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Avatar n tn Hello I'm 32years of age and have been on 200mg Zoloft daily for over 4 years now. I have tried to come off them several times but I find I end up as I was before, all depressed, cant get out of bed, panic attacks etc. My partner and I are wanting to have children within the year but I think this is not possible as I just cannot get off zoloft. I appreciate any advise you may.
Avatar f tn I am a stay at home mom of three children. I have been taking Zoloft for 11 years at 100 mg. I have so much going on in my life now and feel absolutely out of control. I had tried to decrease the zoloft a couple of months ago and had severe diziness and anxiety was back. I am so scared to increase to decrease the anxiety I'm having. Does anyone suggest a great anxiety medication that weening off of zoloft wont make me crazy! This whold anxiety thing is so hard to deal with.
1173196 tn?1292920090 I've been taking anti-depressants for about 7 years, zoloft for the last 3. When I got pregnant, I researched it online and everything said that it should be discontinued after 28 weeks because it can cause hypertension in a newborn. I asked all 3 of my midwives, and they each told me that there was no danger in continueing zoloft for the entire pregnancy and even while breastfeeding. I've already cut my dose by half anyway. Is anyone else on zoloft or has anyone taken during their pregnancy?
4173517 tn?1350602301 I was just perscribed zoloft for my bp is this a good thing or a bad let me know what you think
Avatar f tn I am nearing the end of a 5 year Mirena therefore my doc and I are figuring it is a hormonal imbalance issue. I started Zoloft 2 weeks ago, 25mg for the first week then 50 mgs this last week. I also have begun a new birth control 6 days ago in hopes it will start leveling hormones back out. This last week I noticed a difference in elevated moods and possibly slightly better anxiety but not much.
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on zoloft today. Anyone been on that while they were pregnant?
Avatar n tn After just one meeting, the psychiatrist wants my daughter to start taking zoloft, specifically for depression. I went to zoloft .com and realized it is recommended for OCD in children, but not depression. It goes on, stating that in clinical trials there were no connections between zoloft and suicide in children either with OCD or drepression. I want to help my daughter be happy, but why would the psychiatrist place her on a medication which is not approved by the FDA??
Avatar n tn If a kid is not truly ADD or ADHD and we put him on drugs, those drugs can make him more hostile and psychotic. Zoloft is a nasty drug. I repeat, Zoloft is a nasty drug and if this child isn't mellowed out by what would send you or me through the roof, guess what, he probably isn't properly diagnosed. Further, there is a difference between having this disorder and having a lot on one's mind. What was going on in the kid's life when he was diagnosed?
Avatar f tn I started at 25mg for a week and then 50mg for a month and then 75mg for another month up to 100mg where I stayed for 3 months. I got better and went back down to 50mg and then quit altogether after 8 months of treatment. I did great. No problems at all. Fast forward to October 2015 and I got a back injury followed by a health scare after an affair while I was separated in summer 2014. Found out I was pregnant and diagnosed with ectopic though it turned out to be a blighted ovum.
Avatar f tn I have a 7 year old that has been in therapy for almost 4 years now for extreme anger and mood swings. I can't get a straight answer from anyone. Her psychiatrist prescribed zoloft but I'm scared to give it to her. She will be great then just all a sudden something little will set her off. I feel like I walk around on pins and needles.
Avatar f tn I doubt if anyone will know the answer to your question as the answer will vary from person to person. You might wish to post on the doctor/expert forum. I belong to a support group for teachers and parents of children suffering from anxiety (OCD is one of the anxiety disorders). In our group some of the children stopped taking their meds as they approached their teen years (most started taking meds from 5-7 years of age).
Avatar n tn I have basically had the flu for eighteen days now. Does anyone have advice for dealing with withdrawal of zoloft, or any similar anti-depressant? The worst of the symptoms for me are insomnia, nausea, lack of appetite due to nausea after every meal, dizziness, feeling completely lethargic, and overwhelming anxiety. Besides this, I can not ride in vehicles due to the nausea; any help for that, especially, would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Can anyone give me some feedback on Zoloft for treatment of anxiety and/or depression? I am interested in learning of the side affects people may have experienced. I am suffering from insomnia so I was concerned that this med may make it worse?
Avatar n tn Should I overlap and take them both for a while to avoid withdrawal. I am very concerned because I have two small children that I can't subject to MY problems! I'd really appreciate anyones help! thanks!
Avatar n tn All my vitals were normal and he thought we should try an SSRI (Zoloft, 25 mg). I was on Zoloft a few years ago for anxiety and it worked well, I ended it after about 12 months. About day 3 of the Zoloft I really hadn't noticed the chest tightness or pressure anymore (which I am guessing went away not because of the zoloft), but I did feel like my heart was pounding all the time. After 8 days of Zoloft I decided to stop.
