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975514 tn?1324997938 The reason I ask is because I am not completely comfortable with my diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I have some of the symptoms, but I feel as though I may have fallen under the care of a doctor who diagnoses anyone who walks into her office with pain with "fibromyalgia." I have also been diagnosed with sciatica, DDD, degenerative facet arthritis, nerve dysfunction, and mild scoliosis.
Avatar m tn The answer is "maybe yes" and "maybe no". It depends on the etiology, or reason for the pain and numbness. A differential diagnosis needs to be made which can only be done after an MRI. Nowadays, X-rays are insufficient. That is "square one". If the problem is due to a displacement of the vertebra, axial traction and range of motion exercises may bring about pronounced improvement or or a subluxation, elimination of symptoms.
Avatar n tn As you know Meloxicam (Common Brand Name, Mobic) and Ibuprofen are NSAIDs. Each can be effective in reducing pain and inflammation. As with all medications, their effectiveness often depends on an individual's reaction (metabolism). That being said I have found some research on the two which actually indicates that Ibuprofen is lightly more effective for most ppl. There may be conflicting research/studies - I can't locate it.
Avatar m tn Please can you let me have some pain relief answers for arthritus in my finger joints. I am a female of 63 years. I take thyroxin for an under active thyroid and calichew calcium pills.
Avatar f tn I want to know what I can take for pain relief if I go off Subutex. Been on it 2 yrs. after 15 yrs. of high OxyContin usage for chronic pain from 7 failed S-I fusion attempts. I want to get off the Subutex due to the side effects and relief/widthdrawal see-saw every 6 hours. What do others use for chronic pain without going back on opiates? NSAIDS aren't an option due to erosive gastritis. Help!
Avatar f tn ve found that none of these narcotic pain meds help much with the joint pain, not like they do with the nerve pain from the spinal damage. The NSAIDs that I took before I knew I had HCV helped a lot more with joint pain than the narcotics do. But that may just be me.
Avatar f tn thanks for the reply.I soon visit a physian.
Avatar m tn After I had switched from opioids to NSAIDs, there was in effect no pain control. My pain management physicians kept insisting that there was, and that opioids were not an effective long term strategy for pain care, and that the cognitive impairment did not justify any small relief "I thought" I was experiencing.
Avatar f tn However, I do see that doctors have told many people on this forum to use either NSAIDS or Tylenol. NSAIDS can cause gastric bleeding so that is one thing to keep in mind, especially if your clotting factors (protime, platelets, PTT) indicate you could be at risk for bleeding. These drugs can affect our clotting factors. I also keep one of those plastic covered gel cold packs on the other pillow at night time.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your question. For sure you should bring this to your surgeons attention. Suture material may be a bit slow to absorb in this area so this may be nothing more than protracted inflammation as a consequence of persistent suture material. Still 8 weeks is getting a little far out for persistent inflammation so I am certain your doctor will want to know you still have a painful spot on the perineum.
Avatar f tn A doctor needs to oversee that decision though as non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs may be needed for an arthritis patient to function without pain each day. There are some choices better than others based on a patient's specific medical history. there is always the risk/benefit judgment call that physicians make in these situations--- is the benefit of pain and inflammation relief of the arthritis worth any risk?
Avatar n tn Thank you.
Avatar m tn Meanwhile you could try rest, ice-packs/ warm compresses and some tylenol/ OTC NSAIDS and see if these are helpful for pain relief. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn I never experienced any back pain and I regularly visit gym and i stay active due to that. I have tried diffferent sleeping postures , changed my bed also, applied pain relief ointments bt no relief. Mine is a chair job and i ride motorbike too. But I do not think it effects this as I never feel any pain the entire day. Its only after 5 hours of sleeping in bed. Can any one help or suggest?
Avatar n tn i have severe pain in my left leg, i didnt sustain any injury to it, Im not able to walk over 50 feet without the pain being so severe,as long as Im at rest there isnt any pain, Im unable to get up off the floor without help I limp all the time and I cant climb stairs without left foot first and down the stairs right foot first and only one stair at a time, It has caused me to fall alot Im 58 Years old
1372734 tn?1309950237 I have very high pain threshold and went through two child births without pain relief, but this has really got a grip on me at the moment.
Avatar n tn I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and prescribed Plaquenil and naproxen (for swelling and pain relief.) I am on a low sodium diet for meniere's disease. Various pain relievers make me retain fluid......making me too dizzy and light headed to drive. Can you recommend a product, OTC or prescription, that contains little to no sodium? I have read the sodium in pain relievers help to quicken relief of pain......
Avatar f tn And a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory would be a good idea as it gives mild pain relief AND reduces swelling in the body. NSAIDs are a fancy word for things people find OTC such as alleve, naproxen, even ibuprofen at a max dose will be effective for that. You can ice the area as best you can. Those are things you can do on your own to see if they help. Pain relievers aren't terribly helpful to the injury other than to relieve your pain.
1920386 tn?1323282549 d me 2 different NSAID pain relievers thus far. I have had minimal pain relief from these meds. anyone else have experience with this? are the NSAIDS working for you? when i was originally injured i was taking 800 mg IB's and 5mg vicoding (when necessary). that was over a year ago when i first went the my Primary Care Dr. those were temporary RX's and now the ortho dr give me first meloxicam and now celebrex. sometimes they just dont do the trick.
Avatar f tn In this time medications tried included many NSAIDs (no difference in pain noted), Torodol injections (2 days relief, pain lessened to a 3/10). Due to circumstances of the medical holding platoon I was in there was little 'rest' for it beyond sleeping time. Pain at initial injury was 7/10. First 3 months averages a 6-8/10 with 2-3 hours a week of a 9/10. Months 4-6 very little improvement was seen in motion or pain.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from pain that starts right in the shoulder area and then radiates down the middle of the front side of the right arm. It doesn't hurt all the time, but does seem to be triggered. It is happening more often now than a week ago. The pain starts like hot burning sensation in the shoulder, and when it radiates down my arm, it feels like the worst muscle contraction that one could imagine. Then it to travels up and down between my shoulder and elbow.
3026831 tn?1340069065 thank you for the post..
1266954 tn?1270217525 For the past years, I have been taking 3-4 7.5/325 Vicodin per day for "total body osteoarthritis". I have tried NSAIDS, aspirin, and Ultram without any relief. Also, because of a previous HA, I want to avoid NSAIDS. When Vicodin was changed from Schedule III to II this year, my GP became more reluctant to continue my 3-4 pill per day "habit" due to regulatory pressure to wean patients completely off opiods of any strength.
Avatar m tn At therapeutic doses Spasmocip Plus (Acetaminophen) does not irritate the lining of the stomach nor affect blood coagulation, kidney function, or the fetal ductus arteriosus (as NSAIDs can). Like NSAIDs and unlike opioid analgesics, Spasmocip Plus (Acetaminophen) does not cause euphoria or alter mood in any way. Spasmocip Plus (Acetaminophen) and NSAIDs have the benefit of being completely free of problems with addiction, dependence, tolerance and withdrawal.
Avatar m tn I am experiencing the exact same thing! I was also looking through threads amazed that no one mentioned swelling, until I came upon yours! Please tell me you found out what it was!