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Avatar f tn I have been taking zoloft for 10 days now and I feel really anxious and nervous, I feel shortness of breath can anyone tell me if these are side effects and if they will go away. I don't know if I should stop taking it I just lost my insurance so I can't go back to the dr that prescribed them for me can anyone help me. Right now I'm also taking levaquin, and medrol and norvasc, enalapril. Can I still take my ativan for the anxiety. Any anwers will be greatly appreciated thank you.
Avatar m tn I have had since cutting down my pills a constant pain in my chest and the constant feeling of shortness of breath is horrible. I know its psychological but that doesnt help whilst in the throes of one of these attacks and if an attack really takes hold of me I get tongue rolling and twitching which can go on for days. Breathing into a paper bag does nothing for me. What a relief to find this forum.
Avatar f tn The NP told me this happens unfortunately-the unpleasant side effects trying to find the right med. The shortness of breath is still there and I am still not sure why- if it's anxiety or something else. My Internist said lungs and heart clear and I had a pulmonary function test that showed normal-good results. I'm thinking it could be an allergy reaction to being in the house so much this nasty winter as I live in indiana & have been in the dry ,heated house for longer than usual.
Avatar f tn Recently I have developed shortness of breath which frankly I am not sure is anxiety or asthma (have had it all my life) or both. The shortness of breath came rather quickly after having a severe sinus infection in December and again in January. When I was sick with the sinus infection I was very, very anxious and worried about myself (hypochondria). I have now seen a pulmonary specialist who did a chest x-ray (normal) and a pulmonary function test (better than normal).
Avatar n tn As lagoya mentioned, you may or may not experience side effects. If so, they range from annoying side effects to serious side effects. If it's helpful, when I took flecainide, I had weird dreams, shakiness, tremors and gastointestinal problems. It wasn't horrible, but it was bothersome enough that the doctor switched me to rhythmol. Great suggestion from lagoya on checing out the medication under "Health Topics" above.
Avatar n tn Well obviuosly like everyone else I am experiencing the side effects of going off Zoloft. I started taking Zoloft in April of 1997 because I would become extremely suicidal just before my period. This had been happening since I first experienced my period at age 10 and at age 25 I was still experiencing this. I thought I was just a lost cause. Little did I know until my boyfriend stated that it only would happen during this time. My OB/GYN put me on 25mg.
Avatar n tn i was at least 6 it might be due to trauma of an accident i was ran over at that age and i always had shortness of breath.. i never had allergies then but i think i am developing them now i still have to see an allergist to determine if i do or not. but this past year i have been getting symptoms of allergies off and on. anyways it may be due to anxiety i started getting anxiety in middle school and also concentrating on your breathing too much it could all be pyschological.
956150 tn?1248278815 Thursday, he also added Imipramine at a low dose 10 mgs for 2 days, 20 mgs for 2 days and then up to 30 mgs. He is working me slowly up to 150mg because of the side effects of the drug. I went to the ER last Tuesday during a major panic attack. They did an EKG which came back fine and 2 check XRays which were fine. Also, I was hooked up to the monitor where they monitor your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels and that all seemed fine.
1711722 tn?1356491154 pending. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A Summary of Side Effects BigDaddy suggested we write down side effects and remedies, so I might as well do that here, while I still remember. Since I am on treatment with Victrelis, I have a previous entry about SOC side effects, and then those once VIC was added.
Avatar f tn I know it seems like a long time now, but I went through a couple of months of hell before Lexapro 'cured' me for several years. The side effects are well worth the benefits, I think, so hang in there! My shortness of breath has subsided, now I'm just dizzy and really warm all the time. I don't really feel less anxious yet, but it's only been a week, so I'm hoping I'm not a lost cause just yet.
Avatar n tn You are not alone, I too suffer from extreme exhaustion and lots of long term side effects. I agree that it's hard to fight the system but you have to keep trying! Keep checking with different doctors...........at least that's what I'm doing, it just is NOT normal for an HCV SVR to experience this much fatigue (there must be something else wrong). You sound like a very caring man and she is lucky to have you. My best to you and your wife.
2085202 tn?1373203340 Hello MedHelp friends, it's been awhile since I've put up a post and have been trying to limit them as I was doing a bit better for a little while but simply can't keep this concern to myself at the moment.
Avatar n tn I have recently, about two months had the same symptoms - started with shortness of breath - racing pulse rate - 106 - normal for me is 60-75, numbness on left side, now numbness in boths legs and arms, dizzyness, nausiated 24-7, warm sensation from chest up down to my hands in neck and face (feels like a sunburn, but is not one), heart hurting, first sign of racing heart, and dizzy was getting out of tub (jacuzzi tub), all symptoms have gotten more frequent - all symptoms - been to pulmonary do
1337456 tn?1278437461 Also, your health care professional may be able to tell you about ways to prevent or reduce some of these side effects.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your advice but these side effects are listed in the serious section of the side effect list and I really hope they will go away and are not too serious. They are frightening and I've been on the pills nearly four weeks now. I really want these ones to work ! I will try to persevere until i see the doc again in four weeks but it is scary when my pulse goes v fast or v slow and irregular and I'm worried it won't improve with time.
