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Avatar m tn my doctor pescribed my this. what are the side effects of zoloft? should i bother with this drug or is it not worht it?
Avatar n tn No. You will not experience any withdrawal effects from discountinuing the Zoloft if you have only taken it for 3 days. Also, keep in mind that it usually takes 2-6 weeks for the full therapeutic effects of Zoloft to take effect (shorter time for anxiety and longer time for depression symptoms to subside) and many people have unpleasant side-effects for the first week of taking Zoloft. These usually subside after this time.
Avatar m tn It takes 4-6 weeks for it to work, but unfortunately the side effects start right away. But withdrawal usually doesn't happen unless the drug has been well metabolized, worked, and was in the system long enough for the brain to have problems operating without the drug. That doesn't fit your case, though there are always exceptions, but it might explain why the psychiatrist wasn't all that concerned.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor, but I am sure that you didn't do anything to your brain...however, you are probably giving yourself horrible side effects and then withdrawal....are you under a physicians care? Your doctor should be monitoring you as you go on and/or off. Stay on it! If you want to come off please do it under your doctor's care.
Avatar n tn What are tha dangers of Zoloft? Side affects? weight gain or loss? How long should someone stay on Zoloft?
Avatar n tn I took Zoloft for about five years and it was great for me -- minimal side effects that passed in a week or two, good anti-depressant effect. 50 mg is a very low dose (I was up to 200 mg at one point). I didn't have any weight gain other. One piece of advice I would give you is to try the medication and not think about it too much. It takes 4 - 6 weeks for to get the full effect so during that time, take the pill and don't worry about it.
Avatar m tn She wrote me a prescription for Celexa but the drug-information sheet listed the same side effects as Zoloft so I decided not to start that medication.....I did advise her of one of my friends who also took zoloft and then celexa but also had bad side effect....Her doctor put her on xanex and she has had no serious side effects.....The doctor said that she would not prescribe me xanex because of my previous admitted drug/Alcohol addictions.......
1176924 tn?1263763900 If you want to discontinue Zoloft because you can't tolerate the side effects ask your psychiatrist about available options. We have some websites linked up on the welcome page for futher information that you could then discuss with your psychiatrist.
Avatar m tn You are not having a nervous breakdown, you are just experiencing normal concerns about meds that you may have read too many negative things about. Begin the meds and keep an open mind. Try not to get overanxious about any side effects you may experience, just contact your doctor and discuss if what you are feeling is "normal" and will pass. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
1173196 tn?1292920090 Aside from being a peanut, did you see any side effects from the zoloft? Withdrawal? Hypertension? I just don't want the baby to suffer in any way because I used zoloft. I really do need it. When I'm not taking anything I have become suicidal in the past.
Avatar n tn since you were on zoloft for so long,i,myself am on my 12th year,did you have any serious side effects when you went off.
Avatar n tn Will stopping 50 mg. Zoloft cold turkey cause side effects like nystagmus & vertigo immediately? (like the next day?) I've taken it for 2 years & every now & then forget to take it for a day & never had those things happen. I'm dx with relapsing remitting MS. Could it be an MS thing instead? Thanx! (I jumped in here since the discussion was about stopping Zoloft& that is my concern also!
Avatar f tn My doctor said after 3 days, Zoloft should be completely out of my system. I've heard the withdrawal symptoms could last up to a month. I guess I'm having trouble distinguishing between withdrawal symptoms or if my anxiety is back. I would appreciate anyone's input. Thanks for reading.
Avatar n tn Zoloft helped me with my panic disorder and I had NO withdrawal effects when I stopped taking it. Also, in my case I actually LOST weight while on Zoloft. While it is useful to share accounts of your story, it is important for readers to know that while you had a bad experience with this medication that does NOT mean that will happen to them - everyone responds very differently medications, especially SSRIs. I am vetoing your statement "DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, DON'T TAKE IT!
Avatar f tn I too have been on Zoloft and came off of it with some side effects but I did this with consultation with the doctor which helped minimize the effects of coming off of it. While there were some side effects in my experience, they did subside, but I was also talking it over with a therapist during all of this.
