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Avatar f tn You can do what you were doing before you got pregnant. Just know that first trimester it is extremely common to be fatigued, so if you are really exhausted take it easy. Just make sure you aren't going anaerobic - make sure you can talk without being too short on breath. And you stay hydrated. If something is uncomfortable, don't do it.
1057060 tn?1266516726 do any of you ladies have any experiences with ab workouts during your first trimester? i have read that you shouldn't do crunches or things like that but i feel like my stomach is getting kinda flabby and i really want to get my abs back into shape before baby starts showing. :) have any of you done crunches and been okay? or any other suggestions would be helpful.
Avatar f tn I was wondering the same thing when I became ppregnant, what I found out is during the first trimester sit ups are ok, but after the first trimester no exercise that has you on ur back is safe. Keeping ur abs in shape in pregnancy is good cuz it helps get everything back to normal after birth.
10165853 tn?1456337437 Well its always good to ask your doctor first if you arent use to working out. But im 9 weeks almpst and i still hit the gym, walk, hike, hiking is my favorite. I also work out at home since i have 2 kids i cant always go out to do it. I actually downloaded a pregnancy work out app for free and it has 20 minute workouts for 1st 2nd and 3rd trimester.
384150 tn?1399908416 And I'm getting so much CONFLICTING advice.....can I do ab work in first trimester? Can I go running? What about overheating? Sorry. Very long response on my part but I didn't answer your question.
325477 tn?1250554909 Hello girls, welcome to the second trimester!!!!!! So far, we have: Anya - 15w3d Maria- 15w Aweeonetolove- 14weeks Everyone else I believe is in 14-15 weeks as well!!
395769 tn?1318453282 I know nothing about being high risk or having a blighted ovum..sorry. I only know what my dr. told me & this is my first pregnancy and im not high risk. I did a lot of ab exercise pre-pregancy but once I found out I stopped just bc it feel too weird for me. Like I was crushing the baby. But if you know its safe I'd say go for it. Im too far past that pt now. I usually just swim for 45 mins a couple times a week & take a pilates class.
Avatar f tn My stomach has been feeling sore (muscle wise -- like after an ab workout) I normally like to do bridges (lay on back then raise self up so only feel and hands are on the floor, stomach is in air) to relieve this type of pain, is it okay to do this during the first trimester?
1128483 tn?1277343886 I definitely want to keep my weight down during the first trimester, but with all my cravings for taco bell that might not happen ha. Oh well I guess if you should ever let yourself eat what you want it's when your pregnant!
Avatar n tn My doctor also told me that at the first sign of my next pregnancy to come in, get the pregnancy confirmed and get another RHogam shot just in case my blood mixes with the fetus at all during the first trimester. From then on, I won't need another shot until I am at 28 weeks gestation and then again after delivering if the child is RH-positive. Kind of sucks, but just shows how very important it is to know about your body. I hope this information is helpful!
280700 tn?1210287416 Hi everyone I will be starting Clomid next month and wanted to know how many of you ladies have been on and how many have you got pregnant on the first cycle. Alittle bit nervous about the whole thing but I know it will be alright. I really cant wait to get started on the whole thing. So any feedback and thoughts about Clomid would be appreciated. Thanks a bunches...
Avatar f tn Working out is a good thing and perfectly safe in the first trimester . I have found that it helps calm down the morning sickness and helps with my fatigue levels. I have been doing a low key workout which includes Ab work, lower back exercises, glute work and Kegel exercises. I have found some great videos on YouTube for 1st trimester workouts. Pilates and pre-natal Yoga come highly recommended.
Avatar f tn Women (depending on height) should eat 1900 - 2500 calories a day. During 1st trimester add 200, during third trimester add 300. I'm 6ft, 175 lbs & I eat 2200 calories a day, so while pregnant I try to eat 2400.. it doesn't happen every day but that's okay so long as I'm eating healthy things, nutrients the baby needs. 75-100g of protein a day, folic acid, calcium, etc. I lost 3 lbs my first trimester & baby is big - growing ahead of schedule.
Avatar f tn especially in the first trimester, you want to be very careful. You can do some light exercise like swimming or walking. But don't lift heavy weights or go run Marathon or anything intense like that.
Avatar f tn My doctors told me to hold off till I'm in my first trimester.... I've been told that with all 4 and I've never had a miscarriage or nothing wrong threatening a miscarriage... He explained to me that working out in the first trimester can put stress on your body to cause you to have a miscarriage .. He explained that not all women are the same but to be on the safe side just to with till the 12th week.. walking is perfectly fine... but in your 12th week it will be hard to do anything ab wise...
Avatar n tn I am overweight and don't exercise.5'10 199lbs. I know from the past watching my family's pregnancies they got rather large. I have already changed my diet to what the baby needs me to eat. When I eat I am choking down healthy food as that was not part of my diet prior to becoming pregnant. I cannot deal mentally with getting much larger, should I begin working out or will that cause me to miscarry?
