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Avatar f tn If you are feeling uncomfortable doing the ab roller, try the plank pose. I did that almost to the end of my pregnancy. Everything in moderation and using common sense. My doc was very supportive of me continuing all the exercises I was already doing. Picking up new strenuous sports that your body is not use to is not a good idea...
11250735 tn?1417186714 20 degrees outside I am hot. Any exercise, I am profusely sweating. Night time I am cold and turn on bed heat in winter. Mood swings, too the point I sometimes wonder why I am even on this earth. Luckily I know who I am and can shake these thoughts off with effort and telling myself to stop these stupid thoughts. Weigh gain in huge amounts. 135lb normal weight to 186lbs in three years. Now reverse, loss from 186lbs to 158lbs in 4 months.
Avatar n tn I have tried both, and liked neither. The ab roller was uncomfortable on my back, and I didn't see any results at all. I used their video daily for about a month. The Gazelle was hard on my knees. The running motion while keeping your legs in the same position would really hurt in the back of my knees after about 20 minutes. I now have a treadmill and elliptical, and I like both.
Avatar n tn Here is my situation, I am an avid Mountain Biker who lifts weights regularly and does a cardio daily and Abs on the ab roller 600 on a regular schedule I do all these workouts on a very high level and I can't increase it. Why do I have a pregnant looking belly? I cant get rid of it. I am 29 yrs old. I dont have fat other than that I am very lean. I am not exaggerating either I look 3-4 months pregnant unless I dont eat.
Avatar f tn Were you ever tested for the thyroid antibodies, TPO ab and TG ab, to determine if Hashimoto's Thyroiditis was the cause for you being hypo? If you are not familiar with Hashi's, it is caused by the autoimmune system identifying the thyroid glands as being foreign, for some unknown reason, and producing antibodies that attack the thyroid glands.
Avatar m tn I was going to the gym but have no time anymore so my son loaned me his ab roller and bought me some five LLB weights. I am trying to get into a healthier mode. I eat well as far as eating the right things but need to tone up. My arms jiggle a bit when I wave and when I noticed this I went on a crazy gym spree trying everything to get rid of it!
5792946 tn?1382375753 OMG have u guys used an ab roller? I think my stomach is more sore then back now lol... 50 of those n ur hurtin for days....
1123420 tn?1350564758 They are right skin doesn't go away from exercise, it's skin. Fat goes away from exercise. If our skin went away from exercise we would all be in trouble and exercise would be dangerous. You can tone the muscle under the skin which may change the appearance but only a tummy tuck really would get rid of that excess skin which you said you weren't interested in. I can't blame you, apparently it's really painful.
Avatar n tn During this whole time I have gained an enormous amount of weight (30lbs in 8 months) and my doctor just keeps telling me to eat healthier and exercise more. I work out 6 times a week doing cardio, walking, basic exercises like sit-ups, push-ups and stretching, and light free weights. I eat healthy, no whites (bread,pasta, sugar, refined foods), I keep dairy minimal, about 1 glass of milk a day (6oz), have a piece of fruit about every other day, and eat a lot of veggies and low-fat protein.
478429 tn?1265247987 aerobics, hoola hoop, belly dancing ... even those roller blades! Changing your exercise every day or two will help keep your muscles in a state of confusion, which is where you will receive the most benefit from your effort. Now .. motivation ... here's a few things that helped me ... http://www.****.*** http://www.****.*** Hope this gives you a place to start. Would love to keep in touch. Please let me know how I can help. I BELIEVE IN YOUUUUUU!!!!
536139 tn?1273189552 Hi! Here's my blood test history - from May, 2008 to Present: Blood Tests - May 8, 2008: TSH, 3rd generation 0.01 Low T4 Free 1.7 Normal (range is 0.8-1.8) T3 Free 462 High (range is 230-420) Thyroid Peroxidase AB <10 normal Thyroglobulin AB <20.0 Normal Blood Tests - July 9, 2008 TSH, 3rd generation <0.01 Low *Lower than 0.01 T4 Free 2.2 High (range is 0.8-1.
Avatar n tn I am sick of this emotional roller coaster...I was ready to kill myself before I even started testing since all these symptoms are so bizarre. Not to mention that every time I type oral thrush in search...what do you know HIV is always the culprit. If I test out Negative past the 6 month mark I will be thinking I have been given a second chance at life. What a miracle....
Avatar f tn Actually felt like myself again. Was able to lose some weight w/ exercise and decent food choices, looked good, felt good…face and throat less swollen. I was amazed! Should mention, not 1 single hyper symptom except low TSH. So of course because things seemed to be rolling along nicely, Dr says TSH too suppressed and lowered me to 75.
676912 tn?1332816151 I have 20-30 lbs i need to take off myself and i plan on doing WW's again and I am getting a stationary bike because i cant do anything high impact anymore due to a foot injury that i had repaired and was advised to never do anything like running because if my foot breaks again in the same place it cant be fixed! I am also getting me an ab roller, it flattened my stomach in no time with my first two kids and it only costs 20 bucks. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I know alot of people can't exercise or move around on this treatment, but it helps me so much. I push myself to get to class. I teach cardio kickbox, bootcamp and strengthening classes, and even though I might feel crappy before class, I feel like a new person afterwards - completely normal -- no fatigue, etc. I also try to walk everyday at my full-time job, and I feel so much better afterwards. I really feel bad that not everyone on tx has the ability or energy to do that.
