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Avatar f tn PPD, ADHD, Asbergers, form of Autism, at different times. when told he can't have something keeps at the person, can go on for long periods of time. threatened to destroy home while parents sleep, has punched holes in walls. TSS coming to the home now. This is my grandson, lives in Penna., 30 miles north of Allentown, about 20 miles outside of Pottsville. What can be done, and soon, before he hurts someone, or himself?
Avatar f tn and the answer is YES, there is a ton of stuff that you need to be aware of as ADHD can affect all areas of your life. The meds can only help on some of those areas. For example, if she has gone from a 2.8 to a 4.0, she obviously is intelligent. So how does she feel about getting those low grades when I am pretty sure that she knew that she should have been doing better? AD/HD can really effect self esteem and anxiety levels - among other things. And I wonder if she has ADHD or ADD?
Avatar m tn My 12 yr old son, who has been disagnosed for five years as ADHD (without hyperness) is increasingly cynical with us (mom and dad), doesn't listen well, fails to accomplish ordinary, routine tasks at home day in adn day out, and is generally not a fun person to be around. We are struggling to maintain constructive conversation when he only appears to respond to being disciplined (grounding, restriction from fun activities).
Avatar f tn My youngest son is 10 and 60 pounds and at school he is on a 524 plan for accommodations and he has been on meds for 5 or 6 years now. His parents we think were drug abusers but we do not know if they did drugs when both boys were conceived. The middle son is 12 and about 67 pounds and his mom was in a correctional facility when she had him and we know there was substance abuse going on then. I will have to check out that book to read asap.
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Avatar f tn Hi Hayley, Anxiety and depression certainly follow people with ADHD. (Its not knowing why you are feeling or doing what you are doing, that leads to the anxiety and depression). And ADHD is definitely passed down from one's parents. And, of course, the inability to concentrate is also a symptom. Having said that - anxiety and depression will also cause a lot of the symptoms you have mentioned. So the best thing to do is to find what is causing the anxiety and depression.
202436 tn?1326474333 Underlying adhd behaviors is an interesting diagnosis. Doesn't sound like they are very sure of themselves. Which is ok. There are many things that can look like ADHD. What kind of a doctor did you see? Diet is always worth checking out. I have even seen cases where lack of sleep was the culprit for the ADHD diagnosis. The site below covers most of the possible treatments, diets etc. It should be helpful.
Avatar f tn Yes, the little one could have ADHD. It certainly is an inherited disorder for many - but not all kids. But, i have had kids in the classroom who have ADHD and their brother or sister did not. So it certainly is not guaranteed. By the way, I have seen the changes in how ADHD is treated over the years. Having spent almost 40 years in the classroom. It is being treated much better now then it was.
Avatar f tn s, pharmacy bills, and having to pay to see 3 different neurosurgeons, most of the money that my parents have saved for my college has been contributing to the medical bills. I was just wondering if there is anywhere that I can find scholarships for people with Chiari?
Avatar n tn Is there a suggested place I should take him to diagnose him for ADHD or other(we just have a family doctor)? Is there a counselor in my area of Golden, Colorado that deals with this kind of behavior? Thanks for your time.
Avatar n tn My son is gifted and either has ADHD/Asperger's or bi-polar (docs can't decide). He does go to a special school that accommodates him. My daughter has a friend who stayed in the public schools and who is in the gifted program at her school. He has a behavioral management aide provided by the Board of Ed. I think he may have Asperger's which usually gets an aide. You should have your so evaluated and he may be able to get an aide.
Avatar m tn My parents recently adopted their niece. She has had behavior problems since before they got her. She has been diagnosed as bipolar and kleptomaniac. Recently her behaviors have been getting worse. She has tired to burn their home down, she tried to climb out of the second floor window to run away, she has been writing notes about how she ate certain family members and would like to hurt them. They can't take places because of her stealing. They have found knives and razors in her room.
Avatar n tn What are the side effects and risks of starting a child this young on medication for ADHD? The parents are wanting and pushing for the medication, so the accuracy of their report to the dr is questionable and the dr they choose is known to give out medication easily. I worry about the effects on this child and would like to try to educate the parents a bit more of the risks.
Avatar f tn Are you sure about your son's Abilify dose? That is a high dose for a child so young. If the medication is not effective, the situation shold be re-assessed. Relative to the ADHD, a psychostimulant can be employed alongside a medication like Abilify, but the major goal should be the mood-related issues. When the mood is stable the ADHD can be addressed. Relative to behavior management, you will find your answer in Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Parents.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with ADHD about a month ago. I have struggled with my grades for the past 2 years (I am a junior girl in high school). We couldn't figure out why I was doing so poorly because before I had gotten straight A's. That's when I was tested and diagnosed with ADHD. My school will not offer me a 504 plan because they say I get "average" grades. No, I'm getting D's.
Avatar m tn The interesting thing about consistent consequences is that experts say that it needs to go on consistently (meaning a consequence for a particular action everytime it happens) for at least 3 weeks. This is because you are changing learned behavior, and it takes awhile to change behavior that has been learned. Now if that is not working, then yes - you definitely need to consider that fact that something else may be going on.
Avatar f tn Point being, my brother-in-law has adhd. I probably knew him for 20 years before I realized he had it. And, I think that he got it from his father (also my wife's father) who was a brillant Cal Tech scientist. And nobody would have ever thought his dad had adhd. Oh, and it can skip generations. But really, the point is, it dosen't matter where it came from if its a correct diagnosis (thats a different post), what matters is how to deal with it.
4194487 tn?1370046144 My mother has some form of adhd, my brother has adhd, my sister has add, is it possible for my baby to inherit these conditons even though I do not have either of them?
1628438 tn?1299557322 Its really not that unusual for adhd kids to lie. Stats show that almost 50% lie (compared to about 7% normal kids). I've posted countless times to parents saying don't punish your kid for lying since most of the time it due to their ADHD conditions. Try googling "lying and adhd" and you will see pretty good explanations of why it happens. If you understand what adhd is and its effects on you, it becomes a lot easier to deal with those effects.
Avatar f tn Parenting with consistent discipline and support can help prevent over-diagnosis of ADHD in children. Sometimes, people think their child is ADHD when the child is still very young, under 5, and shows some symptoms. The problem with that is young children are still developing at very different rates and maturity levels vary greatly.
Avatar f tn Do you have an opinion regarding the use of Tenex/ guanfacine for ADHD treatment -- of hyperactivity and impulsivity?
1604185 tn?1297786400 t say specifically where your areas of concern are for your daughter in school. I will tell you that for a sensory kid (again, similar to adhd)------- doing much of what they call "heavy work" outside of school hours helps him maintain himself in school. Simple things around the house like animals walks such as crab walk, bear walk, snake, leap frog are good. Jumping on a mattress pulled on the floor. Take pillows off the couches and from around the house and make a big pile.
709940 tn?1231900307 My son went through a phase of testing with a clinical child psychologist. She said that her "instincts" say that he does not have a PDD, but possibly ADHD, even though he displays all signs of having a PDD. She said that because he did not display these behaviors in her office, she can't say. What she did say was that he has Language Processing Disorder, Sensory Integration Dysfuncion and Speech delays.
Avatar m tn I am very concerned about my Son, now he is 10 years old and having behavioral issues in his school. he is taking medicine for ADHD after visiting to Psychiatrist. Lately he start stealing money from home and also last week some snack from classmate. We are expecting to have a meeting with school head teacher in coming week due to his behaviors. We are doing our best to explain him nicely how to behave but nothing worked so far. I would really appreciate if someone can advice what we should do.