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Avatar m tn Had an injury to my neck that was made worse by chiro etc, took me 14 months to feel ok. I am now trying to get back into working out, very light. I've had MRI's etc and everything looks ok now. I have some mild Cervical DDD but that's about it. Nothing major. So am cleared to workout basically. I loved p90x, extreme but awesome and gained very well. But there were a few things I didn't like about it, one is the level of complication, too many routines to do.
Avatar n tn You need high carb pre-workout and high protein post workout.
Avatar f tn I would love any tips from the other Mommas reguarding excercise routines to lose the baby weight ( thighs, back, & belly), also I would love some tips on schedule conflics, I like to take lunches to work, but I seem to never have enough time to prepare them! Thanks for all the help and support!
746818 tn?1233947962 I'm looking for treadmill workout routines other than just walking the whole time or running the whole time. I have been running at level 6 for 30 seconds, walking at level 3 for 30 seconds, running at level 6 for 30 seconds etc. Anybody else want to share theirs?
Avatar f tn It really depends on how frequently you want to do your workout routines. You gotta have the discipline to follow through with your plans to achieve your goal. I find videos from Workouts on Demand suitable for me. You can check it out [url=]Exercise Video Downloads: Perfect for busy women -- Workouts On Demand[/url] and see if that works for you as well. Remember if you’re a beginner don’t over exert yourself to prevent injuries.
Avatar n tn I am concerned as my 15 year old son complains he has been suffering severe headaches for about 2 weeks now. He said the headaches started after completing one of his workout routines in his weight lifting class. He said that after he got up his felt pressure and pain mainly on the back of his head and the pain eventually worked its way towoards his temples. Now he has headaches almost daily and complains the pain is unbearable.
Avatar m tn The first few times I got them they got so bad I ended up in the emergency room where they gave me epinephrin, etc. and they went away. The strange thing though, is that they came back again and again over the course of a week to a week and a half. Now that I can recognize them coming right away, I usually knock them out right away with a double dose of Benadryl, which I then have to take every 4 hours - tapering the dosage off over the course of the week.
Avatar f tn It was a very crazy week then I had a business trip which just was exhausting. I ended up going back up to my 4/day this past weekend because I was tired, stressed and tired of fighting the anxiety I was getting from the taper. I continued this on my trip because I was exhausted and had a major headache from flying. I feel like I have thrown all my work tapering away. I'm so disappointed in myself. The only upside is that I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow!
Avatar n tn I've noiced my lower stomach, left upper leg, lower back on the sides and mid-right back hurting too.I don't know if the other pain is from how I have to sit or lay, but it's starting to be as painfull and the testicular pain. I emailed my doctor and since it's a sunday, will not hear from him until monday. I'll keep you posted as I see others will no solutions.
Avatar n tn If I sleep later (like on a Saturday or Sunday) I wake to pain in my lower back and right hip and it usually lasts all day long. I workout at least 3 to 4 times a week. My exercises begin with Situps and Pushup and then I run (on a treadmill) and an elyptical machine. I notice while doing situps that I get some pain near the hip area (lower back but on right side). I just wanted to pass my info along to the group and if anyone has information for me please provide it. After reading above.
Avatar n tn I am going to also request my doctors to do an MRI of Thoracic spine (middle back) because they haven't done an MRI of that section yet. I am not sure if the mid back problems is caused by these issues I know I have. I would suggest you dig into the problem more.
686522 tn?1227022486 I would like to get back to my workout routines but it especialy hurts while trying to do pushups or push weight.I dont want to do any more damage.
Avatar f tn Hey I am 12 years old. And I am just wondering do you have any light exercise routines that would be good for me? Im just lazy and I dont do much exercise.
Avatar f tn I do cardio kickboxung twice a week followed by body sculpting that involves light weights (8-10lb weights) that's on tuesday and Thursdays. Wednesdays I usually take my dogs for long walks. I'm a hair dresser so the other days I'm working and am too exhausted and sore to do anything else as of right now. Keep exercising it's good for both of you.