Avatar n tn Benefits to both? Things to know about one or the other? Side effects? Is it true Zoloft makes you ffeel not hungry and often times you loose weight? I don't want it to effect my weight (up or down). I took Paxil about 4 years ago and one day just decided to stop due to the numbness I was feeling - I just wasn't me anymore and I don't want this new prescription to make me feel this way. Thank in advance for your input!
3183328 tn?1351187117 So after 1 and a half weeks of taking the meds, I started going outside to sweep the porch. Noticed then, no shortness of breath. So then next day I walked a block to pick up my kid from school and even talked to a teacher. Noticed no shortness of breath. So every day I went farther and farther. I did get mind fear, but once I noticed I could breathe, I realized the medicine was workng. You will not know if it works until you go out in situations that used to make you nervous.
Avatar n tn Has anyone out there had good luck with paxil or zoloft and the shortness of breath or know of any self-help things to try.
Avatar n tn I haven't experienced very many of the other side effects people have talked about except bouts of depression and trouble sleeping, the anxiety is the big thing and I'm calling my doctor in the morning to talk about getting off this pill...usually I do not take the time to share something like this but I felt like I should to let people know you are not alone, and I'm thankful to hear that my feelings about this pill might be accurate..
Avatar m tn Shortness of breath is a major symptom of anxiety. Coupled with anxiety you recognize....is probably a physical manifestation. Wish I could recommend an antidepressant. Since radiation and chemo for anal cancer, I have 0 toleration for Effexor, Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, etc. Several were ok when tried years ago...now extreme side effects, which make them unsuitable. Everyone is different, so hope you will give meds a try. I have never taken Ativan...but many here do.
Avatar m tn I have been a total wreck, unable to eat, heart racing out of my chest, getting dizzy, having shortness of breath, and finally, I had a couple of panic attacks. I went to see a doctor today, and he would like me to try zoloft. When I mentioned whether I should quit st. johns wort for a while before starting he said that "seemed like a good idea." I don't think he really knows much about the herb. My question is, how long should I quit the st.
Avatar n tn Add me in there to with restrictive gasp of oxygen about every 15 to 30 minutes, plus I get slight cold sweats with moderate exercise and the shortness of breath along with the coughing up the annoying lung mucus and the last thing on my complaint list is the tiredness with moderate exercise, did I mention the excessive sweating that goes with the moderate excursion, just about forgot the shortness of sleep most nights (5 to 6 hours max).
Avatar n tn I know I'm probably not lucky enough to be pregnant this soon, so I figure it's the side effects of getting off the pill. After reading some of the postings I realized that I have put on a couple of pounds (nothing dramatic though) and I also have noticed an increase in my sex drive...I don't mind this side effect!!!
Avatar n tn This feels wrong, so you try harder to breathe, believing you should be (and it's true, breathing really is important -- but when we become unwittingly aware of our breathing it throws the whole process into confusion). This is a long way of saying your sense of shortness of breath is probably an illusion created by an anxious personality. Learning to be fully aware of this and trying to manage it consciously, sometimes can make things get back to normal.
5050843 tn?1362873926 I have been taking Zoloft for 8 years at around 50-75 mg (highest dose). I have gone down a couple times to 25 mg to see how I do and each time was unsuccessful finding myself depressed and anxious and feeling as though I needed the help of Zoloft. This last year I had noticed that I was experiencing a lot of negative side effects of Zoloft and not a lot of positives. It wasn't even helping my depression anymore.
Avatar n tn I suffer from shortness of breath, yawning, and mild anxiety with shortness of breath. -26 years old, great health, nothing wrong with me physically. -Non-smoker, although occasionaly weed ( 1-2 times a month ) -I do deal with the public, high stress situations, large crowds (being a drummer) and I do worry about things excessively, although usually to myself. -I work night shifts, alternating to weekend days :^( -I also work at a computer frequently too.
Avatar m tn - Fainting feeling - Impeding doom feeling - Terrible chest pains ( Left side and center of the chest) - Sweating - Back pains ( left upper side with burning sensation) - Neck pain and Neck burns - Numbness in my left arm - Pain in my left arm - Shortness of Breath - Dizziness - Fear of eating - Fear of exercising This symptoms where not all at the same time but a lot of them were, I was on therapy for a year taking PAXIL everyday and I had Xanax in case of a crisis, I finished my treatment
484698 tn?1208823583 The studies that I have read indicated that the side effects (thought of suicide, etc), is generally only seen in teenagers. I wanted to fix this before he is a teenager, before he has low self esteem. My son has been seeing a counselor for several months, during school last year he saw a different counselor for 9 months. The counselor, in his case, suggested he seek a psyciatrist as well. I didn't want to put him on any medications.
480448 tn?1426952138 (movie like, in my experiences). Depersonalization is a subjective experience of unreality of one's self. So the difference is...rerealization relates more to the external environment...our outside world, whereas depersonalization relates more to our sense of "self"...that "we" don't feel like who we are. Both of these sensations are caused by a shift/change in the brain.
Avatar n tn I have palpatations and when i try to do physical things like sing, climb a long flight of stairs, jog, etc i get really short of breath and i feel my heart pounding. sometimes at night i wake up with shortness of breath and just try to relax myself until i fall asleep no matter how i try change my diet, i easily get bloated. Im 25 years old, 6'0 140lbs. Right now my docs are naming anxiety/panic attacks as the culprit.