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Avatar m tn I read the tag about stomach pains after tennis and my syptoms sound very similar. I am in good shape and exercise regulairly, and it only happens on random days spread by weeks of no problems, and it only happens when I push myself to my limits. I have asthma, but I can outrun any person in my school so I do not think that is a problem. When it happens I usually can't sit still and it feels as if someone is driving a knife into my stomach.
Avatar n tn I've been so paranoid about it! It makes me feel unfeminine! I am exactly the same as anne420 as well! I will take on board the advice about plucking after showers! I have some scarring from it and I have found something that helps - it's called Bio oil - try it! If i have hair on my breast and quite a bit on my stomach does it mean I have PCOS deffinitely? I mean am i going to start getting hair on my face?! anyone any idea? thanks! and don't worry everyone, we're normal!!!
Avatar m tn its a strong pet flea powder that works, also you have to use it around your house and wash your bedding with hot clorox thats safe for colors. as far as it being on your skin and crawling around you have to use either witch hazel or green rubbing alcohol to kill it on your body. its very tough to get it off you. not recomended but ive heard that the amonia content in windex helps kill this disgusting flea/ bed bug infestation. borax powder i hears is also usefull.
534785 tn?1329595808 there is a PT group formed whose aim is to say: "we have Lyme, though your testing says we don't - so change your methodology". There are 2 women in a video and they've been on various tv shows. They keep lists of "Lyme friendly" docs, too. Who's right? I don't know or advocate, I'm just mentioning. Any talk of bands on ELISA/Western Blot alway made me fall asleep :) But I do know there is controversy there.
1311499 tn?1273679555 I am not an expert by any means ia m not sure how to loose belly fat other than doing ab exercises.Have you tried Pilate? There are a lot of exercise tape/dvds out their. As for motivation? I am haveing the same problem. I am working part time b/c I was hurt at work in March, I have found myself being so lazy. I sleep late in the day, eat watch tv be on computer. Do you have a friend who is tring to loose weight or need to get in shape that would help you get motivated?
541150 tn?1306037443 You know, basic questions like the one which was asked here on the cats forum. As for Abby, I will have to go get Sakura to play with him. He is just nonstop. His weight isn't an issue and, mind you, he has a square figure of how fat he is, still he jumps and plays like a little kitten. I suspect he will be getting larger soon. You know how, depending on the breed, some cats can grow up until they're 3 years old? Looks like Ab is headed that way, that clumsy fatso lol.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors and all New Friends, Please make yourself at home. Part 28 ... wow. Hang on tight!
Avatar n tn Just a thought. We go on a lot of family hikes walks which seems to help with my fatigue as long as I don't over do it.
Avatar m tn Also if he/she puts you on any breathing medications that will help. The ENT will probably put you on another course of AB before the surgery if you need it. Im taking another course until my surgery and then ANOTHER course after! Yeah I feel to sick to even be operated on, its going to suckk needless to say. Yeah ive been out of work, i feel you. Its pretty unfortunate. I keep getting down on myself since Im just so used to being active working and doing everything i can.
Avatar n tn I also saw on TV last night a show about people that lost like 100 - 200 pounds on their own. I'm not that good, but got a few ideas. Ever heard of 'upside down eating'? No, don't stand on your head...eat a large breakfast, medium lunch, and light dinner. I'm going to try it. I didn't plan well for my breakfast, but my husband and I just had lunch together and I had a salad with angus steak & blue chees crumbles with balsamic vinegar dressing...couldn't eat it all.
382218 tn?1341185087 I could be sitting quietly, reading or watching TV, when it spontaneously comes on. I can tell it's happening as my face feels warm. Typically it affects my cheeks and nose, and occasionally my forehead as well. I'm not otherwise too warm, in fact I keep my house on the cooler side. I dont have heart palpitations or other similar symptoms when the flushing occurs.
Avatar f tn Now it's really bad. I've actually been fuming about this all day because I was watching some reality show on TV and there were these two models who just had babies and they had perfectly flat stomachs. I don't understand!!!
233488 tn?1310696703 ” As stated previous “the correct” answer will be different for different people. Informative is based on the most common questions posted on the American Academy of Ophthalmology MedHelp Eye Forums. 1. Where there is a difference of more than 1.50 diopters between the eyes post operatively glasses are often difficult or impossible to adjust to. The condition is called "aneisometrophia".
