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Avatar n tn So since September I have been working on stress reduction and adrenal support and getting my female hormones in balance. Along with my normal good diet, exercise and sleep. Is there something else I could be doing? Could I have cancer? Any advise? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/264581'>High THYROGLOBULIN AB - 37.4</a>.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, ab crunches actually don't strengthen the abs - A good back exercise works better on the abs. Lifting weights also works better on the tummy muscles.
Avatar f tn There is really nothing you can do to control the TPOab, however, with the help of a good doctor, you will be able to control the hypothyroidism, caused by the Hashimoto's. Diet and exercise will help control the weight gain that many of us have when we become hypo because our metabolism slows down. Many people with Hashimoto's have periods during which they swing between hyper and hypo. Your panic attacks, diarrhea and sweating could very well be caused by a swing toward hyper.
Avatar n tn I had stopped drinking Diet Coke and coffee and had started taking copper, magnesium, calcium, and selenium per ithyroid.com. It's hard to say which if any element caused the end of the problem at the time. Now, however, my heart rate is back up (though not as high at all), I'm gaining weight, and feeling very relaxed. My GP ran more tests that I fully expected would show that I was in a state of hypothyroid instead of hyperthyroid. I was wrong. My TSH is now 0.019, Free T4 is 2.
Avatar n tn I followed the protocol in KT's book and began my diet on the third day but Dr. Simmeon's protocol says to gorge for 3 days and then begin the diet. I don't know why there is a day difference in the protocols. Also I noticed that DR. Simmeon says to eat white fish but in KT's book he is specific about the white fish being halibut, Chilean sea bass, flounder or sole. Is anyone following just Dr. Simmeon's protocol and if so are you eating other white fish like orange roughy or tilapia?
Avatar f tn ) if you are worried about your body after baby, you can get an abdominal binder for the days following delivery. this is what i did, and my stomach looks exactly the same as before (skin, muscle, tightness, etc..) for proof you can see my pics at 3 weeks pp. good luck on your pregnancy!
Avatar n tn Weight gain is mostly non-thyroid in most cases, so even with thyroid medication proper diet and exercise are important but may be more effective if the thyroid condition is addressed.
486679 tn?1234579529 All I'm doing right now is a running class two times a week, and a yoga class once a week. So far, that's pretty helpful. Add in a bit of exercise, and your goal should be fairly close! Do you walk/jog? We even have some of those old (really, OLD) aerobic tapes. Those are funny to watch, but do help. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn Hey..is it ok to do ab work outs lik situps side bends etc while preg..I'm 6w 3d... I keep sayin I want to walk do weights yoga and stretchin daily but usually I do some a fewtims a wk if that. I am so tired daily. Anyway is that healthy to do daily like hr of working out or so. And is it ok to have oatmeal, yog, eggs or pancakes for breakfast...tuna, hummus or egg salad for lunch....tofu or veg or egg stir fry or veg burger for dinner..drink milk, tea, water, cranberry juice...
Avatar n tn Ab exercise should not hurt the liver, but if you have varices it could be dangerous. A biopsy and endoscopy, catscan and blood work will tell the tale. In the meantime try these foods. Foods to Include Organic and free range foods. These should be chosen whenever possible to avoid added hormones and chemicals. Whole grains. Whole grains contain natural fiber, slow down sugar absorption from carbohydrates and help to lower blood lipid levels.
Avatar f tn Obviously I have the Diet Diary App, for the past week I've been dieting-calorie counting. I've not eaten over 1700calss which is what the app set me. I've been eating all healthy foods with good meals too. I've been jogging 2/3 times a week, swimming once a week and sit ups 4/5 times a week with bits of walking in there. From Monday to Monday I've lost 1lb. Feeling a bit disheartened. Im 5ft 8 and weigh 11.9 after my 1lb loss.
Avatar f tn So in short just by lightly reading the excerpts i can safely assume that selenium would contribute to lowering TPO-Ab levels if at all. So about diet I just have to keep eating healthy, and not over exercise and I would be as good as I can be with Hashimoto's. thanks you!!!!!!
