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Avatar n tn For starters there is something wrong with your wisdom tooth because it doesn't take that long for them to come up all the way. Once it breaks through the gums they come up in days like practically over night. The Smell is probably from and infection. Chances are you have an infection in your gums caused by tooth. I suggest that you go to the dentist to check it out and more than likely he/she will also want to extract the tooth.
Avatar n tn It occurs when I floss my upper wisdom tooth which I still have at the age of 69. It really turns my stomach. I brush my teeth and test if the smell is still there so it never goes away. I also have a peri - rinse that was prescribed a long time ago and I have used that to no avail. I do not have a filling in this wisdom tooth but there is one in the tooth next to it that is about (truth) ten years old.
Avatar m tn My tonsils are no longer there cause I had those removed when I was younger due to an infection. The smell is coming from between the wisdom tooth and the molar in front of it. So, it must be food and it is starting to smell better with constant scrubbing and rinsing.
Avatar n tn Well I had my wisdom tooth pulled on Monday.It had to be the worst experience.After 2 1/2 hrs of grinding,pulling,pushing and cutting,the doctor gave up and had to send me to someone else.My appt was at 9:00 and I left at 12:30.The next dentist couldn't get me in until 3:00.By the time I got to that appt all the numbing shots wore off and they had to numb me all over again.That dentist took another 1 1/2 hours to get it out.
Avatar n tn Its on the left handside and theres a kinda hold on the top of my gum and i can se a tooth underneath and that is where the smell is coming from, the gum. There is nothing stuck there at all and it is usually set on my food touching that area and that starts the smell. Any ideas what this could be?
Avatar m tn About 2 weeks ago I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed. I still have pain in the area where the tooth was removed. I'm not sure if I have a dry socket or not. I don't smell any bad odor from the area. The tooth next to where the wisdom tooth was has had a root canal, so I don't know if that tooth is the problem. I'm wandering if maybe I might have an infection going on.
Avatar f tn Hello, It's been 8 days since I had wisdom teeth surgery to remove two of my right wisdom teeth. Yesterday, I had the stitches removed and the doctor said that everything looked great. While checking my teeth, I noticed a small hole in the lower part where my wisdom tooth was. I'm not sure if the same goes for the upper part as it's hard to see. Is this normal or should I go get it stitched? How long until my gums go back to normal?
Avatar n tn My question is that ever since I have quit smoking and had my wisdom tooth taken out, I've noticed soreness in my upper back area, and on the lower mollars there is blackening around my crowns. My mouth has a bad taste and odor to it as well. I've been using an electric tooth brush, and floss alone with listerine. Do I need to make another dentist apt. or is there something I can do to get rid of the blackness and odor?
Avatar n tn My father just had his wisdom tooth removed. The root had grown around his jaw bone so they had to surgically remove it. now he has a foul smell and the dentist says the bone is exposed. I'm hoping he doesn't get a bone infection? could this happen, and how will they fix that? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/422049'>abcesses and jaw bone infection</a>.
Avatar n tn The doctors say that I have a swollen tonsil which could be caused by my right wisdom tooth which is incredibly slow at coming out. However my dentists say that the wisdom tooth is fine and minor infection is normal. I have always slept on my stomach and I have always slept quite soon after eating. 6 months ago I read that those are the worst possible things to do so now I always enure that I sleep 3 hours after eating and that I sleep on my back only. However I am still getting the problem.
Avatar m tn Foul putrid smell odour when you touch one part of gum above tooth teeth. Solved accidentally after years SOLVED SOLVED SOLVED - For me - Hope You! I will go through all relevant details and history, as I suggest even I did not figure the solution and I had all the clues as it were. I solved it my accident. So given your situation may vary I will tell the story step by step. With the solution listed below as "what I believe" if you want to skip to that!
Avatar f tn Its been eight days since I got one wisdom tooth removed under local anesthesia, and I've have no pain so i thought its gonna be smooth sailing from now on. im eating normal food and being extra careful that no food gets in there. but i noticed some weird symptoms, for the past few days I get a bad taste in my mouth that wont go away.
Avatar n tn We then took two x-rays and one revealed a dark line on the gum with the embedded wisdom tooth. The Dentist said that the wisdom tooth has caused infection to two other teeths nearby. He suggested that the embedded wisdom tooth be removed through surgery as it is causing health problems. I agreed immediately. And although the surgery was quite an ordeal, the next day after the surgery, I did the lick test, the smella saliva is no longer there !! I knew that I have been cured !!
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I had a severe toothache went to dentist and put on an antibiotic one week later wisdom tooth extracted pain still persists, drainage, foul taste and smell, upset stomach, pain in jaw and ear and sore throat. Spoke to the dentist and was instructed to continue antibiotic and salt water rinses. I finished the antibiotic and all symptoms still present is this normal and should I be doing something else. I am nervous that I should be taking more antibiotics or doing something else.
Avatar f tn Its safe to get wisdom tooth out when pregnant im ONly 6 week and My tooth is coming out so its very painful is ir safe to take out
Avatar f tn t really let the tooth fully come in, the gum in over the back of the tooth, there is redness, swelling, and A LOT of pain. I don't think it's abscessed, due to no fever, no bad smell, and no puss or secretion. The pain comes and goes, but has been very persistent over the last few weeks, I can't close my mouth all the way, it's very swollen, the gums on that side are very red, I can't chew, barley swallow.
37251 tn?1236526586 I havent been sexually active for about 3 months and whenever I do have sex I always use protection .Even if its with someone I know. Ok recently I have had my wisdom tooth pulled 2 of them and they gave me penicillen 500mg* and a pain killer Ibepohen 400 mg...and Iam a clean person I take care of myself very well ,,, but im getting a odor down there like a fishy kind of smell and this is a first...is it from the medicine?
Avatar m tn I recently had all my wisdom teeth removed and I complained that there was mucus coming out of the top left hole. The doc made an appointment and pretty much told me everything was okay. Ive been having bad bad bad headaches, really bad throbbing and pain in my tooth extraction area, cheekbone area, my eye, and under my eye(sinuses). My left eye has also swollen up, and also become blood shot 2 times lasting the hole day and even a little into the next.
Avatar n tn if my x-ray shown i have a cyst forming near my upper left wisdom tooth, should i have it taken out as soon as possible or should i wait until it is fully grown?
Avatar f tn s called) and when I went back he told me I had a really bad infection under the tooth in front of my bottom right wisdom tooth and it would need root canal treatment as the infection is really close to the jaw bone... I had no pain in that tooth but I thought back to a few months prior when I was having painful aches in my jaw, it felt like I couldn't open my mouth and so it made sense... Ok I said do it... but then he went ahead and removed the wisdom tooth behind the infected tooth...
Avatar m tn Thanks doctor. i am 26 now, my wisdom tooth teethes almost completely. is it safe to remove it. i am scared of jaw fracture :-). beside this wisdom tooth, there are 2 other ones but they are ok, not hurts me at all.