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Avatar m tn I got dizzy during the workout and reported all to the attendants. I was being monitored and my heart beat and blood pressure were normal. When I came home I had to nap. This morning I had to nap again. I feel very sleepy. My muscles do not ache. I could sleep all day. Should I just put this reaction to the start of the exercise program. Do others experience this tiredness?
Avatar n tn Good post. The old days' arnold routines of training x2 a day, every day are long gone. Most routines out there will leave you overtrained unless you are on a heavy cycle of steroids. I'm a relatively lean 200lb bodybuilder. I lift once a week, all you really need. But, I believe what has been (re)discovered here is the age old bodybuilding technique of super setting. Excerpted from,,f17,00.
Avatar m tn i think the dr will look at my age and say im to young to have low t and not order a blood test.
4193337 tn?1355701972 I don't know about the work out part but the clothes yes! I miss my sweaters and skinny jeans..I'm 26+6 and can't fit my pants any more because my belly is right in the way..
Avatar f tn // and they delivered it the next day when he was getting low. If anyone wants to know more about our diet, just ask. It worked for us!!
Avatar n tn Whenever im pushing myself during working out, whether its a set of push ups or lifting weights at the end of the set when im really pushing like when my face will get red, i will get a pretty bad headache pretty much forcing me to discontinue the workout. Just has started happening the last week, but it always seems to happen. Do I have a brain tumor or something, whats wrong?
Avatar n tn I am happy to report that after taking a probiotic (my nuripath pharmacist said any multi form will do) and some "noni" juice, I haven't had the "flu" after exercise. Although I must add that I did cut my routines down in intensity and did get a mere cold (no where near that the harrowing symptoms I did have).
Avatar n tn i had distal bicep tear , it was confirmed today not sure , how bad getting mri jan , have the popye bulg looks bad weight lifter , feel all the work i did down drain , pretty depressed , if i have surgrey will the bicep again look normal and will i be able to workout eventually like i did before ..
Avatar m tn Hi there, I'm UK here. From what I've seen i just need to ask, have I joined a US site?
Avatar f tn If severe, all I can do is roll around on the ground until it passes - which usually takes 20 minutes and subsides in waves. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or when I workout. But, I am starting to think a slow warm up is key. Alternating jogging and walking for the first 20 minutes seems to help.
Avatar n tn do you have any suggestions for quick home workout routines? I have a membership for 24hr fitness but with a 2 month old its a little difficult to make it. I'm 5'6", 158 lbs. I really want to maximize this hcg diet!
Avatar n tn My husband and I are having the same problems with our 8 yr old boy. At school he is "fine". The teachers say he is respectful at school. His grades are A's and B's. Playing football and baseball,gets plenty of "workout time".He gets down on himself if he doesn't do something correct the first time then he puts himself down.If we are at a friends house and have to leave he gets angry and sits on the floor and does not listen.
Avatar n tn Somewhat better but not gone. Also told that stretching would help (I workout 3 days a week and have been known to ride 40+ miles per week on my bike - not lately). So I stretched. Oh my God how painful is that! Not sure any of this is helping at all, but very strange no one seems to have an "Oh that's from..." Hope it goes away or someone says eat an orange. (OK wishful thinking). Best of luck folks.
Avatar n tn How you doin agian megazoid? Well I'm 6'2" about 185lbs, I workout on a regular basis i do have abdomonal muscles as well (abs), I jog, I push myself to the limits when working out, so I know im in pretty good shape! I'm also a personal trainer. I know there is a size difference about 2" less than what it should be, I was pretty good before so 2" less still keeps me above average lol but I want to do whatever it takes to get it back! a man just isnt a man with out his penis.
Avatar n tn Still short on breath climbing stars but will get better after some workout. So guys don't give up; we can handle this. The scary part is the pulpitation; I never know if it was my last heartbeat or not....just have to live with it I guess. Here is a link to the study: Godd luck to you all!
Avatar n tn If anyone wants to chat further (UK perspective) want tips on how I coped pre-op and post-op then get in touch.
Avatar n tn In the interest of finding the common ground I will describe my scenarios and physical characteristics. I'm 38 about 20 lbs overweight. i do not workout but use to be in construction so i am still in pretty good shape. The extra pounds come from working behind a desk the last 2 years. I do have high levels of stress, i suffer from tension headaches. I quit smoking about 8 years ago. The first occurance was about 10 months ago. Went to the Dr.
Avatar n tn I am concerned about firming my body up after the weight is gone, especially the stomach area. I do ab work and workout with light weights to help with this.
446896 tn?1237806342 Thanks for your response and I do realize that it may be a problem if I get my own machine. Ihave been checking my HR at home with my workout monitor and I seem to be doing that all the time now...
Avatar f tn Sorry to be hard about the weight stuff, but honestly too many women want an excuse to not experience the work and discomfort that comes when you first start a serious workout program, but really if you don't, you're not being honest about your weaknesses and giving up - take control, get your butt outside or to the gym every single day and you well feel better!
Avatar n tn In the ER they gave me a printout about palpitations that said not to worry unless they're coming 6 or more a minute. But my head has SUCH a hard time accepting that I'm ok. It can send me into a panic that I can sustain for days at a time with practically no break. I just don't understand what has caused this random flair-up. I am just so ultra sensitive to anything my heart does. I am constantly aware of what it's doing.
Avatar n tn I thought that maybe I should not exercise as much or change my exercise routines until possibly this passes. Any thoughts?