Avatar f tn Hi tara, I found that focusing on certain muscles when doing household tasks helped me. When vacuuming do lunges and hold in your stomach. When hanging out washing strenghten arms by focusing on biceps and moving slowly. Try and focus on core muscles when making beds and cleaning the bathroom. Dont forget to put bub in a stroller and go for an afternoon walk. If your not feeling energetic (lets face it. Babies take it out of you) these little trick will help.
Avatar m tn But every-time I eat more, I simply gain fat instead of muscles (and most of the fat in my belly area). He tried different workout routines and different diets with me but I am simply not gaining any muscles. I have seen other members in the jim under the same trainer (and under different trainers as well) who have gained good muscles in just 4-5 months. Now, after about more than year of training, my personal trainer has suggested that this is very unusual.
Avatar m tn Target two or three muscle groups during each workout session. For example, a workout to tone the body might target leg muscles one day, chest and back muscles on a separate day and arm and shoulder muscles on a third day. Perform two or three exercises for each muscle group. Start with bodyweight exercises, such as situps, pushups and pullups. Then progress to basic weightlifting exercises, such as bench presses, lat pulldowns and squats.
Avatar n tn I am having my gallbladder (laparoscopic) removed next week and would like to know how soon after surgery can I go back to my normal workout routines (running, core exercises etc)? I asked the surgeon about this but didn't really get an answer. What should I change in my diet? Any tips are greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Don't start drastic diets or trying to force things back in place with constrictive clothing, don't start any crazy workout routines. Wait until your body has had a chance to recover on its own for a while. Ask your doctor or midwife how your body is doing when you have your postpartum checkup at six weeks and if they clear you for exercise you can start doing a bit more then. For now, your baby needs you more than your body needs sculpting.
Avatar f tn It's very unlikely to be pregnant after tubal ligation, I can't say impossible, but still extremely unlikely. Changes in medications, diets, new workout routines can also affect cycles in some women. For peace of mind, if you are late, take a test and you will know for sure. You can also make an appointment with your primary care doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Plus the doctors keep telling how I'm going to make labor so much easier on myself because I continued my vigorous workout routine. I hope this helps encourage you to keep up with your workout routines. Good luck with everything!
Avatar m tn Does anyone know what the one best workout or workouts I can do for my chest,arms to grow an inch or 2
Avatar f tn I'm 32 week a with my second son. I had a csection with the first and will with this one also. I never got back down to my prepregnancy weight. It took me about four weeks to start feeling "normal" again. Its a very painful recovery.
Avatar n tn Back in 06 I had some chest pains and I found out I had an Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block. I had no idea what this was and I became so worried about it. I had an echo done, stress test and even wore a holter monitor for a day, and they told me all was normal, but I still worry sometimes, is a bundle branch block harmless because I have wierd feelings sometimes in my chest. I also am a weight lifter, and enjoy running. Its always in the back of my mind, am I safe to do these things.
Avatar f tn When we start new workout routines, the muscles will initially hold into water because its under stress. It eventually releases it.
Avatar f tn have you change up your exercise routines at all? i know you said you've up your calorie intake, but also at the same time is burning more calories. sometimes when your body is so used to doing the same thing for a long time, things become pretty easy and your body doesn't have to work as hard. i say you're probably at that plateau state. that can be tough especially when you've worked so hard and know you're still working hard to lose those last few pounds.
Avatar f tn Start a good workout routine and better diet plan, make time for myself, enjoy sub sandwich
700223 tn?1318169294 Slowly increase the time and intensity of your work out routines. If running, don’t increase your mileage or overall time by more than 10 percent per week. In weight training, avoid increasing the resistance or repetitions too drastically too quickly. Overuse injuries occur when you increase your exercise intensity more quickly than your body can adapt to the change. 4. Wear proper protective gear.
Avatar f tn I start PT next week, hoping, I can get some muscle strength back before I go to work and so I can ease back into my workout routines, starting with P90X and hoping to get back into jiu-jitsu at some point within the next year.