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Avatar n tn This was her first time in such a facility. The staff psychiatrist has her on Zylexa at 5 mg per day. On Saturday she was given 7.5, dosage reduced Sunday because she was lethargic to 2.5, came home Monday and took 7.5 that night, last night gave her 5.0 before bedtime. This morning she can barely keep her eyes open, eyes rolling back in her head when she tries to wake up, and she has had the jitters all day yesterday and again this morning. I am taking her off of it!
Avatar n tn He is on his second antidepresent called Elavil and now they are wanting to add Zyprexa to be taken with the Elavil. Lots of other sides but these seem to be the worse at the moment. Going into his 5th month of treatment. Pretty much a struggle the entire time. Today first day back to work in weeks. Viral counts almost undetectable, however the ALT and AST remain above the 150's. Much more to say but for now just needing feedback on this new drug they want to try.
Avatar n tn No, it is not approved by the FDA for use with children, but many drugs that docs prescribe for children are not approved by the FDA for use in children. My understanding is that it is very hard to do studies on children and drugs. My son is currently taking Seroquel and Lithium. He has in the past taken Risperdal, then Zyprexa. Both of which are anti-psychotics. Both drugs helped him a lot with irritability, psychosis and rages, but caused excessive weight gain.
Avatar n tn I have been given clonazepam, after ativan and zyprexa, it seems to have no effect. What is the max dosage I cantake. My doctor refuses to persribe xanax.
222267 tn?1253305810 Same as ADD/ADHD I feel that there are better ways to go about it w/ young children than hardcore prescriptions. My children don't have ADD/ADHD, but I do know children w/ autism who are on natural remedies that seem to help their behaviors. Anyway, it may also be people not being so afraid of "coming out" with their mental illness. I have been trying for years and years to get my parents to notice something wasn't right, finally at 28 (almost 29 on Friday!
Avatar f tn It doesn't affect my sleep. It's possible your dosage is too high, so a consultation with your doctor is order. And if Provigil (Modafinil) does work for you (it doesn't for me), you may want to switch. Some of these drugs are types of amphetamines (speed), so careful monitoring is essential. You certainly don't want to get addicted. Tecfidera can cause gastro upsets, which of course can keep you running to the bathroom, including at night.
Avatar f tn Going back on Prozac after such a long period should not be a problem although the dosage should be clearly monitored. If you haven't tried Paxil, as stated earlier, it might be worth it. Paxil not only effects depression, but is good for controlling anxiety.Good Luck!
Avatar n tn Correction, the zyprexa my son is taking is 7.5mg NOT 7.
Avatar n tn Prozac, cloudidine, zyprexa,were also added to help him. But none of seems to work. He is so anxious without meds, i have tried to not give him any meds but he is so hyper. pls help!! What should i do?? I want him to do well in school and in life.
Avatar n tn I have a strong desire to go to airport and dissappear, but I know I can't because I can't leave my children. I've started driving long distances and not realizing it- I drove nearly 100 miles away before I "woke" up a few days ago. Ha ha I am rambling and this is exactly how my brain is going. I really don't believe I am bipolar. Is this denial or is my doctor wacky? My husband agrees with the doctor.
341220 tn?1196964821 No therapy no nothing. They gave me Lexapro and Zyprexa. I gained 20 lbs. in 2 weeks HORRIBLE. Anyway stop taking both meds abotu 3 months later. Met another girl with a 8 month old Daughter. That I fell in love with. I am her "Daddy" acording to her she is now 4. Well long story getting short. On July 4th 2007 My Bio Father passed away and was creamated on July 5th by his Girlfriend. I was notified by his employer of his death on July 12th. So that was hard enough.
Avatar m tn The meds I'm currently taking are MS Contin 2 60mg tabs 3x a day,2 10 mg percocets every 4-6 hrs,10mg valium 3x a day,60mgs of celexa,2.5 mgs of zyprexa,10mgs of librium at bedtime with a melotnin and 5 more of librium if I wake up in the middle of the night.Also 2 different kinds of blood pressure meds.I'm worried that I'm being over medicated,I'm only 41 yrs old and can't imagine what is to come as far as med increases.
1032715 tn?1315987834 Thank You for your reply,A lot of people just don't understand how deep and long lasting the effects of child abuse can be,but I'm working really hard at dealing with everything,I didn't want to see a psyche this time because I've had counselling twice before in my 20s and all they want to do is medicate you,I'm on Zoloft for long term depression 200mg a day then I went to my Dr after a hard session with my growth coach,and yes I was upset but straight away she wanted to add another drug to the
Avatar f tn except in show of the Depakote. I gained an embassingly huge amt. of weight while on Zyprexa, but lost it once that got out of my system! I was tried on Seroquel & a few others, but their names escape me right now, but ANYHOW the end result was NOTHING worked till' the Abilify. Last year they added the Lamictal & it is working with the Cymbalta. That mix is my lifesaver! Good luck!
