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Avatar n tn I used to only hear/feel it when I was rotating vigorously (like when doing aerobic workout), but now I hear/feel it whenever I'm simply doing daily activities and happen to turn or twist at the waist. Any thoughts on what this may be, or the cause? I have no sore throat or hoarseness or any other throat/esophagus symptoms. I do have very occasional heartburn that responds easily to Zantac. Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn First off i want everyone to relax and stay calm and i don't want anyone to think about suicide, i suffered the exact same as you guy's did but no one to give me any kind of answers (i am only 24 myself). I have the answers you guy's need, so please let me explain my own story first. When i was born, i was a healthy, young baby boy. However it wasn't noticed that i had an undescended testicle (right testicle) until i was 2 year's old.
Avatar n tn do you have any suggestions for quick home workout routines? I have a membership for 24hr fitness but with a 2 month old its a little difficult to make it. I'm 5'6", 158 lbs. I really want to maximize this hcg diet!
Avatar n tn I was also extremely active and get the same answers from the doctors. It has been over 5 months and the dissection is only down to 20% with a clot still behind the blockage, as of the CTA last week. I am on aspirin now, thank goodness. As far as exercise, before this happened I was an A league soccer player and competitive ballroom dancer. Taking it easy is not in my lifestyle, especially with two teenage daughters.
Avatar n tn I went online to find some answers today--- I have excruciating pain in my lower back when I wake in the morning. It's every morning no matter what bed I sleep on. I always sleep on my back. The pain will dissipate after about 45 minutes. The pain seems to travel through my lower back and in towards my [kidneys?] I am a 28 year old female. The pain has been there since I was 21. I have been taking opiate meds for several years and I am currently coming off from them (through Dr.
Avatar n tn ) - so hopefully I can discuss some of the points you mentioned with them and try to come up with some answers. i hope that you are starting to feel better soon and are coming out of your rut... I definately know what that is like...
Avatar n tn I have been to a DO, Orthopedic Surgeon, Neurologist, 2 Physiatrists, Chiropractor, and a MD. No answers. For awhile i was starting to think I was making up the pain because no-one could diagnose me, and no test showed anything significant. My wife is a Physical Therapist and she has never seen anything like this. I am going to bring this into my doctor and see if she can figure it out. Just feels good to know someone understands me.
Avatar n tn I am concerned about firming my body up after the weight is gone, especially the stomach area. I do ab work and workout with light weights to help with this.
Avatar f tn It also seems that you are being under stress due to a sleep deprivation or very hard day at your work or in coping up with daily routines. These hallucinations are temporary but really scaring and no physical harm is caused and seen with narcolepsies. Have you taken any medications so far and is it progressing? Do follow the above sleep tips and share your thoughts. Take care.
Avatar n tn i love this site and give support and answers when i can. however, i haven't tried clomid and know minimal about it. i do know that there are a lot of weird bodily side affects and have heard that sometimes they can give "false positives" on hpts. however, don't take that word for truth because that was only heresay... wish i could be more help to you! hopefully you will find your answers!
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