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Avatar m tn The other day at work I remember stretching too high on a ladder with a hedge cutter in a twisted position and nearly really hurting my back but the pain went, is this linked? I have no systems of anything...
Avatar m tn I saw a new dentist recently, who studied holistic denistry... I told him about all of this and he suggested that the bite on my crowns were not adjusted properly, which could cause me a range of symptoms. He also said that since I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed, the crowns on the bottom right were causing the imbalance with the removed wisdom tooth on the bottom left and causing a weakness which could be leading to my symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was knocked of, off my feet two days ago, i fell onto my right side, my shoulder and hip took most of the fall i had pain in my right side neck and when i managed to get up i had lower right side back pain, i still have the lower back pain and some neck pain but more achey and hurts to look down and all the way left or right, my lower back hurts inside my groin area and hip travels down the leg to my knee and up towards my ribs, i also have aching under my right arm and the bottom of my ribs,
733454 tn?1233379474 I got hurt at work a couple of years ago from a fall off a ladder, I have gone through the gammet of total misery. I have been to Orthopedic Specialists, Neurologists, Pain Management Specialists, and Neuro Surgons. I have had EMGs done, which were inconclusive. I have had epidural injections, tense theraphy, more medication treatment than I can stand, even went as far as having a Spinal Cord Stimulator implanted into my back and neck. Now the Neurosugon wants to go in and R&R my C6-C7 disk.
Avatar m tn I sometime feel pain in the nerves of the foot (where boot lace is present), sometimes in the hand (back side where nerves can be seen) and sometimes in the back side of the leg. The pain is sweet pain and lasts for 1-2 seconds and disappears. When I seat in chair, sometimes I feel pain and it forces me to come out of seat or put my legs inside my buttocks to continue. It happens only sometimes and disappears in 1-2 mins.
9473629 tn?1403996621 Does your state allow medical marijuana? Though even if they do, some doctors don't agree with it and will not give pain meds to patients who smoke. Our state only recently voted for medical marijuana. My pain management doctors and my primary, though, will not give narcotics to amyone who smokes. That's not against the law. I don't think you have a case against the hospital or any of the doctors. I'm not trying to be rude.
Avatar n tn I think that Pain Management has its place in the Medical world, and offers much needed relief from pain for millions of people who use their meds as prescribed.
Avatar n tn Is there any help out there, I am very worried about him, he was taking a pain killer for some relief but has since stopped using them for fear of becoming addicted! HELP! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/294640'>Is there any treatment for nerve pain</a>.
370181 tn?1595629445 Sorry for the length of this post, I really just meant to ask if there was anyone here who DID use opioids for pain management and how it was working for them. Right now, I am taking nothing and life is pretty grim........not much fun. Any advice, suggestions, thoughts are welcome.
Avatar m tn Roids are a BIG issue,,,, traditional treatments are offering minimal relief/results,, anyone had similar complaints? How did you handle it? Overall tho, the Telepriver is showing me that I have a new lease on life, I saw what untreated liver disease caused, and getting a transplant is a huge problem, you have to be practically dead to move up the ladder to get one. Stay the course, man.
Avatar f tn was just wondering what type of pain relief everyone uses or plans on using during labour...
Avatar f tn s my pain is somewhat mangable i mean i still have my really bad days that sometimes is so bad that the pain meds dont help and ive gotta go to the er and get a pain shot but it does help more so than not and he also has me On 15mg phentremines 2xday he said if thoe did not help with the fatigue than he was going to put me on adderal you should talk to your dr about pain management for you if it wasnt for the pain meds im on now i could not manage my day to day life the pains just to bad i also
662727 tn?1225053347 I would be glad to hear foam other sufferers who use different forms of medication if they also have this type of pain. I have been on this medication for so long and suffer too much pain when I miss a dose that I don't know if it's side effects or typical symptoms of the disease. Any advice from other sufferers or their experiences with medication would be very welcome.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried kratom 1 day than another day California poppy basically alternate for chronic pain. I have legit pain was dependent on Percocet. I have tried this recently seems to be effective. But b4 45 days ago I was extremely naive about all this. So my question to all who know alot more than Me is this safe good idea or what. Thanks for any and all help.