1269044 tn?1393193503 I take it in the morning and I've noticed I feel more normal when I get up almost like Zoloft is weak in my system so I don't have the effects of it. This indicates to me maybe it is the Zoloft causing the weirdness. Ahhhhhh. As usual I'm thinking too much.
Avatar f tn I have a strong history of manic depression and am not for sure, but believe my father was bipolar. I am concerned also that there may be long term effects from taking Zoloft, do you know of any? I started July 1st taking my dosage every other day, now in August I am skipping two days in between each, until I have weaned myself off of it. Ex. Sept.- 3 days in between, Oct.- 4 days in between, until I'm completely off of Zoloft.
Avatar m tn No taper, just stopped (had to, due to bad side effects that came out of the blue after years of taking it, weird I know) but anyhow, I didnt have the symptoms you are having. In fact for quite ahwile i did very well and thought I was gonna get through with no backlash. But the depression did come back, bigtime. I still havent gone back on any antidepressants though, and its been probalby 5 months or more since i stopped it now.
Avatar n tn Dear Andreas, Zoloft is an antidepressant which may be used for depression and anxiety. The average dose is 75mg a day, it takes about four to six weeks for full benefits. Some may respond at lower dosage, some may respond after longer periods. The sexual side effects vary, they may be, prolonged erection, decrease sexual desire, or weak erection. Withdrawl symptoms also vary in intensity and type. Symptoms may be insomnia, sedation, sweatimg, anxiety and others.
389092 tn?1206669970 Coming of any SSRI like Zoloft can have some withdrawal effects but one can really minimize them by staying in consultation with his/her prescribing doctor. My mantra has always been, 'the slower the better.' When originally came off of Zoloft I felt I was coming off of it too fast and went back and talked with my doctor. She suggested going a little slower, which really helped minimize the withdrawal effects.
10361664 tn?1409613007 What you're experiencing is most likely Paxil withdrawal, but when you take two drugs at once you can't tell which process the side effects are coming from, the new drug or withdrawal from the old one. I'd rethink this method if it were me and quit the Paxil all the way as long as it takes before starting the Zoloft.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone else has experience a similar situation and what helped you get over the panic/ anxiety/confusion? Whether anyone else has had these side effects from going back on Zoloft after coming off temporarily? Thanks for listening.
Avatar f tn I believe you can continue to take your Ativan as it is in a different class of drugs from your other meds. BUT.................I am NOT a doctor nor a pharmacist and I will tell you right now that you MUST check this out with someome with real knowledge of the interactions of medications. And that is NOT me! Zoloft, an antidepressant, normally reaches steady state in about a week and in my humble opinion, you should not still be feeling "really anxious and nervous.
Avatar f tn Need some advice, I feel this jittery feeling is caused by the Zoloft as I don't feel anxious other then these side effects. MD thinks this is anxiety not side effects. I am wondering if I need a new med or a much lower dose like 50mg to reduce the jitterness so I don't need the klonopin. I hate taking the klonopin even though it is a super low dose. Read too many horror stories. Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I too experienced almost all the above mentioned withdrawal side effects from Zoloft. I took my last dose on a Friday the day I began a nine day at home vacation. I must have spent more time in bed than upright. I too did not feel comfortable driving. I had to ask my daughter to drive me or have her run errands. I was so sick the entire week. The second week I was almost back to my old self. In the above mentioned replies, people did not indicate how long and what dose they were taking.
Avatar n tn or, if its not wellbutrin withdrawal, could i be getting side effects from starting with 100mg twice a day of zoloft rather than 50mg for the first few days (i've only taken one dose of zoloft today, so i really don't think its from zoloft)?
Avatar f tn you might want to tell your doctor about the side-effects you experience and it could be the prozac i am not an expert though ok :)
Avatar f tn Remember, side effects start before effects. Not saying this is impossible, I would never say anything is impossible with drugs that affect the brain, but is it possible you were on another medication before going on the Zoloft that you might be suffering withdrawal from? You were also on an extremely low dose. Not ruling your theory out, but would suggest looking for an alternative theory so you don't miss anything here.