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Avatar n tn The pain and weakness I was having in my neck and right arm were no longer constant and maybe would flare up after a really hard workout. To be perfectly honest about what I do, I am in the military right now, and my training definitely consists of boots runs, kevlar/FLAK runs, humps with on average 80 pounds of weight, and then even Endurance runs of over an hour with about 30-40 pounds of weight. So all of that was actually doing ok for me.
Avatar n tn My doctor does not seem to know what the problem is and is contacting a specialist in Lebanon, NH. My Dr. prescribed an estrogen cream which did not seem to work. I have not been on any other medication for this. I am looking for some guidance as to what this condition may be and how to treat it. My husband & I want to get pregnant soon but I would like to resolve this issue first. Please help.