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Avatar f tn Is there help for a 9 yr.old boy, 3rd child in family. Sets fires, killed turtle, hospitalized 3 different times, only kept 5-6 days at each facility. Manipulates people, and staff sees what he wants them to see. Shows no remorse at what he has done, treats hospital stay as fun.At home goes into rages when he doesn't get what he wants. Tried to kick window out of car when Mother would not stop & buy him a bike, (has 3 already) Attacked both parents, uses foul language.
Avatar m tn My parents recently adopted their niece. She has had behavior problems since before they got her. She has been diagnosed as bipolar and kleptomaniac. Recently her behaviors have been getting worse. She has tired to burn their home down, she tried to climb out of the second floor window to run away, she has been writing notes about how she ate certain family members and would like to hurt them. They can't take places because of her stealing. They have found knives and razors in her room.
Avatar f tn Parenting with consistent discipline and support can help prevent over-diagnosis of ADHD in children. Sometimes, people think their child is ADHD when the child is still very young, under 5, and shows some symptoms. The problem with that is young children are still developing at very different rates and maturity levels vary greatly.
Avatar f tn Yes, the little one could have ADHD. It certainly is an inherited disorder for many - but not all kids. But, i have had kids in the classroom who have ADHD and their brother or sister did not. So it certainly is not guaranteed. By the way, I have seen the changes in how ADHD is treated over the years. Having spent almost 40 years in the classroom. It is being treated much better now then it was.
444265 tn?1292467473 Get your parents to schedule an ADD/ADHD consult with your doctor. They will have the forms needed to fill out that you and your parents can discuss with the doctor. Don't try to self-evaluate. You get yourself into trouble that way.
Avatar n tn Is he receiving any therapy? It sounds like he needs to be seen by a therapist. I'm not sure there is anything you can do besides encourage the parents to get extra help from professionals.
Avatar n tn As an ex-elementary school principal, I can flat out tell you that the schools are not making money off of ADHD kids. The government's support (as for most things in education) is nil. To say that there are more ADHD kids now because the schools are making money off them is untruthful and hurtful. If you are going to place any blame, try drug companies and andvertisements. I am sorry for you and your child. I hope your approach works.
Avatar f tn While lying is not ADHD, It is common for kids with ADHD to lie. "All children lie occasionally. But because of impulsivity and low self-esteem — and their tendency to make mistakes that they think need covering up — kids with ADHD are especially prone to stretching the truth. That worries parents." And the rest of the link gives good advice on working with a child who has ADHD and is lying. And actually, its not bad advice if the child does not have ADHD.
Avatar f tn You may want to see if you can get a hold of a copy of the August 'Pediatrics' magazine ,there is an article regarding ADHD drugs given to children ,calls to poison centers are up 75% in the last 8 years and most come from affects of the drugs given for ADHD even the drug enforcement agency has issued a Warning.Read 'The Cociane of the Playground' and see for your self.
Avatar n tn What are the side effects and risks of starting a child this young on medication for ADHD? The parents are wanting and pushing for the medication, so the accuracy of their report to the dr is questionable and the dr they choose is known to give out medication easily. I worry about the effects on this child and would like to try to educate the parents a bit more of the risks.
Avatar f tn If you adhere to the guidelines offered by Lynn Clark in his book SOS Help for Parents you will see improvement.
Avatar n tn s advice and what should I do about this I have a severe case of adhd mixed with anxiety and I am a grown adult that needs medication for my adhd for school and work and I get really frustrated that my parents don't let me control my own meds in general they know I don't abbuse it but every time I need my meds I have ask them and it makes my anxiety act up even more cuz I have to call them tell them I need my meds and it's annoying because they r not always their how can I get them t
Avatar f tn Help for Parents. I think it will help. Check the child behavior forum, there are a lot of parents having troubles with their 4/5 year olds and the advice given to them will also help you. I definitely would get him into a doctor. Not to get him on meds but to find out what is going on. If he has ADHD, books like, "The ADD/ ADhD Answer book." , by Susan Ashley are extremely helpful. You need to know what is going on, so you can find out how to deal with it.
1274559 tn?1284132218 I am wondering why you need to have medicine for ADHD? can you handle ADHD without medicine??? I mean is the Medicine necessary?
Avatar f tn It really depends on the individual doctor. One thing that you might look into is what his school offers. Talk with his counselor. See about getting a 504 or an IEP based on what your psyc says. Then see what kind of counseling they have. A big thing for kids of his age is getting along with the doctor - and the college setting (could be a group thing) might be a better fit. I have well over 300 individual links to specific or general topics.
Avatar n tn Help for Parents, and follow it to a 'T'. You will be very glad you did. This practical and sensible guide to managing behavior will be a tremendous resource for you throughout your son's childhood years.
Avatar f tn My youngest son is 10 and 60 pounds and at school he is on a 524 plan for accommodations and he has been on meds for 5 or 6 years now. His parents we think were drug abusers but we do not know if they did drugs when both boys were conceived. The middle son is 12 and about 67 pounds and his mom was in a correctional facility when she had him and we know there was substance abuse going on then. I will have to check out that book to read asap.
Avatar n tn You are correct in thinking that the problem is more serious than ADHD - if he displays ADHD, that is likely the least of his problems. Perhaps you can urge the parents to seek an evaluation with a child psychiatrist or clinicial psychologist (or other pediatric mental health professional).
Avatar f tn Do you have an opinion regarding the use of Tenex/ guanfacine for ADHD treatment -- of hyperactivity and impulsivity?
Avatar n tn s cognitive functioning and achievement, because symptoms of ADHD can occur for other reasons besides ADHD. Having a psychologist do a thorough assessment and consult with the pediatrician will give you the information you need to intervene effectively.
1681774 tn?1304970402 May I say first of all how admirable that you have taken on looking after these two grandchildren especially with a physical challenge to deal with aswell. Is the oldest who has ADHD ,on any meds , I ask this as sometimes the meds given for this disorder can cause some behavioral issues ,he is also the eldest and very often they instigate problems from feelings of jealousy ...How about the younger one , he is diagnosed PTSD is he on any meds?
Avatar f tn t make you anxious but it may not be the best medication for your ADHD. If you have anxiety along with ADHD there are medication to help with both. Ask your parents to take you back to your doctor and let him/her know what is going on, he/she will know what to do to help you. If your parents won't listen talk to a relative or your school counselor and they will let your parents know hat you need to see your doctor. Don't be scared, you're okay.
Avatar n tn I am 21 yrs old and I was told when I was in first grade that I had ADHD and a lazy eye. Right away my parents put me on meds and I took special classes all way through 8th grade. When I started college I started to notice that my attention in class was not all there like it was when I was younger and in high school. I went back to the doctor he gave me an eeg.
Avatar f tn Its a good article,but the link didn't go through for me. Once you are on Webmd - do a search for ADHD causes and you will find it. But, yes, there is a strong genetic component. But, it is certainly not 100%. The advantage you will have is that you have the experience to help your child, if your child does have ADHD. Many kid's parents don't have a clue until the school system gets involved.