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Avatar n tn I do think in terms of setbacks as regards stress induced psychosis that a psychiatrist might advise temporarily raising Zyprexa but not doubling it. Any dosage within the clinical range can be prescribed but you have to distinguish between psychotic breaks and those that are reacting to stressful events. Even when I was on standard antipsychotics, I would get psychotic every October and panic and often the antipsychotic needed to be raised or changed. But I didn't know why.
Avatar f tn If she at any time has attempted to self harm then her psychiatrist should be working with you to prevent this. When I took Zyprexa a while back the dosage range I had did go up to 10 mg. To my knowledge that is within the normal dosage range but her psychiatrist would understand the clinical specifics. You can also go to the medication website. Weight gain can be a problem with all antipsychotics and Zyprexa has a high potential of this but everyone responds differently to each medication.
616450 tn?1228437227 I've been taking Zyprexa at bedtime for the past few nights, per Endo #3, and I feel a lot better, folks. As a matter of fact, I felt better almost immediately after taking the first dose. It seems to act quick, like Xanax, but stays in the bloodstream longer or something. Dr. Pretorius was concerned that I was getting a little too used to Xanax, so he wants me to try to gradually come off of that and he'll increase the Zyprexa dosage.
Avatar n tn He is on his second antidepresent called Elavil and now they are wanting to add Zyprexa to be taken with the Elavil. Lots of other sides but these seem to be the worse at the moment. Going into his 5th month of treatment. Pretty much a struggle the entire time. Today first day back to work in weeks. Viral counts almost undetectable, however the ALT and AST remain above the 150's. Much more to say but for now just needing feedback on this new drug they want to try.
574118 tn?1305138884 So the doctor had to adjust it With lithium there are alot of blood test that one will go through to find the right dosage. With the aspergers patient the dosage for Zyprexa will be totally different than for bipolar. You are right the high dose is suppose to kinda ATTACK the illness. The high dosages though will kinda put a person in a catatonic state.
222267 tn?1253305810 I will copy and paste what I found so you can read for yourself but let me say that for me it was being on too high a dosage of Zyprexa that gave me anxiety. Once I was off that drug, I was just fine. Zyprexa is an anit psycotic... I no longer use Zyprexa, but use Seroquel when I get ill but as soon as I am better I discontinue. I encourage you to look up your meds and be proactive with your healthcare. There is no proof that staying on that anti psycotic long term is of any benefit to you.
Avatar n tn Also my creatinine levels are just recently breaking out of the normal range. So I believe it's time for a change. It seems a lot of the drugs carry quite a serious risk for a white blood cell disorder. I also read in studies that up to (depending on the study) 50 % of women on depakote get PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I have for many years of my life fought with terrible periods and painful ovulation, so I am afraid of doing anything that would open that door any wider.
544703 tn?1214333452 The dr is a goofball to not akknowledge that bi polar meds can make you gain weight. when I gained weight on zyprexa My head do and discused healthy meal plans 6 samll meals a day with lots of fruits and veggies,grains an3oz of leanprotiens per meal.NO caffiene or sugar as these aggravate bi polar andput the pounds on. Exercise at least 30 mins a day even if it is just a brisk walk.
1255505 tn?1272822715 But I kept falling and getting hurt on seraqul broke my arm and tore meniscus in my knee... I just got put on lamictal zyprexa n gabapentin thr zyprexa and gab are supose to be temporary but the gabapentin helps so much.. I have been having headaches though bit still safer then lithium especially since I m on methadone it would destroy my liver.
574118 tn?1305138884 Generally with every medication there is a therapeutic dosage range which when the medication will generally prove effective. That dose was determined in controlled studies.
Avatar f tn I myself have been on many head meds till I got on the combo of celexa (for the depression side) and zyprexa (mood stabilizer for the manic side) In bi polar if you take one without the other,antidepressant or mood stabilizer it will tip you in the opposite direction. In your case the anitdepressants you are on, you are obviously un happy with them And it will probably take some tweaking of you thyroid med to get the dosage just right.
Avatar n tn but you have to find out what you are lacking. There is a wide range of deficiencies that can contribute to what's happening to you. Some things you can try are trial and error or SUCCESS! I can't answer if a med change will be the only thing that can help you. I was Graves and had my gland ablated out. SImply I have no function as you. A few things pop out that are common in people with no thyroid function in deficiencies.
Avatar f tn Also as to dosages being way too much - unlike say Seroquel Lithium works on blood serum levels - there is no guaranteed dose or basal dose its entirely on the persons mmol levels - 0.8-1.0 being the theraputic range (most doctors avoid 1.0 because its easy to slip to the unmagic 1.2 toxic region, normally they want it 0.8 to 0.
574118 tn?1305138884 This is interesting, as I've been considering going back on Seroquel in addition to my Lamictal. Many years ago I was on Trilafon (in addition to Depakote) which is 13.8 times "stronger" than Seroquel, but I don't remember the dosage. Also as far as I know, Trilafon isn't prescribed for depression. I was on it for agitation.