Avatar n tn A question to those of you who took it and it didn't work, did you stick to the diet and exercise program 100%, that is what I plan to do, if so, then I cannot understand why it wouldn't work. I already know that I will have success as I am so comitted to this system 100%, nutritional diet and excersice I know will play a crucial role in my success or others, if you don't do it to the T, then I don't believe the results will show.
Avatar m tn If you need to maintain your weight it is recommended that you follow a diet and exercise regime. That will definitely be helpful. Do keep us posted. Kind regards!
Avatar m tn You should be seeking advice from Pediatric Gastroenterologist. Antacids and eating bland diet with minimal exercise will help. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
1701775 tn?1307188945 - a very un-scientific name I know, but it basically means that my knees aren't fully grown and that the gristle beneath my knee cap is still very soft and my knees are being damaged by exercise. I'm supposed to keep my legs straight as much as possible so that my knees are relaxed, bending my knees puts too much pressure on my knees and makes them ache and crack and grind. Any kind of exercise is difficult as I can't bend down, run, jump, suddenly change direction or go up hills or stairs.
963964 tn?1319148818 I am trying to find a good every day diet for me. I know gluten and soy are bad- they slow the thyroid. I am not taking meds. I have been to an auto.MD. she has me coming every 6 months to just test my TSH's. My vitamin D is good. Some webs say beans are good other web beans are no good. Most people who have low thyroid also have high cholesterol too. Other webs say do not eat anything vegetable that has seeds like cucumbers and tomatoes etc. Paleolithic diet is suggested.
Avatar f tn Another cause involved in most cases is inadequate fiber/ roughage in diet. Exercise in such cases just acts as a precipitant by causing dehydration and would not directly cause bowel obstruction. The intermittent diarrhoea that you had described later was probably because of laxatives. To avoid this situation in future you should eat plenty of fruits, green leafy vegetables, bran and high-fiber cereals.
Avatar f tn I started eating prunes and added half a tablet of “Fiber Choice”(dietary fiber 4g, soluble fibers 4g) and now my bowels are very liquid and mucous like more so then diarrhea, have yet to have anything normal. I had not made any other major changes to my diet or exercise plan. Do you have any suggestions?
Avatar f tn weight comes off where it wants to but if youre looking for a flat stomach you can try some ab exercises. Theres a youtube channel called diet health where they give new exercises every week. Give it a shot. Also make sure to eat three meals and three snacks a day. Also drink plenty of water. not only does it help you lose weight and prevent bloating but it makes you feel more energized.
Avatar f tn I want to lose belly fat mostly so I tried ab workouts they didn't help.
Avatar f tn Today I plan to do the Ball Exercise for 45min and the 10min abs twice a day. I already did the ab routine this morning, so i will do it again in the afternoon. Starting tomorrow my routine will start at 4am, (because the kids are sleeping) and i will do 10 min abs, and 2 45min workouts to help rev up my metabolism. I started taking diet pills that control my hunger, sooo i am off to a new beginning! Wish me luck.
Avatar f tn I remember before when Im so fat and having big belly stomach bec of pcos im look like im pregnant and im look like so old. so what my doctor told me diet and exercise is the best way. I dont do short cut way to loose weight. I do exercise 1 hour a day 6 days a week I do home exercise I download hip hop abs video its help me alot. my diet so strict no meat at all I eat more open fish vegetables fruits and chicken. I take vitamin as well. I loose 30 pounds from 155 to 125.
Avatar n tn You have to look at what type of diet you are on. Also are you doing any exercise? Exercise is essential for toning muscles and helping to eliminate bulges. Plus it's good for your heart and other body functions.
20180083 tn?1494847740 Hey, I am not sure about dieting plans. But for belly fat you can try eating pills. I think this can be helpful for yourself. On the other hand, you are doing exercise. I think it's effective. You should continue by doing this.
Avatar n tn Hi! I am on a diet at the moment because I want to lose just under a stone. I weigh 7.2 stone and am 5 ft 4". I exercise all day everyday by running, walking, ab workouts, cardio, aerobics and dance. However every time I lose a lot of weight, I gain it back on through eating carbs and calories. So, I decided to work off more calories than I actually eat. However, this makes me weaker so I need some alternatives that have basically no calories but are still substantial.