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Avatar n tn I wouldn't say I am experiencing terrible pain but instead mild discomfort with swelling; as well as a bad taste and smell. The hole of the extraction is blackish with white 'pus' material dotting the outer edges. The hole also still seems very deep, as if the bone of the jaw is exposed. I do not want to bother my dentist if it sounds like its healing properly anyway if you could share any information with me that would be great?
Avatar f tn Hello, I had a tooth extraction a week ago yesterday and I have had a really weird smell and taste in my mouth. I have run my tongue over the gap and I can feel a cotton type wad in there. I pulled a small amount out and it appears to be part of the gauze with old blood on it, and it smells. Silly question but is that meant to be the clot or should I just take the rest of it out? I dont want dry socket but my dentist is away for a week.
Avatar n tn I am taking amoxcillin at the moment and it now 8 days since the extraction but my jaw is still swollen the same as it was before the extraction, is this normal should the swelling be going down by now, it is not really painful. I have two days of tablets left should I go back to the dentist if it is still swollen when I have finished my tablets. Also I'm going on holiday is it OK to fly if jaw still swollen.
382218 tn?1341185087 When something unexpected happens I would rather be unaware of it until later. Erupted wisdom tooth extraction is a lot easier. Mine were impacted, lying sideways in the gum. I've never regretted the decision to be completely out of it. Then again, the older I get the more I hate the dentist. If I could nap while they do a cleaning, I would - gladly.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago I had a severe toothache went to dentist and put on an antibiotic one week later wisdom tooth extracted pain still persists, drainage, foul taste and smell, upset stomach, pain in jaw and ear and sore throat. Spoke to the dentist and was instructed to continue antibiotic and salt water rinses. I finished the antibiotic and all symptoms still present is this normal and should I be doing something else. I am nervous that I should be taking more antibiotics or doing something else.
Avatar n tn I need help and don't know where to go from here. I presently have swelling around the site of the last tooth extraction which my dentist said swollen bone. Back to the surgeon who did the extraction and how do I convince him that I feel an infection as he said there was nothing wrong with the tooth he removed. The one benefit I have from that is I can breathe better through that nostril which I haven't been able to do in years. Like I said I'm at my wits end and so tired of dealing with this.
Avatar n tn Your tooth probably was abcessed, and an abcessed tooth is never pulled until antibiotics have resolved the infection. Also, novacaine does no good with an abcess, if absolutely necessary to extract an abcessed tooth, then you must be put to sleep. So, you are correct, it was all pain you were feeling! Sounds like a lousy dentist you had!!!! Pain and odor is usually associated with infection. I would get another dentists opinion just to be on the safe side.
Avatar n tn I searched online and did not find anything suggesting a sinus infection can be caused by a tooth extraction. I read Sinus Infection on Mayo Clinic 's website and it describe more serious immune system problems can cause it , now i am really freaking out. It has been about 7 days now , anyone got any opinions or advise ? I never had this before and if anyone has any opinions , please help. Symptoms : Nasal Congestion , Serious Headache , Body Aches , Pain near eyes , Upper Jaw pain.
Avatar n tn Oroantral communication may result from upper molar extraction occasionally. If it should happen, I would place a collagen plug in the socket and suture the wound site. the condition had happened 3 times in my practice over thounds of upper molar extractions. All of these cases healed up completely . In addition, avoidance of straw usage for drinking liquid and violent sneeze are recommemded.
Avatar m tn Foul putrid smell odour when you touch one part of gum above tooth teeth. Solved accidentally after years SOLVED SOLVED SOLVED - For me - Hope You! I will go through all relevant details and history, as I suggest even I did not figure the solution and I had all the clues as it were. I solved it my accident. So given your situation may vary I will tell the story step by step. With the solution listed below as "what I believe" if you want to skip to that!
Avatar f tn I was swollen up for three days, and I noticed a smell and taste and the pulsating pain in the empty socket - so I called in, went again and got my tooth checked out. Turned out that it was infected. My dentist washed & irrigated the area and then loaded up my mouth with some disgusting gunk and had me bite down on more gauze.
Avatar m tn Ive been having bad bad bad headaches, really bad throbbing and pain in my tooth extraction area, cheekbone area, my eye, and under my eye(sinuses). My left eye has also swollen up, and also become blood shot 2 times lasting the hole day and even a little into the next.Just recently Ive had the really bad smelling mucus come out of my nose, but only for about 20min then stopped, my eye also started watering and it looked like I was crying out of one eye with mucus coming out of one nostril.
Avatar n tn For starters there is something wrong with your wisdom tooth because it doesn't take that long for them to come up all the way. Once it breaks through the gums they come up in days like practically over night. The Smell is probably from and infection. Chances are you have an infection in your gums caused by tooth. I suggest that you go to the dentist to check it out and more than likely he/she will also want to extract the tooth.
Avatar f tn Hello there, Pain or discomfort after tooth extraction is expected to last 4-5 days. After the fourth day pain usually subsides .If there is bright red, hot swelling which is getting bigger by the hour there are chances of infection. After 5 days the swelling should usually go down and not increase. Do see your dentist and get evaluated. I sincerely hope it helps. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn As I posted b4, the prob I had with the smell was coming from granulation tissue (scar tissue), that had formed in the open space of my cracked tooth. There is no telling how long I lived with the smell, as I could not smell it, and even after the smell became so prominent, no one would be honest with me about it. The only reason I even found out about the problem, is because I'm smart enough to know when people are "attempting" to talk about me over my head!!!
Avatar f tn Hi, I doubt the relationship between tooth extraction and the strange smell in the nose. The strange smell must be because of sinusitis. The smell getting worse during an attack of cold and the discharge trickling down the throat are features of sinusitis. Try taking mucolytics (bromhexine/ambroxyl), oral antihistaminics [(such as cetrizine or fexofenadine) if at all you are having any allergic nasal symptoms], saline nasal drops and steam inhalations. Also drink plenty of warm water.
Avatar m tn I still have pain in the area where the tooth was removed. I'm not sure if I have a dry socket or not. I don't smell any bad odor from the area. The tooth next to where the wisdom tooth was has had a root canal, so I don't know if that tooth is the problem. I'm wandering if maybe I might have an infection going on. Pain pills are keeping the pain at bay for now, but, I can't keep taking them just to mask the pain.
1396846 tn?1332463110 Well went to the dentist yesterday and she ended up pulling my tooth. This was a job in itself for her. She couldn't get it out. Took over an hour to do it. I didn't feel any pain though so that is not the problem. The problem is that today my mouth smells like there is a dead animal in it. I called the office this morning and she wants to see me back at 3 to check things out.
Avatar n tn HI, The gap after tooth extraction will usually fill up and heal by secondary intention within a few weeks time. If it has not healed for 12 years then there must be something that is preventing healing to occur. This can be infection and abscess formation. The gross taste may be an indication. Also anaemia, diabetes or other conditions that decrease a person’s immunity may prevent healing. You should take a second opinion regarding the matter from another Doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn He said he really doesn't think I need one. Just curious if you have had any dizziness with tooth extraction. Still scared, but trying to calm down.