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Avatar f tn Has anyone else been told they have gallstones during pregnancy? If so what are some remedies to coop with the pain!?
Avatar f tn The symptoms you describe, bloating and pain of your abdomen are common symptoms and usually not a sign of serious disease, such as cancer, in a woman your age. However, since more serious disease is a possibility and since you have not had relief from the prescribed medicine, it would probably be wise for you to have more testing to be sure that nothing bad is happening and might also provide information that could lead to more effective treatment.
Avatar f tn I too started to have upper abdominal pain after the birth of my 2nd son. I was found to have gallstones and had my gallbladder removed. Have you had this checked? Pregnancy can cause gallstones...... I have also found though that my problems after having my gallbladder removed have not gotten any better, and am being investigated for sphincter of oddi dysfunction. I hope you can get some answers and relief.
9392891 tn?1412532149 Please help! I'm 28 weeks pregnant and have the most horrible heartburn and acid reflux imaginable. I don't know how to ease it, it's so painful! I'm literally in tears from the pain, it feels like Satan himself is invading my esophagus! Anyone know any remedies?
Avatar f tn I've been having this constant burning pain under my right breast on top of my ribs.. I can't find any relief for it. Has any one else experienced this & do you know what it is??
Avatar f tn Consult your doctor. It could be nothing, but it could be a uti, kidney infection, or gallstones. I had the same thing last weekend and ended up in the hospital with 8 very large gallstones.
Avatar f tn I'm 25 weeks and have been suffering with Gallstones pain . is there anyone out there who has had gallstones surgery during there pregnancy , Really don't want it to come to that but it would be a relief if I can get feedback on someone's experience. Really scared for my baby.
Avatar n tn ive been getting pain under my rib cage realy hurts after i hav eaten, ive been taking gaviscon and gastro tablets wich the dr gave me but not helped me,it scaring me abit,plz help me to find outwat it is thanks
Avatar m tn Mainly they give me fluids, Ultrasound, check my blood, and treat my pain, but the pain medicine does not last last because I have to take the highest allowable dose on the label to be able to gain some relief and be able to sleep. I've changed my entire diet no fat/low fat, no dairy, meat, green foods.. I basically live on pairs and can hardly keep much down anyways. I've also been dehydrated so much..
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had gallbladder issues while pregnant? I'm 34 weeks Monday and was just recently diagnosed 2 months ago with gall sludge and just last week gallstones. I've been having severe attacks to the point I'm in bed and feel like I'm dying. Hot flashes chills vomiting and severe stomach pain. I met with a surgeon and they want to remove it but not till after baby's here. Ob is inducing by 38 weeks at the latest but the earliest is 37.
4609219 tn?1357136502 Now I am on 800 mg IBP and anout pain reliever abut I am getting no relief. Still having a full air feeling up through my throat area and ro relief to my right side of back. Any suggestion.....IM desperate!!!
Avatar m tn went to doc and he did lab work.. all came back in normal range...still having pains and hurting and nausea, and if I try to threw up. I belch out loud and not to be gross have food that comes up... wonder if its acid related also..
Avatar m tn Rest, warm compress and over-the counter pain medications may help provide relief. To determine the diagnosis, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Your medical history and complete physical examination will help. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn m not completely sure why but it starts with nausea and turns into full blown stomach pain and abdominal pain and a few times I had lower back pain to go with it. I've crossed out the thought of being pregnant because I've been on the pill and lately this stomach pain has been killing my sex life. And unfortunately I'm flat broke being a full time student that I cannot afford to see a doctor and I have a hard time getting $10-$20 to visit a local walk-in clinic. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Have any other symptoms? Fatigue maybe? constipation? Without doing a HIDA scan I wouldn't rule our gallstones, but if the pain moves down to your lower abdomen I doubt it is that.
Avatar f tn But your wrong, 1, yes I do have scoliosis and 2 fractured disc and lecherous But today I found out I have really bad gallstones, so the normal pregnancy back pain + back labor + a bad back + gallstones Really does have me miserable and pain. It's so bad that doctor has decided to go through with the c section.
Avatar m tn I have an awful pain in my right lower rib cage. It's sharp and it hurts like no other. It always comes after eating bad food and they told me to stay off of greasy foods. So I did but other certain foods hurt it to such as ice cream and milk products. I had an ultrasound with the result of no gallstones. I can't take this pain much longer. Help?! It also is accompianed with vomiting and it hurts kinda in my back towards my shoulder blade. Please please help me.
2141290 tn?1349033141 Ive been getting pain in my ribs and within the last few days its been getting so bad to the point I cant lay down or even sit in the same position for more then a few seconds.. It was so bad this am I was in tears... I called the on call dr but no ones called me back yet. Any of you ladies experience this? Ive tried so much already.
Avatar f tn They wont do anything bcuz ur pregnant..
Avatar n tn While in remission, I had this terrible pain at the bottom of my breastbone. It was so very bad and I could get no relief. I had an ultrasound to find gallstones and they found none so they wanted to do a hydascan but I canceled because the pain went away. The only thing that helped was heat. It would get worse when I got angry. Very troubling. I had it when I was pregnant as well but it responded somewhat to antacids.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I was seen in the ER with upper right quadrant pain. They ran blood tests and an ultrasound and everything came back normal. (blood labs were fine and ultrasound showed no abnormalities or stones). They sent me home with some pain medicine. I haven't had that excrutiating pain since, but I do have some cramping in the area that goes away. Could stones have developed over 3 weeks time??
Avatar n tn ve had gallstones and have now had my gallbladder removed. I had horrendous stabbing pain just under my breasts in the middle of my chest, it would then go away but rise up through my back. The pain lasted 15mins and I could time my watch by it. I would feel really cold and shaky after the attacks. I had about 4 attacks every few months. The last time I had it the pain lasted two hours (due to eating a lot of fatty food that weekend) and then I was rushed to hospital.
2176548 tn?1340677817 What type of physician is ordering the test? It would be rather bizarre for kidney cysts to cause pain. These are almost always an incidental finding. If he is repeating the ultrasound to follow a kidney finding have you at least been seen by a urologist? Further, why in the world would it take three weeks to get an ultrasound? If the question is kidney stones a CT would be the appropriate test not an ultrasound.
Avatar n tn I had more pain in the back than the front, and I found a little relief by leaning my back against a wall. I was doubled over in pain at times when I was having an actual gallbladder attack after eating two bites of cheesecake at a party. The attack pain lasted 30 hours, but by that time I had already had the gallstones seen on an ultrasound. An abdominal ultrasound could check your liver, gallbladder, pancreas ... It is less expensive than a CT scan.