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5543061 tn?1369583382 A beginner level exercise, the wall press requires no additional equipment. Simply stand with your legs hip-width apart and your palms flat on the wall in front of you, at shoulder level. Keeping your right leg straight, slowly lift your heel off the floor behind you as you exhale. Hold for a count of five, then inhale as you slowly lower your heel back to the floor. Alternate between both legs, doing up to 10 repetitions per leg, gradually increasing the number of repetitions with each workout.
Avatar m tn I could probably use some cardivascular workout too come time but I've not much spare cash at the moment for running shoes and sportswear. With flat feet I get painful calves with walking and worse with running even with arch supports. My leg muscles are fine, just my upper body that needs the work in terms of strength, lean muscle mass maintenance and build and toning. I am looking to buy some gear for exercising at home - affordable gear that doesn't use a lot of space.
Avatar f tn If you're ready to graduate from body-weight exercises to regular trips to the gym, try weight machines that directly target your lower body. A leg press targets your thighs and rear, while leg curls on a leg curl machine will help you get firm thighs and a strong back. To combine cardio with strength training, try a rowing machine, which has the added benefit of working your arms and upper body. Combining different types of exercise can help you get a stronger workout.
Avatar f tn 1. Eat more calories than they burn during the course of the day. Take 200-250 calories over maintenance. 2. Go to the gym on a regular schedule. 3. Lift heavier weights. 4. Drink half of your bodyweight in ounces of water daily so your muscles stay full and saturated.
Avatar n tn I was doing my leg workout last wednesday, and half way through my workout, while on my third set of leg hack presses on my 7th rep I got a pounding headache. It was more on the sides of my head though. The headache was so intense I had to stop my workout and go home. The next day went back and on the first excercise it was back.
Avatar n tn Abs exercises for a hernia require great care!! The slant board leg scissors exercises use a piece of exercise equipment that allows your head to be kept below your legs during exercise, as recommended by Edwin Flatto, M.D., in Health Freedom News. A slant board is also called an incline bench, decline bench, sit-up board or crunch board. Lie face-up on the board with your head on the end toward the floor. Squeeze your abs and grab the sides of the board.
Avatar n tn u keep wearing a brace and baby ur leg. ur never gona return full use/motion in ur leg. or at least not any time soon. if u want, take ur time gettin better. hey, its ur body.
633284 tn?1271718018 Ya I am sick of having issues to, I would like to be my normal self again. was the leg pain from your heart or something else? I get leg pains but they come from my back I think I will have a dull ache in them all day long and then it will b gone the next day....I get shooting pains down my arms and I also get very strange head pains (which could be due to my panic) I also don't sleep much so I am on sleep meds when needed and then just zoloft..
Avatar n tn After each workout, I was in pain and last month the pain that radiates down my buttocks to my leg caused my leg to give. I fell 3 times. I have had 3 bilateral lumbar facets and an injection directly into the disc; none have worked. Is surgery my only hope?
Avatar n tn I love running, using aerobic equipment and lifting weights; however, I ususually experience flu-like symtoms for days, sometimes weeks, later. For years now, I have felt as if a virus surfaces in me everytime I exercise. My PCP is unhelpful. My ENT recommended L-Lysine which I have been taking with a multi-vitamin everyday for a year. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn My job has high demands, (Rappellling, Fast Roping, Handling heavy equipment. etc...). Do any of you agree with this course of action. The surgeons said that to operate means a high risk having to cut through healthy tissue and that they could not gaurantee that the Tendon would be healthier after the surgey. I am confused. Everything that I have read says that if you want full function of the arm that surgery is the way to go.
Avatar f tn I took a Cyclobenzaper at bedtime and it helped me get to sleep. I start to notice my legs twitcing, not the whole leg but isolated spots in my legs/certain muscles. This then goes to my eye as well. This continues and is noticeably worse at nighttime when I am trying to get to sleep. I notice it gets worse if I do not sleep well. The initial doctor who saw me for this back in July was a psyiatrist and said that if my symptoms did not go away to see a neurologist.
Avatar n tn I had a debulking surgery done Aug. 21 2009. This is where they take all your female organs, lymph nodes, a bunch of stuff is done your body cavity to test for cancer because my CA125 level was 3500 before surgery. After surgery I was up on my feet in hours and able to walk stairs the very same day.
