Exercise during the first trimester

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Avatar f tn My doctor is totally fine with me going to the gym but says not to over do it. Dont get to hot & don't lift heavy weights. Of course you don't need to cut calories but you can eat very healthy & actually not gain a whole lot of extra weight during the first few mths. I haven't been to the gym since I found out bc of being sick but I plan to go back as soon as possible! Good luck & make sure you talk to your Drabout the gym.
10185128 tn?1410806267 Is anyone sees waiting until after the first trimester to share the news with friends and family?
Avatar f tn During the first trimester you can do anything you did before you were pregnant. 2nd trimester you can do almost everything the same just lighten the load and if you feel really tired or like you just did way to much then do less.
Avatar f tn From what I've found it's better to decrease the intensity, especially during the first trimester. It isn't easy bit once the fatigue sets it all makes sense.
Avatar f tn I can not wait to get back to my yoga class!!!! At first I was scared to go, thinking it was too early. The instructor said the earliness of the pregnancy is fine, but its currently too hot and that I dont want to build too much internal heat. Id say get to a yoga class. Im a first time mom, so I dont know much, but im hoping staying active will help with labor & post pregnancy body. Its important to have an instructor though, unless youre already experienced in yoga.
Avatar f tn How much exercise is good during the first trimester I'm 6 weeks and I want to make sure this is going to be a good pregnancy with a healthy baby to show for it.
1057195 tn?1289366929 YES I believe it's 100% true. I walked CONSTANTLY during my pregnancy with my daughter and aside from tearing the whole process was a breeze and I was able to push hard with no problem (but that's probably as much anatomy and body type as exercise, but who knows...). I walked 2 miles 3 days before my daughter was born (with a dropped baby, BH contractions and all) LOL and I used to swim every day.
Avatar f tn Well I kinda figured I would gain more but he said from my height I should only gain up to 25lbs normally.. this is my first so I dont really know.
Avatar n tn They usually say not to lift over 10 pounds the first 3 months are most critical, but as for exercise if your a runner then run but don't start doing anything you don't normally do.
Avatar n tn My doctor recommended no excise during the first 3 months, after that depending on your pregnancy and how its going they will let you know what's okay to do or not..
Avatar f tn I stopped, but that's because I had 2 previous miscarriages and I was terrified of something going wrong. However after the first trimester I continued to mow my lawn and do yard work and everyone freaked out. We are pregnant-not handicapped. You can do anything you did before pregnancy. If you're still concerned ask your doctor.
571042 tn?1271450741 my mom keeps bugging me to exercise because she says it is good for me and will help with the delivery and blah blah blah..haha. I am not really a fan of exercise because the only time I do it is when I am trying to lose a few pounds or bathing suit season is coming up. Are any of you doing exercises???? I would be especially interested to hear from those who didn't exercise regularly before you were pregnant...since I know there are some "freaks" out there who love to run.
Avatar f tn The first trimester is the most important because most of the baby's organs are forming. It is still important in 2nd & 3rd as baby grows but 1st is most important.
1472764 tn?1287591786 With this pregnancy I have lightened up on my exercise only because I miscarried before in October of last year. So for the first trimester I took a very light approach and only walked. Now that I am well into my 2nd trimester I am using an elliptical but not overdoing myself. It certainly does help increase my energy and helps with leg cramps too.
Avatar n tn I was super fatigued in my first trimesters in my pregnancies. Like I was sedated walking around like a zombie. It's normal but annoying! Who has time for that? LOL I agree, try to build in some naps. I would take a 20 minute cat nap which worked well for a little refresh. If I could, I'd go longer. And I would give myself permission to let other things slide such as house cleaning. Sleep felt more important than a perfect house at that time!
2048779 tn?1330226292 After release from the hospital I am taking Augmentin (antibiotic) and for the first two days I took a couple (2 a day) oxycodone, but stopped as soon as I was able. Can anyone give me good insight into the dangers of these things?....because just today I took two home pregnancy tests and they are both positive. That would place me at only 4 weeks and a day pregnant. I suppose my biggest concerns are the anasthesia drugs and the anti-inflammatories that I got through the IV.
