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Avatar n tn I have suffered from severe post partum depression after each of my four children were born for which I was treated successfully with zoloft. I took the drug for a period of one year for each episode and did very well on it. It has been 3 yrs since I stopped taking zoloft and have been feeling very anxious recently and I feel like the depression is creaping back. My doctor suggested I go back on the zoloft because it helped me so well in the past.
4173517 tn?1350602301 I am on depakote 500mg twice a day and respidal 4mg at night and 50mg of zoloft and so far I havent had any side affects but its only been a week my side affects show up on weeks 3 & 4 so hopefully I dont but fingers are crossed
1173196 tn?1292920090 Aside from being a peanut, did you see any side effects from the zoloft? Withdrawal? Hypertension? I just don't want the baby to suffer in any way because I used zoloft. I really do need it. When I'm not taking anything I have become suicidal in the past.
Avatar f tn I am nearing the end of a 5 year Mirena therefore my doc and I are figuring it is a hormonal imbalance issue. I started Zoloft 2 weeks ago, 25mg for the first week then 50 mgs this last week. I also have begun a new birth control 6 days ago in hopes it will start leveling hormones back out. This last week I noticed a difference in elevated moods and possibly slightly better anxiety but not much.
Avatar m tn wow is incredible what i here from ,diffrent people but same storys, i thank god i found this site,today and am able to express how i been feeling for 5 days today at this very moment i discover the reality , of the side effects of the zoloft when off , are the worse i walked to a near by hospital almost dragging myself thinking i was diein, extreme fatigue every where i turn my eyes i felt car sick,dizzy i would get up and walk for like 5 minutes then lay down again ,extreme jointpain, visio
Avatar n tn So, unfortunately, I took her poor advice, went off Zoloft cold and had terrible side effects such as mood/mental changes, lack of sleep and weight loose. From that she started her brainwashing by taking some of our issues, embelishing on them and tainting my husband as an abuser monster (which he is not) and convinced me to get a restraining order against him or I would never see my children again. She would then continue to put her past expirience with her ex husband into the picture.
Avatar n tn I noticed that on the medical pamplet it listed thin skin as a side effect for CHILDREN. I did some research on dermatology web forums and it said that thin skin was "always temporary". Well, my skin did much improve after going off the Zoloft, but the skin around my eyes, esp. eyelids is still quite delicate and hang a bit, and if I tug at the skin on my arms and hands it is still pretty crepe-y. My hands still look older than they should.
Avatar m tn I'm afraid to report the side effects to my doctor, because I'm concerned that the other side may subpoena the records and use this information to say that I am mentally unstable. I need advice on what to do. Will these side effects go away? Is it something I should be extremely concerned about?
Avatar n tn I don't make it a habit to get involved in others buisness, but I feel compelled to speak up in defense of this mother. Shame on you ehoberg. I would hope that you would never have to experience what it is to care for a special needs child. I for one know that you would not be able to manage. Perhaps you would possibly do more psycological harm than good. "What did we do before psychopharmacology? I know, we parented.
2193833 tn?1339414902 That's why I recommended asking your doc if it's ok to bump up your Xanax for short while, while you wait for the side effects to start subsiding. Keep the lines of communication open with your doctor, let him know how you're feeling. If the side effects just become TOO much, talk to your doc about it. You always have the option of trying another kind of antidepressant.
Avatar f tn I started at 25mg for a week and then 50mg for a month and then 75mg for another month up to 100mg where I stayed for 3 months. I got better and went back down to 50mg and then quit altogether after 8 months of treatment. I did great. No problems at all. Fast forward to October 2015 and I got a back injury followed by a health scare after an affair while I was separated in summer 2014. Found out I was pregnant and diagnosed with ectopic though it turned out to be a blighted ovum.
Avatar n tn From a male's standpoint, this alone can be very depressing. But compared to some other AD's I've been on, Zyban/Wellbutrin has the least side effects for me. Actually, any drug can effect your libido to some extent. In my younger days, I thought tequila was a wonderful aphrodesiac! Today it's a different story. There's an upside and downside to every mood altering drug. I would at least talk to my pharmacist before taking anything new.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Savella for about 5 weeks and have found a dosage that actually works for me with the least amount of side effects. I also take Pristiq with the Savella....so maybe that's why I'm feeling better? I take 25mg of Savella in the morning and then another 25 mg in the afternoon. (NOT AFTER 3PM, if I want to sleep.) The sweats and hot flashes are horrible, just as others have mentioned, but the energy and lessening of pain is worth it, I think?
Avatar m tn I took it for anxiety a couple years ago. It worked for me really well once I got past the side effects(about 2 weeks). It made me shaky, nauscious, nervous, sweaty, disoriented...it was bareable but really uncomfortable. After that passed I was fine and it was like night and day with my anxiety. It was just gone..The meds worked very well for me until school ended. I was going to try and get off the meds to see if i could handle my anxiety during the summer.