Avatar n tn The docs that just look into the ear and use that as their only diagnostic tool can't afford the equipment or an audiologist to run the equipment. So they just wave their magic wand, take your co-pay and send you on your way. In the future, and this goes for anyone with ear issues, see an ENT and only ENT with an AUDIOLOGIST on staff. Do not see an ENT with an assistant doing hearing evaluations they will not know what they are doing.
Avatar f tn I know my back needs adjusting again, my left arm and left leg have been tingling for weeks but how would this be connected? It's the first time there has been pain and now, more than 36 hours. PS...... Yes, I spend LOTS of time at the computer, too!
Avatar n tn I was just at the doctors got my blood test results t levels were 250 , I am in good shape and workout but recently felt lack of energy not going to the gym and was very stressed out not depressed just couldnt get a grip always worried not sure about what just everything . I too had an injury ,feel through a ceiling a few years ago and screwed up my lower back went to chiropractor and had accupuncture.
Avatar n tn caused me low back pain, sciatica, tingling in my ankles, toe and lower leg. After reading Sarno, my pain is GONE and I'm not alone. Just check out all the people who have posted comments about Sarno on Amazon. com's book site. Also, do a search for Sarno on Wikipedia and open the link provided by ABC News 20/20 and John Stossel. Sarno helped him after 15 years of back pain. Forget the surgery. Forget the drugs. Get pain-free. Get your life back. Read Dr. Sarno!!
Avatar n tn in each leg to protect the blood vessels as they ran the 4 catheters up (2 in each leg). I assume they do that for everyone. I'm not sure how the hematomas form. Most of the wiggling around is done in the heart by remote control. I was able to watch some of it on the screen during my first ablation. Just take it easy for awhile. The pain will go away. Sometimes there's some pressure or bruising on a nerve and it's quite uncomfortable for a few weeks.
Avatar n tn Magnesium is involved in more than 325 biochemical reactions, some of the early symptoms of magnesium deficiency include body aches, chronic constipation, headaches and migraines, insulin resistance, PMS, leg cramps, muscle twitches, and more. Left untreated, a magnesium deficiency can lead to more life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and others. Magnesium's role in energy production.
Avatar n tn My other symptoms of tingling sensation on my left arm and leg and reduced almost completely.. However, I am really concerned about the tingling sensation I feel in my spine...In the beginning, I had the GBS concern.. NOW I have the MS concern... I am also in school and feel that my head becomes overwhelmed very easily now... I am still very much scared and wonder how a vaccine meant to help you - actually hurt me...
Avatar f tn I too have had the same pain. My right breast is sometimes sore to press on at the top and also on the front of the chest next to right breast. Also sometimes feel pain under my right arm pit and I also get pins and needles in back right shoulder. I have'nt had any tests done because I know over the years I have had many problems due to a fear of cancer. My last problem was burning tongue syndrome. Which lasted about 6 months. I just needed to keep telling myself there is nothing wrong with me.
Avatar n tn then a year later i felt it in my foot. then to my leg then gradually over a few years my skin has begun to crawl all over. i dont know what this could be. any ideas??? it doesnt feel like bugs under my skin but it is a very strange crawling itchy feeling that appears at random places around my body. most notably around my feet, hands, face and ribcage. i truly is scary and mysterious to me.
Avatar n tn i can tell when its going to happen because its starts to throb and gets itchy then can be painful when it actually bursts, but just recently the passed few months ive been getting them in my arms and especially my right leg, they have been very painful in my legs, dunno should i consult ma doc????
Avatar m tn I have been going to the gym and got a personal trainer that works with injured people and I am feeling better but sore and tired from the workout. The point is the exercises are really helping my back pain and knee pain. So it is really worth it. Hard to believe. He is a master trainer not just the run of the mill. If you have mollucum it can really spread and itch and it takes a long time to go away. It can be spread from a sexual contact as well. Skin to skin. So maybe that is what it is.
Avatar n tn I went on the 9th of August and got a call on the 13 telling me because they have new digital equipment they saw more this time and I have to go back tommorrow for a more magified look. I have to say I am a little more nervouse this time. The last time they were able to get me in that day, this time I have had a couple of days to worry about it. I have been praying that God would help me not to think about it too much. My husband is planning to meet me for the appointment.
Avatar f tn I should know soon since the trial second leg should soon start. Something will turn up soon.