435139 tn?1255463991 I was doing pilates pre-pregnancy but gave it all up during my first trimester because of all the ab/core moves. I do have a video that is just legs/hips/buns...It does involve some laying on the floor on your back...What do you ladies think? My doctor told me I could exercise. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have read also that after your first trimester you should not being doing floor abs either. Your pregnant your suppose to have a round belly!!!!Enjoy it!
8793709 tn?1409597660 I would suggest not lifting heavy anymore and you can do core strengthening (planks) but cut out ab work (ab machine, crunches)
Avatar n tn I am 25 years old and this is my first ab. I would greatly appreciate any info. on whether or not this is normal. (1) On 2/27 I took the mifepristone at the clinic. The next night, 2/28, I inserted 4 misoprostol. Within 3 hours I experienced the heavy bleeding, cramping, and clotting. Since then I have continued to bleed steadily but at a somewhat declining rate. Is this normal? How much longer can I expect this bleeding to last?
559862 tn?1311520237 While we were ttc, I cut back on my exercise regimen as if I were pregnant...and as soon as I got my bfp, I didn't exercise until my first appointment with my ob because I was a nervous nelly ;) Then I started but I had to stop at 18w due to placenta previa but was okay'd again at 26w. I was exercising before and during my first trimester last with my last pregnancy and I had a mc...that is why I was more cautious this time about exercising while ttc and during the first trimester.
Avatar f tn Having a strong core will also help you bounce back faster after baby is born. With that in mind, after your first trimester you should avoid any excersizes done while laying flat on your back (such as sit ups and crunches) as this position can restrict blood flow to the fetus. There are plenty of other ways to target these muscles though. Remember that you should always consult with your doctor as there may be factors in your pregnancy that limit you from doing other activities as well.
Avatar f tn My doc said that was too hot for a developing baby in the first trimester and why I'm scared to go back if there's a chance. I've gone a few times over the course of this last year cause I miss it so much, and usually out of frustrations when I get my period AGAIN. Maybe for the next two weeks I'll just do some light walking, jogging, and swimming. I have an appointment September 7 for blood work and my doc may be putting me on clomid. That'll be a good time to discuss this with her.
501126 tn?1214446683 My Globulin is just ever so slightly low as my A/G Ratio is ever so slightly high, but these things may not mean anything so I didn't bring them up to the doctor's office when I called to chew them out. My Thyroglobulin AB (not sure what that even is) was a 74M (at least it looks like it says "M") and the ref range says it should be under 20 IU or ML and the lab marks it as out of range as well. TSI appears normal at 98, ref range is less or equal to 125.
Avatar f tn 6 ng/mL F Follicular phase 0.2 - 1.5 Luteal phase 1.7 - 27.0 Ovulation phase 0.8 - 3.0 Pregnant First trimester 8.8 - 48.6 Second trimester 12.4 - 75.8 Third trimester 58.5 - 222.3 Postmenopausal 0.1 - 0.8 004598 - Ferritin, Serum Ferritin, Serum 66 ng/mL 13-150 F 010389 - Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum 5.7 pg/mL 2.0-4.
Avatar m tn Like you, I take an SSRI in the morning which has recently been implicated in heart defects in the babies of women who take them during the first trimester of pregnancy. Coincidence? I don't know. From everything I have read about PVCs they do increase during stressful times in your life. What confuses me, though, is why certain activities make them almost unbearable. Do you have other symptoms with your PVCs? Good luck to you. I feel your pain!
Avatar m tn It has been about 14 days since conception and now I'm very worried about going into the first trimester of a pregnancy with an elevated TSH. I have two normal healthy children but during those pregnancies my TSH was normal at the start and my OB continued to monitor it during that time. For years I was on 88mcg levothyroxine but since last December I cut my dose back a lot. In the past few months I have been taking 50mcg every other day and 44 mcg every other day.
Avatar f tn Besides those mentioned above - Years of gymnastics and now dance. Clean nutritious diet. Plenty of exercise. Playground time. Following her up the steps endlessly in older infancy. Letting her explore the house (with me). Active grandparents and other family. Montessori and homeschooling until this yr. Allowing her to play while I read at night. Music during work or art. No tv near her in first few months of life. Then minimal videos first 2 yrs.
Avatar f tn Ok, so first and foremost, thank you in advance for reading my post and giving your advice, it is so greatly appreciated! To make a very long story short, I am 26 years old and have been trying to get a diagnoses for what I believe to be Hasimotos for over three years.
168348 tn?1379360675 I will go ahead w/ first question as I cannot see live chat/posts. Low vitamin D is common, would look at PTH & calcium levels first. Then if normal, consider looking at celiac sprue antibodies.