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Avatar f tn If you are feeling uncomfortable doing the ab roller, try the plank pose. I did that almost to the end of my pregnancy. Everything in moderation and using common sense. My doc was very supportive of me continuing all the exercises I was already doing. Picking up new strenuous sports that your body is not use to is not a good idea...
Avatar f tn I am about 7 weeks preg. New mom, is it ok to do situps??
Avatar n tn Hey moms. I am curious about how you guys are getting in your exercise. I have eliminated any kinds of ab workouts, I do a quick simple arm and leg routine and then do 2o min on my elliptical. Some days I am all full of energy and have to remind myself that I set a time limit for a reason. Other days, I don't feel like doing anything! My lil workout is how I end the day. The kids are in bed, so is my so. I clean then I take my workout as some me time. Then shower and bed.
Avatar f tn I usually stop situps and hard ab workouts at the 2nd semester. You want those muscles strong, but not inflamed. Light plank holds and exercise ball workouts are good. Plus I find its really easy to oull an ab with all the relaxin and round ligament pain. Let you abs relax drink something with some sugar and see if he gets moving around again.
Avatar m tn I was going to the gym but have no time anymore so my son loaned me his ab roller and bought me some five LLB weights. I am trying to get into a healthier mode. I eat well as far as eating the right things but need to tone up. My arms jiggle a bit when I wave and when I noticed this I went on a crazy gym spree trying everything to get rid of it!
Avatar n tn Here is my situation, I am an avid Mountain Biker who lifts weights regularly and does a cardio daily and Abs on the ab roller 600 on a regular schedule I do all these workouts on a very high level and I can't increase it. Why do I have a pregnant looking belly? I cant get rid of it. I am 29 yrs old. I dont have fat other than that I am very lean. I am not exaggerating either I look 3-4 months pregnant unless I dont eat.
Avatar f tn Im starting to run/walk and i also want to start doing ab workouts as well as squats, so basically i just want to know if should do the workouts before or after running/walking?. .. or does it even matter?
Avatar m tn i had a nissen fundaplacation surgery one in 2006 another in 2011 what exercise for my stomach should i not do
Avatar f tn Hey there, the emotional roller coaster is very normal. There will be ups and downs, and highs and lows. You just need to fight through it. Getting outside in the fresh air is a great thing, and will help. As I'm sure you know by now, alcohol will not help. Try to stay away from that, at least right now. You have been doing amazing. Stay focused and strong, and get your butt outside and get some exercise. Take care, you can do this!!
Avatar f tn Ok so ive read & heard that pregnant women shouldnt ride roller coasters after the first half of the first trimester, but does that also include the rides that arent so jerky?? Is it safe to ride the ones that arent wild and dont pull & jerk you around too much?? See we're ((my family & friends)) going to Busch Gardens next weekend...ill be about 8 weeks...and i was just curious to see if anyone has ridden rides around that time of your pregnancy??
5792946 tn?1382372153 OMG have u guys used an ab roller? I think my stomach is more sore then back now lol... 50 of those n ur hurtin for days....
10028419 tn?1416841704 I walk occasionally now but would like to start exercising again to help with weight gain and labor! Any one else exercise? I need tips on whats safe and what I should be doing!
Avatar f tn Performing certain exercises in certain areas of the body to lose fat in those areas is one of the biggest myths floating around... Unfortunately, your body will burn the fat wherever it sees fit, which is determined by your genes. Doing both cardiovascular and strength exercises are crucial to losing fat mass, but there's no specific exercise(s) that will burn fat from the abdominal area.
Avatar f tn Other than that if i get a burst if energy I walk a mile, planks, standing crunches, leg raises, and do a few things I found online. I searched up safe exercises and safe ab excersis. Yoga and streching is also really good.
9404455 tn?1405820004 My sister in law told me the best bet is start at 4 to 6 weeks. Although you may feel good the inside is still healing.
Avatar f tn I had my baby 9 days ago and i had an exercise ball that i bounced on during my pregnancy. Can i start working out with it? Can exercise be harmful if ur careful not to over do it? I had a really easy labor, no tearing, no stitches and my body feels ready.
Avatar f tn I am 4 weeks pregnant and want to know what cautions in exercise i should have. I went walking and feel very drained and dont want anything to hurt the baby. I know it us a dumb question but it has been 12 yrs since i have been pregnant. My son is now 11 and my daughter is 15.
395769 tn?1318449682 I know nothing about being high risk or having a blighted ovum..sorry. I only know what my dr. told me & this is my first pregnancy and im not high risk. I did a lot of ab exercise pre-pregancy but once I found out I stopped just bc it feel too weird for me. Like I was crushing the baby. But if you know its safe I'd say go for it. Im too far past that pt now. I usually just swim for 45 mins a couple times a week & take a pilates class.
1123420 tn?1350561158 Spanx makes a great body slim! Most department stores do. They are right skin doesn't go away from exercise, it's skin. Fat goes away from exercise. If our skin went away from exercise we would all be in trouble and exercise would be dangerous. You can tone the muscle under the skin which may change the appearance but only a tummy tuck really would get rid of that excess skin which you said you weren't interested in. I can't blame you, apparently it's really painful.
10165853 tn?1456333837 Okay, cool. Thank you! What is the pregnancy app called??
Avatar f tn t stretch before doing any exercise routine! What I do is warm up by doing the routine with a light weight so the muscles get warmed up. What you should try is using a foam roller after your routines. The rollers come with directions.
Avatar n tn 4, TSI is 175, TPO is 518, and antithyroglobulin Ab is 410. The endo I went to yesterday said I definitely have Graves' disease. She prescribed PTU and propalynol. I am happy to finally have some treatment and hope they'll work as the thought of radioactive iodine ablation is quite fearsome to me. Here's my question. She also said that my heart has been under so much strain that I need to rest.
Avatar n tn I had a roommate who used one of these in bad weather, and Gym is right, it's much easier to maintain and use than exercise equipment. I like the home exercise equipment, but as i said, it always turns out to need a lot of maintenance even when new.
Avatar f tn Okay guys, over the past few years I lost about 50 pounds, I was 167lbs at age 14 and now i'm about 117-121 lbs (i fluxuate because I'm a cross country runner, so i eat a lot more down and my workouts vary depending on the team). Anyways, since i lost all this weight, my body has changed and i'm much thinner but sadly i still have some untone muscle and skin on my stomach and little flubber on my upper upper inner thighs.