Avatar n tn I'm 36 and have a wife a two small children to take care of, but I can't take care of myself right now. I have to wait till May 10th (been waiting over a month already) to see a good psychiatrist who is well known for helping people with treatment resistant depression. My Internist has been trying to help until then. Cymbalta did not work. So I went back to paxil. Then he lowered the paxil to 30mg and added Wellbutrin 75mg daily.
Avatar f tn I don't trust myself to be in a real relationship and it all scares me because when it gets to be to much I get depressed and run. My children are my only true relationship that I can't live without. I have friends that I am really close to and have accepted that I might not be in a "relationship". You don't have to be that way - but I have accepted it. Hang in there.
Avatar m tn She has been taking Celexa for the past few years but never sees a doctor or has had the medication dosage changed. I have noticed, over the past 4-5 months, there were times when I would be talking to her and her eyes would glaze over and then she would snap back. Her moods sway from "I love you" to "I can't be in the same room with you".
598237 tn?1225647072 i am concerned that people want to medicate their children with ritalin etc. can anyone tell me why they need to do this - as i have never felt the need to.....
Avatar f tn I figured the anxiety and the not eating wasn't good for the baby either so I chose what I thought was the best option at the time. My children turned out fine so it can't be too bad in my mind. I went off of the prozac at some point but I always kind of kept in the back of my mind the mantra "I can always take Prozac if things get bad again" since it did work well for me. So for me falling back on past positive experiences has helped me.
Avatar n tn I have read a lot lately about amino acid therapy for depression as an alternative to antidepressants. Has anyone tried this and what were the results. Also, which AA's were taken and what dosage? Are the results immediate? I've started taking 300 mg of 5-htp and gaba.
Avatar m tn keep the faith. that is great news that she looked good when you saw her. the meds they have her on are for depression,schizophrenia,, the clonodine helps control blood pressure that elevates during detox.the atavan is a benzo. so that is good because as a few of us mentioned the benzo withdrawal is most likely causing the hallucinations, she is in good hands. she is in the process of healing. she will be home soon. take care of yourself and your children.
Avatar n tn I am on Paxil and Zyprexa for OCD, Panic Disorder, and Bipolar Disorder. I also have body image issues and the Paxail and Zyprexa sure doesn't help (although it helps with my other symptoms) Without meds, I am unable to function. However, I too am experiencing weight gain which is causing a lot of panic issues. I eat right, exercise all the time, and I cannot lose weight, only gain. I'm scared. Is this weight gain going to continue? What other medications can I try?
Avatar n tn I am finally on my maintenance dosage for topamax for my migraines today. Of course I hope for the weight loss benefit, but mostly for the end of the migraines. They have been dibilitating my life for a long time on and off. This time for the past several months. It has been very difficult to work, even though I have only misse one full day due to the migraines, I have suffered. I look forward to living a healthier life.
1168718 tn?1464987135 In truth i think the main reason he had the reactions he did was because it was too heavy a drug for what he needed, his morning drug made him a bit hyper and unable to sleep, in my mind he would of benefited from a lower dosage or an alternative SSRi but his psyciatrist just kept uping his meds and adding more meds when things went from bad to worse.
Avatar n tn the first time i tried effexor it was because my zoloft had stopped working after yrs. i lost all my zoloft weight. 25 poinds! it was a miracle. after about four yrs. the effexor stopped working so i tried other anti depressants with no luck. my md put me back on effexor and now i am a fat slob who can't afford to buy any more jeans! i went from a size two to a 7/8 in 5 months. why now? he said it can go either way. i am miserable about my stomach.
Avatar f tn He just wants pain relief and to live normally, happily. The doctor stopped raising his dosage on his pills two months ago and said he will NOT raise them again. He says it is not safe to go higher. I don't think he is all that high, 30 mg 1.5 pills four times a day, but the doctor says no higher will he go. We started the Fentanyl patches when they topped him off, and they helped for about two weeks, but then things got much worse.
Avatar n tn I have struggled with my weight all of my life . I am now 35, 3 children and when i was diagnosed manic-depressive i was on prozac, wellbutrin and taking hi levels of prescription weight loss pills. I was losing my mind but i wasn't losing any weight! When my Psychatrist decided to try me on Topamax it was because of my anieity over my weight gain with the standard mood stabilizers. Within these past two years I have lost 38 pounds taking this medicine.
Avatar n tn I have been through EXACTLY the same thing. I have 3 children and struggle to keep a job longer than 6 months because of this ****...and the depression is the cause.. I sometimes just want to sleep and sleep and sleep, and I can't seem to get up, I have NO ambition! I am now on Lamictal 200mg, geodon 80mg, xanex ER 2mg, and a couple others. My sister has more of the depression side of the bipolar, and she is on almost the same things. Yeah, I'm tired alot too. Sometimes that gets me depressed..