Avatar n tn I have a little bit of a different experience with Zoloft. I am bipolar and Zoloft sends me into Mania if I take it for too long. I find it hard to make the connection but I experience all of those symptoms while I am on Zoloft. How old are you? What have you been diagnosed with? How long ago did you start taking AD?
Avatar n tn My son takes zyoloft for his anxiety and ocd and I recently raised his dose to 50mg and it seem to make him more impulsive and hyper, can this be a side effect of zoloft? Also, I am worried about keeping him on this drug for a long time.
Avatar f tn No, you can't continue giving her zoloft. Its not a drug to play around with - and that is what you are doing. I am not exactly sure how to stop giving it. Cold turkey might be bad. I would definitely tell your doctor. Your doctor needs to know because its possible that she has been miss medicated or miss diagnosed, and this information might be helpful.
Avatar f tn My family doctor started me on 25 mg of Zoloft for 1 week, and then 50 mg after one week. I've been on the 50 mg for 4 days (total of 11 days taking Zoloft), and my anxiety and depression is still the same. I cry daily, especially in the morning. My chest is always tight with anxiety and I still constantly think of auto accidents. Please tell me how long must I tolerate this until the medicine starts to work.
1080181 tn?1425398466 Like to the point I want to and typically will curse out someone for even looking at me the wrong way.. Any good experiences with Zoloft for this? I know it can take months, but now long would you say til you noticed a change in attitude?
Avatar f tn Can anyone give me a comparison between Effexor XR and Zoloft for severe anxiety. My Psycharist has just put me on Effexor XR 37.5. I have also ben prescribed Zoloft in the last 6 months but never took it. I have taken Effexor XR 37.5 for two months but quit cold turkey because of the cost, side effects. I really do not want to start Effexor again because of the nasty withdrawal. Anyone had experience with either or both? With Zoloft, is it difficult to sleep at night?
2198057 tn?1338534805 About a year before taking Celexa, I took it with Wellbutrin for about 4 months for depression and never had a side effect like that. I also know Zoloft and Celexa are both SSRI's so I'm nervous to take it. At this point my Anxiety is under control more, but I'm still having at least one mild panic attack a day. I just wanted to know about other people's experience with the drug. I'm honestly very scared to take it, but I can't handle my anxiety anymore.
Avatar f tn Hopefully get yourlife back on track and see your kids. For my experience I was on zoloft for 4 yrs and when I got off of them without consulting my doctor and I was a total mess but I got help from my family and went to go see a threapist and counseling. After that I Talked to my doctor about the situation and he prescribed me lexapro which helps out a lot. Now I'm happy and brought my life back up again. So please get some help and good luck!!
Avatar n tn He was placed on Zoloft about 4 wks. ago to treat an emerging anxiety disorder. His sx. at the time included weeping, whining excessively, and statements like "I hate myself. I am such a bad boy..." Many other behaviors too numerous to mention. He also displays some ADHD sx. but we were reluctant to start stimulants for fear of increasing the anxiety. His pediatrician is a family friend as well as the Dr.
Avatar f tn So I've been on paxil for 15 years and most recently switched to Zoloft. The only reason I changed was because I want to have children. Now, I feel totally crazy! Extremely anxious, but out of it. Having suicidal thoughts which is not ok. I have no desire to die. I'm happy in my life. Has anyone else had this problem? I feel completely out of control.
Avatar f tn Can this medication really not make you Care about your children or you can not feel love for them? I want my son to play ball and want to go to his game and look forward to it.. Can someone explain to me if this will really happen. I made him put me on a Very low dose because I can not bear that thought. Sorry so long of a post. !! I appreciate any feedback. Thank U!
Avatar n tn Grades, job skills, and such have always come easy for me, but my concentration is skippy a lot - I teller and work in new accounts at a bank- It is not rocket science, but I need to be at my be able to function better on my job and especially for my children and husband. I am tired all the time and work myself to death in circles...I was in a rut when I went back to work- the baby started preschool, and I thought this would be good for me...
Avatar n tn My son is 91/2 years old and has mild Asperger's Syndrome and OCD. His has been on Zoloft for about 8 mths. It has helped him tremendously in the area of anxiety and panic attacks. I am worried now about some possible side effects. He has started having tics (eye crossing, head movements up and down, flipping his lip with his finger, shoulder shrugging etc.) He has done motor stereotypy since he was 4mnths.
Avatar f tn Can Zoloft taken in Pregnancy ,do to a Depression caused by Midral Valve Prolaps,be the cause of all this or of some of this ?