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539478 tn?1296624612 Thank you for getting back in touch with me. I teach Pilates which is primarily all core (back, spinal muscles, & ab) exercises. My back muscles are very strong, if they were not I would be in even more trouble. I have spoke to several Physiotherapists and have researched all the exercises they do & the exercises we do in Pilates is identical. Examples: Prone swimming, bridges, ab series, planks, push-ups, etc.
Avatar f tn you know one of those independent living programs that monitor seniors in their home.. they have stuff like that out there? seems like every 2 days i am changing my mind. now where would you get the idea that i would harm my neighbors??? lol.. actually when i call the police in desperation (still at least several times a month) i have to filter what i say least i incriminate myself (threats of bodily harm) in my desperate search for peace and quiet.