11294269 tn?1422406507 I'm a first time mom and am 9 weeks. I am overweight, since before the baby of course. I originally planned to lose weight before getting pregnant but our blessing happened sooner than planned. I will be discussing exercise with my obgyn at my next appointment but i wanted to know what kind of exercise so you ladies doing to keep healthy doing pregnancy? Is there such thing as dieting during pregnancy (counting calories, not starving oneself dangerously)?
550943 tn?1330731180 Does anyone know of a good source of information i can get a hold of for continuing weight training during the first trimester of pregnancy? I know there are benefits and want to do it properly. Background: I want to TTC again after my miscarriage and I am currently walking five days a week and weight training three days a week.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Can anyone tell me please if I can safely diet in the first trimester? I'm 155 lbs. and 5'3 and I haven't lost all my weight from my first pregnancy. I only would like to lose 5-8lbs. so I can get back to where I was before I got pregnant with my first child. I'm only about 3 weeks along with my pregnancy and I don't want an over grown baby inside me which will most probably result in a c-section, nor would I like the extra weight to carry around.
546318 tn?1328197235 I am 15 1/2 weeks pregnant and for last couple of weeks on and off I have had the feeling of heaviness/swelling in my vagina, most noticable after exercise/walking... almost like I am wearing a tampon. I know experts say the vagina swells during pregnancy but I would like to hear if anyone has had this sensation as experts don't mention what a swollen vagina feels like! My doctor says it's normal but I need reassurance from other pregnant ladies...
Avatar f tn I am 23 weeks pregnant I lost 20 pounds during first trimester because I was extremely sick. But when I got to 17 weeks I finally wasn't as sick and I have now gained weight. My doctor is monitoring me but is not something to get stressed out about. You will be okay speak to your doctor tell them your concerns. Take care and take it easy!
Avatar f tn I do the best I can all trimesters for myself as much as baby. I had to stop working out during my second trimester because it started to hurt me,I do do a lot of walking though. I always saw it as this is a big chance for me to give my baby the best start possible, reguardless of the Trimester.
1057060 tn?1266516726 I did low impact aerobics during my second trimester and just walking during my first and third trimester. Consult your gyn regarding crunches. Regarding keeping your weight under control, I used to eat a HUGE salad before every meal. *yuck* :) this will hopefully keep your appetite down for the most part. Of course, during my 7th month of pregnancy, I ate buckets of Strawberry ice - cream due to a weird craving. That negated the salads.
Avatar n tn I didn't gain at all during my first trimester.
Avatar n tn I bleed in the 1st trimester n the 2nd. In the 1st trimester it was just a little bit n brownish (it's old blood) n the 2nd trimester bight red n alot. Well not enough to soak up a pad. So the doc said if it was not enough that a pad was soaked within an hour then it's still just considered spotting. Both were cuz of add blood flood to cervix.baby has always been fine. I have 6 more weeks left.
349463 tn?1333575176 We got to see and hear the hb today! The baby looks fine, but right next to the gest sac is another dark spot and the ultrasound tech said it was a bleed. The dr called it a subchorionic bleed and said they will monitor with a follow up ultrasound next week. She also said to limit my activities to walking nothing high impact and no sex. So the question is has anyone had this happen before? Did it go away on it's own?
Avatar f tn Hi Mayceee, If you are diagnosed i the first trimester (I was with my first, in fact my endo tested as soon as I got pregnant and i failed the glucose tolerance test), then it is not gestational diabetes, but rather preexisting diabetes that is uncovered by the pregnancy. I was very athletic prepregnancy. I had been tested for diabetes early and come back negative. But I was on insulin by the time I was 3 months pregnant. Please ask any questions you want and I will do my best to answer.
395769 tn?1318453282 But def keep up the exercise..its so good for you! You might have to just cut back or decrease the amount of time & how much effort you put in...
Avatar f tn I do but the only things I use are the treadmill and the elliptical. A lot of the equipment is off limits while pregnant so be sure to talk to your dr before trying something new.