Avatar m tn I have positive blood tests for 4 different types of ANA tests (Anti-DNA Double stranded, ANA IFA Speckled, ANA AB EIA and the positive Ro/SS-A, and a positive test for Sjogrens syndrome, but negative RF (rheumatoid factor)--yet I have x-rays to prove I have arthritis. 3 doctors say I have Lupus, but the Rheumatologist says I don't. Go Figure!?
Avatar f tn but i did learn some exercises with a ball, and foam roller (look online cool exercises). would rather try at home. anyone know if it is bad to work out your stomach when you have liver problem?
Avatar n tn Here's my latest labs (last dose Armour taken 24+ hours prior to blood draw) FT4- 0.94 (0.82-1.77) FT3- 4.0 (2.0-4.4) Tsh- 0.759 (0.450-4.50) TPO (Ab)- 28 (0-34) Cortisol- 9.4 (6.2-19.4) ACTH- 28.7 (7.2-63.
5285867 tn?1365996892 however, you mentioned losing 30 pounds. Was that the result of a diet and exercise program? If not, then that might point to excess meds and being hyper. We will know much more after you get the additional tests done. Then when results are available, please get a copy of the lab report and post results and their reference ranges shown on the report, and members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.
1649405 tn?1366260626 If she hasn't been tested for the thyroid antibodies, TPO ab and TG ab, that would be a good idea. If you want to read some of the old threads about this subject, just plug in Hashimoto's and rash in the search area at the top of the page. Here is one such thread, just as an example. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn I have mild osteoarthritis in my hands and bulging/blown lumbar discs that I'm managing with exercise and accupuncture. I've had all the usual childhood diseases for my ear (mumps, measles, rubella, chickenpox, etc., etc.). I usually walk at least a mile to a mile and a half a day and am an avid gardener. I've been sleeping fine, as far as I know. I rarely am ill, not even with a head cold. I am careful what I eat.
Avatar n tn also , T3 uptake 35 ( range from 22 - 35 % ) Thyroid Peroxidase AB normal 26 ( normal < 35 ) Thyroglobulin AB (< 20 ( normal < 20 )
125112 tn?1217277462 Perhaps a more constuctive approach would be to take action to address the complaints individually. Exercise also does a great deal to increase energy levels, decrease anxiety/depression and control weight.
205414 tn?1209510759 I have just been through the roller coaster ride of starting out at Hyperthyroid with a T4 of 352, not suppose to be above 170 and having the radio active iodine pill to kill it the Monday before Halloween. Went through all those symptoms of sweating ALL the time, muscle loss, tremors, weakness to after the pill going into total opposite and totally the wrong way into hypOthyroid with a TSH count of 147, which shouldn't be over, I'm told, 4.0.
897578 tn?1241724871 I am trying to figure out if i have been tested for graves. From what i can tell, these are all of my antibodies tests from the last year and a half. Are any of these for graves? It doesnt look like ive ever been tested.
Avatar n tn Watching what I eat and making myself exercise releases the endorphins that combat depression, and helps considerably to keep the weight down. In the end, I find that a ramped up consciousness of better eating habits combined with exercise, is the best way to deal with my hypo.
Avatar f tn I had vision correction surgery 6 years prior and had perfect 20/20 vision until this quack - I was fine even w/ hashi prior to this staying on a lower dose - this jerk wanted me less than 2 tsh - I was bedridden for days, sick in many ways and lost my great vision in a matter of months - anyhow - after 6 years of egotistical doctors I now have a wonderful internist who is very knowledgable about all forms of thyroid disease and attends conferences frequently about these issues - I stay on the
Avatar f tn I also joined a gym and will do some *light* exercise to try to lose my ab fat get a healthy bmi. I think it is worth a try before I accept the standard medication route to fertility. I like to try things natural first just to give it a shot. I don't have pg symptoms. except cramps in my lower abs today. It could be period cramps though.
Avatar f tn Hey, Thanks!! I just read your journal entry and we have similar stories of our 'mis'adventure. I'm not a definite negative on paper, however, as the Dr. also stated, "some people are just going to test that way and it's not going to change; you're most likely still negative but it's enough of a roller coaster to drive one insane". Okay, so those weren't his exact words, I gave it my own twist.
Avatar f tn MVIR) today announced interim results from the second Cohort in the ongoing COSMOS study evaluating a once daily combination of simeprevir and sofosbuvir in hard to cure hepatitis C (HCV) patients. SVR4 results from the 12 week arms of Cohort 2, including treatment naïve or previous null responder HCV patients all with METAVIR score F3-F4 were reported. Treatment for 12 weeks with simeprevir and sofosbuvir, with or without ribavirin, led to SVR4 rates of 96% and 100%, respectively.