFESSIONALS. He is a REAL expert! You can find it at OASIS website (a great resource fot AS): www(dot) udel(dot) edu(slash)bkirby(slash)asperger(slash)aspergerscaleAttwood(dot) html and Childhood Asperger Syndrome Test (CAST) Sorry, dunno much about this either. DISCLAIMER: None of these screening instruments are to be taken as deffinitive indicators of autistic spectrum disorders.
Avatar n tn Our Autism Department uses that questionnaire for all parents to complete, so it is reputable. You can also google her name and read an article by her in Autism Today. You will be quite amazed at how many 'autistic' behaviours turn out to be down to 'sensory differences'.
Avatar n tn I am an SLP with a 3yr old on my case load with severe autism and seemingly adhd.. HE has no means of communication other than eye contact, body language, sign "more". He was put on "tenex" to try to slow him down enough to concentrate for learning. HE is involved in an ABA program, DIR and Teacch programs. Tenex seemed to slow him down a little and then 1/2 pill was added to see if it would make a difference.
Avatar f tn For some parents the pills provide great relief. Jacqueline Williams said she can’t thank Dr. Anderson enough for diagnosing A.D.H.D. in her children — Eric, 15; Chekiara, 14; and Shamya, 11 — and prescribing Concerta, a long-acting stimulant, for them all. She said each was having trouble listening to instructions and concentrating on schoolwork. “My kids don’t want to take it, but I told them, ‘These are your grades when you’re taking it, this is when you don’t,’ and they understood,” Ms.
Avatar n tn Have your parents screened him for Sensory issues? I know that sounds very 'simple', but I know of another teenager who tried to smother a baby because he couldn't stand the noise it made when crying. I am not making excuses for the child, but if his sensory system is hyper sensitive then alot can be done at home to reduce sensory stimulus so that he is less likely to get out of control. Does he himself every appear not to feel pain eg.