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Avatar n tn I'm 18 weeks! For the last week I have had the most awful back pain, lower back. There is no relief all day , no stretch or position/ Tylenol that gives me relief! I'm almost in tears!
Avatar f tn not sure about this but my doc also a military doctor put me on a mix of unisom and vitamin b6 for my sickness and ot helps with sleep as i had a fusion done in my lower back 1year ago and still have horrible pain lol... so that may be something to bring up to L&D if unisom is safe for you at 35 + weeks?!?
Avatar f tn I occasionally have a dull pain in my lower back, but nothing debilitating. What is the cause of this and how can I correct it?
Avatar f tn Hi ladies....I am 17 weeks and already experiencing the worst lower back pain.....anybody have any suggestions for relief.....
5501743 tn?1390296087 I have lower back pain and omg does it hurt I went and had my back adjusted but it didn't help it any so massage would be best.
1981214 tn?1327949140 This happens every now and again, and it happens when I first lie down in bed I get an uncomfortable pain inside my lower back, it usually goes after a few minutes of me stretching my back, then I wake up in the morning and its back and sometimes occurs also in the front of my abdomen in the morning too.
1468158 tn?1363026295 K so yesterday i musta done something, i lifted a barrel for my garden yeah it was heavy but i was fine, i later sat down for a break an when i got up i was screwed, since the moment i stood up ive had pain in my lower back down my legs, i cant begin to describe my pain, my dad takes pain killers for his back an i asked for one it took the edge off but i was still in pain so basically it didnt work!
Avatar f tn I'm only 8 weeks And 2 days and I'm experiencing the worst lower back pain. My job does consist of me standing for 8 hrs a day and I just got off but this pain is really hurting. Is this normal? And what can I do to help it?
727992 tn?1281620276 Hi, I m 4w1day preg today,,, i have been on metformin, lovenox inj, projesterone suppositories (doc prescribe) and intralipid infusion 20% (once a month),(2 m/c in past and found clotting problem, pcos, natural killer cells ) ,,,,,, I have been experiencing some severe lower back pain ,,, it is so severe i cant stand, sleep on any sides ,,,, i m crying if i move a little bit,,,, I took tylenol pm yesterday but it gives me one night relief , thats it,,,, again today morning i m experiencing the s
Avatar f tn Am a ftm 10weeks along nd i had posted before i have not experienced any symptoms yet. Until last night i had a back pain on my lower back nd it was very uncunfyy to even lay on that side even wene i got up to pee. Has any one experience this? Nd its only at night?
595417 tn?1222819446 has anyone else had a problem with lower back pain? I have alful pain so much so I can't barley walk sometimes. My doctor says it most likely isn't my Adreanls because its so low but I wonder. This really makes me sick when I go through this throwing up sick and my lower back burns what can this be?
Avatar f tn I have only had one set of shots in my lower back. They only provide relief for two days and the pain was back. Now I am looking for something that will get me relief for a longer time. I have three compression fractures in my lower back from cow flipping a four wheeler over on me. I own a pecan farm/cattle ranch so I am always going and I can’t be laid up long. Will burning the nerves help?
Avatar f tn Im 10 weeks pregnant and my lower back constantly hurts. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions for relief?
Avatar f tn How are you ladies dealing with back pain? Have you found anything that helps relieve it?
Avatar f tn I begged and begged for relief and i finally was prescribed vicodin and that helps ttemendously but honestly what was better relief than the pain killers was the chiropractor!! I still take pain meds occasionally when even going to the practor doesnt help and being this late in pregnancy it only gets worse cause more problems keep getting added to the reoccuring ones. Anyways, i can completely relate and i am very sorry you are feeling this way.
Avatar n tn I'm 25 weeks and I would use like a pain relief jel on my back. Or u can try hot water bottle just don't put it anywhere near ur tummy.
Avatar f tn What helps with lower back pain?
9154135 tn?1410921574 Im 4months prego and i get horrible pain in the lower part of my back right side any help? suggestions?
Avatar m tn Lower back pain....correct? What's your activity level like? Taking anything for pain relief, i.e. Motrin? Any imaging, i.e. xray, MRI, CT, done?
Avatar f tn Having excruciating lower back pain that will not go away! I'm 35 weeks and need some relief. Anyone have any tips?
Avatar f tn Been having lower back pain and I mean pain, have had enough of this used to be every couple of years now every month being seriously no joke reached over to flush the toilet and I got stuck had to have my daughter help me, how do you tell if you have a pulled muscle or a disc problem, going to my Dr.