579258 tn?1250652943 Sweetheart .. if you are eating only 400 calories a day and are unable to eat more, then you have an eating disorder. When you are stressed and depressed .. and those actions/emotions are causing you not to eat .. that is dangerous. And, sometimes that type of an eating disorder follows the one that caused you to "eat a cow". You do need to seek the advice of a physician/psychologist as well as work on the reasons/emotions/situations that keep you from eating.
544292 tn?1268886268 There's so little on Tramadol or Ultram on the web. Tons on other drugs. Ok so the most alarming part of the Tramadol we would think would be the fact that it is a synthetic opiate. It's a Narcotic. It's just been slipped thru the schedule. The Opiate aspect of Tramadol is why if you google,"Home Opiate Withdrawal," the techniques found there actually do work! But that's not the most alarming part of Tramadol in my case.
Avatar n tn on march-2-06 she was put back on .50 mcg her tsh was 4.75 and they did thyroid antibodies her thryoglob ab was 41.1 and her thyperoxid ab was >1000.0 april-3-06 her tsh was 18.84 and she started seeing an endocrinologist he upped her to .75 mcg saying she did NOT have thyroiditis and her thyroid IS NOT ENLARGED april-17-06 tsh 4.
Avatar f tn It's still dragging on, especially the brain fog. I have had dogs and cats for years, as well as rats, hamsters, birds, and tropical fish. I was also around cattle and horses for many years as a young person.
Avatar n tn I have lost four pounds so far on slimquick and try to follow the diet and exercise as best i can. it's working and it's the only thing that has worked for me in two years. so slow is great with me.
1498386 tn?1403031253 all i can say is try to lose a little weight say a baby makes you gain 15 to 20 lbs lose that for now so you can get pregnant and you will gain that weight by having the baby in you then that way you really dont get ny bigger then after you have the baby try to lose the weight aint no point on losing weight then get prenant and get it all the weight just lose enough that the baby might need go to the doctor tell him you want clomid and a pill that make you start your period then you take clomid
Avatar f tn but i have always been small. even as a child. i swear i thought id pack on lots of weight when i was pregnant with my son being i was on bedrest for 20wks but i did fine and i ate everything lol. before i was 112 pounds and after i had my son i am now 125 so im happy.. im sure that you are not huge like you think you are. i think all women think that about themselves. run up and down stairs. take the kids for walks. im not sure where you live but where im at MN its pretty cold lol..
228463 tn?1216765121 Can someone set me up on some kind of plan for food and exercise? Remember that I am very limited on mobility. Terry as team captain can you help me out here? I would love you forever for it. I am so excited about this. For the first time in a long time I feel motivated to do something. You all totally ROCK!
Avatar m tn Don’t submerge the top of the squeeze bottle in the hot tap water, because water from your hot water heater has things you don’t want to know about. When the bottle is warm, put it in your shower . Turn on your shower as hot as is comfortable and jump in. The heat and the steam will loosen the mucus in your nose and nasal cavity.
Avatar f tn I have no problems falling asleep. I'm out as soon as I hit the pillow. I just can't stay asleep. If I do any type of exercise then I sleep well, but my muscles have been so tired and sore. I exercised for twenty minutes weeks ago and it took me a week to recover. I did yoga and got a huge cold sore cause I found it stressful (the room was way too hot). It might be a hypo symptom for me?
Avatar f tn I'm on coumadin and have to be careful on my protein intake as in interferes with coumadin and I have to watch my vitamin K as you know that helps clotting so I'm limited to my greens. My six pack isn't what it used to be. I'm at the gym 5 days per week! P.S. Don't know about you but my Testosterone is just over 630.
422425 tn?1307996590 We are going to have a guest physician join us early next month in the fibro / CFS forum. He has done research not only on fibro & CFS... but autoimmune conditions as well. You are welcome to join us. Keep checking the community for the date.
Avatar m tn hbsag tends to be very high on hbe positive with active hbv and lower on hbe-ab. hbvdna is not correlated directly with immune response, you can be inactive carrier with hbvdna 5log iu/ml, even when you seroconvert to hbsab you can have little hbvdna, immune responce is correlated with hbsag mainly or with your being active or inactive. there is a precentage of lucky ones on cronic hbv and a huge number of inactive carriers that have it at 1000-1600iu/ml.