Avatar n tn I've also been having severe stomach and digestive problems for about a year or so. Could this be side effects of Zoloft? I was taking Xanax as well, but I have almost weaned myself from taking those. Perhaps I need a new Psych doctor?? Help if you can. Thanks.
Avatar m tn That was where you found the weird foot/muscle/toe twitch thing, right? I wonder if I told you that one of the biggest side effects I had from Zoloft was an increase in the amount of time I spent doing fun things with my friends...........maybe that would happen to you, too!
Avatar n tn I Have been taking zoloft for a few years now. About a week ago I quit taking it due to weight gain. I have tried celexa in the past and I don't want to do that again either. I have been VERY crabby and tearfull. A girlfriend said to try st johns wort. Does anyone know if this is helpful, or how long my poor children can expect to live with jekyl and hyde? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Zoloft always made me feel numb and I didnt like the side effects. The even put me on buspore and that really didn't work for me. It made my panic attacks worse. Lexapro was a bust also but now the meds I'm. Taking make me feel great and I can still function through the day. Prayer helps to because no matter how many pills the doctor can put you on only God can make you and take you through anything.
Avatar n tn I am worried now about some possible side effects. He has started having tics (eye crossing, head movements up and down, flipping his lip with his finger, shoulder shrugging etc.) He has done motor stereotypy since he was 4mnths. old and I know when he is stimming, these look more like tics and he can't seem to control them. He has also developed some occasionl aggressive impulsions toward others when he gets mad and frusterated and some sleep difficulties.
Avatar n tn I have heard that Zoloft in combination with Ritalin can help with some of the initial side effects..any truth in this? Any first time experiences with the med would help. Also I am completely new to SSRIs.
Avatar n tn 5 mg Lorazepam for anxiety. I am considering switching to Wellbutrin to reduce the sexual side effects. Zoloft treats my depression just fine, My concern is the effect of alcohol with Wellbutrin vs Zoloft. I would consider myself to be a moderate drinker, maybe a glass of wine or 2 with dinner during the week and maybe 5-6 drinks per day on the weekend. With Zoloft, I do not have any side effects that I notice and have no problem with Zoloft and alochol.
Avatar f tn Both are working great for him. He is 7 and doing wonderful. No illness, not adverse side effects at all, and his doseage is really low. My question to the doctors is "could my daughter be ADD and it is being misdiagnosed?" I read that woman are misdiagnosed on this issue. I say this, because I never thought the effexor worked all that great. She was still obsessive, she was still full of anxiety. It was a constant struggle/reminder.
Avatar n tn And while, yes, some people do suffer permanent effects, it is quite rare, and usually only occurs after being on a med for a long period of time, which it sounds like you've never done, so I wouldn't worry about it. You might try taking a good dose of fish oil every day; it might help with the symptoms you're having.
Avatar n tn His Dr. feels this may be side effects of the Zoloft. In my nine years of working with kids I have never seen one with this dramatic side effect to Zoloft and in such a short period of time. Can this happen? Or is this just the part of the anxiety disorder we hadn't experienced yet? He was always a child that I knew I could leave alone in a room and he would behave, be kind and have fun. Now I can't let him out of my sight. My 3 year old behaves better! I am scared for him...
Avatar f tn Taking the Zoloft might be making this worse, as you're probably suffering start-up side effects from the Zoloft in combination with the withdrawal from Paxil. I hope it all goes away soon.
2198057 tn?1338534805 Allow yourself to have your OWN unique experience. As for side effects, there are some more common ones, but most side effects will start to improve within a week or two (if you even have any). More common side effects are an increase in anxiety (feeling "jittery"), sleep disturbances (less or more), GI upset, headaches. Obviously, you are going to be more scared about side effects based on your experience with Celexa.
Avatar n tn wyeth for informing physicians only 10% of people experience side effects (NOT true)... 2. my physician for not telling me of the side effects and so non-chalantly prescribing this drug to me.. 3. me ...for not researching this drug before allowing it into my system.. Yes Effexor did help me get out of my hole..BUT it was me and continues to be ME who overcame and will continue to fight depression..its a daily battle. I am upset..that I have to go thru these withdrawal effects..
Avatar n tn I have used antidepressants for 10 years am coming off them due to long term damaging side effects. Let me make clear there is no scientific evidence to support the theory of chemical imbalance. This is pure marketing hype and speculation which i for one fell for. In fact there there is more evidence to the contrary that it causese chemical imbalances.
Avatar f tn Can this medication really not make you Care about your children or you can not feel love for them? I want my son to play ball and want to go to his game and look forward to it.. Can someone explain to me if this will really happen. I made him put me on a Very low dose because I can not bear that thought. Sorry so long of a post. !! I appreciate any feedback. Thank U!