Avatar m tn I can be sitting relaxed in chair and move to pick up a cup sand get this sharp pain under my rib on the right side. This pain is intermitent and I will be doing physical work and have no problem. Somtimes if I clear my throat I get the pain or even sneeze. I have to enphasize not all the time.I can take a deep breath and almost scream from the paind but not always. I have had an MRI and the Doctor says I t thian anybody enlighten me on what could be wrong??
Avatar m tn I do not know how I am going to survive without it when I run out of the norco. I hate taking pain medicine but I hate the pain even more. I need some help as to how I can approach my doctor who says Imipramine is the only medication that works for IC. Is he right? What else is out there and how can I get treatment for this debilitating chronic pain. I have a 3 year old daughter and I want to be there with her and I find it is hard to do normal things like go to the park, shopping etc.
Avatar f tn Hi, I live in the UK and was wondering if anyone can help me with pain relief. I know you cant take ibroprufen, aspirin and are limited to paracetamol. I was told you should take anymore than 2-4 tablets a week. Im in alot of pain with my lower pain and keep getting back spasums im only 16wks but had the same with my first where I struggled to walk and every now and then it stops me in my tracks where I cant move. Ive tried warm baths and heated oats and it doesnt seem to be helping.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question and since this is my first post, I don't know how quickly a reply will be listed. Here is a summary of my problem. I fell three days ago from a 10' ladder and landed on my right butt. My right rib and lower right back have been in a lot of pain even though I didn't bump them on anything when I fell. I also messed up my shoulder on top of an old injury from another ladder fall.
374652 tn?1494811435 Not really a question, just a thought, I fell of a 7 foot ladder 10 days ago, landed on my coccyx and came away with a compression fracture of T 12. Very much pain for about a week, on pain meds, etc. and I realized how vulnerable we all are and how any thing can happen at any moment.
1554181 tn?1294328303 Only specific nerves are targeted and you therefor still feel pain in the rest of your body should you have reason to feel pain. However, if any other part of the body should become a problem with uncontrollable regular and persisting pain a rizotomy could be done to target that specific area of pain. This causes one not to have to take so many painkillers which is much better for the stomach. The miztazerpine has to do with chemical balances and adds to the treatment.
Avatar m tn Then again, what works now, may not later on and there may need to be a change in meds. Make sure you have a good pain MD who will listen to you describe your pain without interrupting for 5 mins. No one can describe your pain better than you, and a good MD will listen as you put it into your words. Good luck!
Avatar m tn my age is 40 and i have this pain from the last 15 years and i tried my best to treat this some time from neuro surgens and some time from arthobut last year ortho doctors told me that it is ankylosing sponylitis i feel pain in my back neck now i m bending because i m a thin toll man and because of constant pain i am a thin man can i have any kind of relief if so please help me
17824095 tn?1460462601 Unfortunately this is the new era we live in. And the pain relief will be harder and harder to obtain. The latest CDC recommendations limit the dosages that anyone with fractures like yourself, as well as those of us that live with the pain for many years. You will not likely get anything stronger than what you currently have. So you will need to do whatever else you can to improve your pain levels ... soaking in warm water, ice baths, etc.
Avatar f tn For healthy people who take OTC pain relievers as directed, the risks are relatively small. However, because these drugs are so popular, thousands of Americans are affected every year.
Avatar f tn Have been told I can do a Brooks fusion, or also can live with this condition if I don not undertake risks (roller coasters, ladder climbing, etc.) Much of what I read online says to have the surgery asap, however I have a doc who contradicts this. One doc said to have surgery, 2 have said to wait for healing. I'm not sure what to do because of the great risk from surgery as well as from doing nothing. I have 2 kids to care for and need to be able to keep going for them.
Avatar n tn over the years i guess i have developed a high tolerance to pain meds nothing helps. i do not like taking RX pain meds due to i have 2 very active childern and i dont want to miss a minute of there lives. i do not sleep at night because when i roll over and lay on my arm i wake up hurting. am i'm the only one that has this issue? is there others like me? how do they cope? is there any relief?
773646 tn?1239225659 Hi to all - w/ greetings to my friend Khiba - I have tried Lyrica and had a reaction of involuntary jerking. I didn't have tremendous results with neurontin, but it did help at high doses. I'm currently involved in the vicious trap of narcotics, but have MS as well as Sys. Sclerosis so have joint pain that's really bad on top of the MS pain. Also osteoporosis and spinal problems causing pain.