Avatar f tn Lithium is a salt and it requires a consistent level to work - the common quoted theraputic range is 0.7 to 1.2 mmol (mili mols per litre of blood) and toxicity is 1.5 and up - realistically 1.2 is so close to toxic that a pdoc would be a mad man to want someone at that and no one really goes above 1.0 and even then some people can be toxic. What does all this mean - a level of 0.8 to 0.9 is best and the way to reach that is to increase the dosage and test.
Avatar f tn I was on Armour, then one day my doctor said that he wanted to change me to Synthroid because Armour was not consistent in dosage and Synthroid was better. So, I changed. Started gaining weight, eventually started experiencing heart palpatations, thin and cracking nails (which I began to peal and tear at because I was so shaky), hair falling out, and left temple pain, and a severe twitch in my left eyelid, shaky hands. BTW another doc had me taking potassium iodide also for three months.
Avatar m tn Lithium if not monitered closely is toxic and there are many other meds that can work just.as well. I for one take celexa and zyprexa . Bi polars should really be on a mood stabilizer as well as an anti depressant. One with out the other will tip you in the opposite direction and the key to managing bi polar is to be stable. I personally hated being on the lithium.
1221258 tn?1267546029 Dosages tend to vary with the only concern that is general by doctors or psychiatrists is if a person builds up a tolerance to it. Regardless of dosage its best any specific decisions be made by a psychiatrist who has more specific clinical knowledge than a GP.
735676 tn?1257575826 A healthy person's body regulates their blood sugar in a very strict range no matter how much sugar they eat, but for someone with diabetes their body does not regulate their blood sugar in this manner and their blood sugar can sky rocket if they eat too much sugar and that's called hypoglycemia. So, we have the disease, diabetes, and the illness, or acute attack, hypoglycemia. Healthy people do not experience attacks of hypoglycemia...
Avatar n tn I am now on celexa/zyprexa and this combo has worked wonders for me.Everybody is different though and the depakote may work for you. Give 4 to 6 weeks to get the full effect to see how it does for you and let me know how it works for you.
Avatar n tn I am on Paxil and Zyprexa for OCD, Panic Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. I also have body image issues and the Paxail and Zyprexa sure doesn't help (although it helps with my other symptoms) Without meds, I am unable to function. However, I too am experiencing weight gain which is causing a lot of panic issues. I eat right, exercise all the time, and I cannot lose weight, only gain. I'm scared. Is this weight gain going to continue? What other medications can I try?
Avatar n tn I am finally on my maintenance dosage for topamax for my migraines today. Of course I hope for the weight loss benefit, but mostly for the end of the migraines. They have been dibilitating my life for a long time on and off. This time for the past several months. It has been very difficult to work, even though I have only misse one full day due to the migraines, I have suffered. I look forward to living a healthier life.
Avatar n tn If so, what medication and what dosage? If you still have symptoms of being hypo, your dosage isn't adjusted properly. While thyroid hormones may not be able to completely alleviate your depression/bi-polar, they may be able to considerably lessen the symptoms. If you have your latest thyroid test results, please post them, along with reference ranges, so we can help assess your testing/treatment.
Avatar n tn I was put in a psychiatric hospital for 10 days and placed on antipsychotics and tranquillisers, which I'm still on. I have had thryroid tests and all labs are in range, except that I have elevated TPO antibodies. My doctor doesn't want to start me on thyroid meds because she is worried that they will aggravate my symptoms. I just don't know what to do - my life has completely fallen apart, I can't work, sleep, concentrate or even follow simple conversations. I am in a constant state of panic.
351317 tn?1204755471 These sufferers can sometimes get by without medication,but many times choose to use a low dosage antidepressant. Don't get me wrong, for the sufferer even Mild depression is very uncomfortable. Maybe you fall into a milder form of depression that could be controled without meds. I have seen less severe people do it before. I would just be careful and if you do then tell your doctor that you plan to taper off.
Avatar n tn I too have struggled with my weight due to all of the anti-depressants I've been on and off, and on again.... but this combination works for me. Each time I increased my dosage I experienced tingling in my hands and a little fatigue but now I take my medication before I go to bed and I feel great during the day. The tingling has also stopped. I've gone from 142lbs to 115lbs without changing my habits. I have less of an appetite now so I make sure I'm eating enough so I don't lose anymore.
Avatar f tn My regular doctor prescribed it for me so I think I should actually go to a psychiatrist or someone more specialized in anxiety to figure out what my dosage should be.
Avatar n tn Please don't advise me to lower my xanax dosage, as I have and the results were really terrible (not just WD symptoms). I have though about going in and trying to discuss Modafinil or anything my psychiatrist would recommend, but I wanted an opinion from a doctor (MedHelp) before I went and possibly lost the trust of my psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn But, from dealing with this for 13 yrs now I have come to realize none of the meds will work for more than a few months and a few that I have been on, (Zyprexa, Lythium, etc, just knock me out!). this disorder is an ongoing struggle, and I too am at a loss. This is something that does not go away entirely, we are always going to struggle with it. I don't want to discourage you, because I understand.