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664365 tn?1225157789 ve seen since have said this appears to be a classic case of nerve damage. I have had one nerve block that gave some relief for a couple of days, and have tried Lyrica (which I couldn't tolerate) and now Cymbalta, which is giving me some side effects at 30 mg a day. I have been taking Meprozine 50/25 mg and Zanaflex 12 mg morning and night just to get through each day. I also use topical Lidocaine ointment on the area around the surgery site.
Avatar f tn Due to the tarsal repair you have lost lot of mass like muscle and soft tissue so the normal anatomy has been changed and for this you have to wear proper shoes. Try not to wear footwear which causes pain and with physiotherapy and exercise you will gain strength and fight the pain . Take care!
Avatar n tn and somehow the dentist. hit the trigeminal nerve. and Ihad severe pain on that side of my face. it still affects my eyes and jaw to this day. its been 15 years. I have terrible headaches from it too. please be careful when having dental work done. its can cost allot in pain. in the years to come. I take allot of pain medicine. it sure has affected my life. anyone have any ideas on what I can do to help with the pain?
Avatar f tn She takes cymbalta for nerve damage and pain and it helps with a number of things you listed vibrations vertigo etc, is also a anti depressant and it gives you energy. She is also taking neurontin for nerve pain as well as vicodin when it gets really bad. I hope this is some use to you.
Avatar n tn I explained that I felt ok since the surgery so how could it be nerve damage? He told me that nerve damage can come instantly or come months after having surgery. I didn't know what was going on all I knew was I was in alot of pain and wanted this fixed or whatever. So workers comp sent me back to the original surgeon that fixed me prior. He had examined me said everything was fine and that there was no need to due surgery and referred me to a urologist.
Avatar f tn ve found that none of these narcotic pain meds help much with the joint pain, not like they do with the nerve pain from the spinal damage. The NSAIDs that I took before I knew I had HCV helped a lot more with joint pain than the narcotics do. But that may just be me.
Avatar n tn Since then, I have been back to him complaining of pain in my teeth along my lower jaw. The only relief I get is from ibuprofen. I did not have this pain prior to seeing him. What advice could you give me? Might this be the result of nerve damage? Does this subside over time?
Avatar f tn Her GP has now (18 months after the accident and a new GP) referred her to the pain clinic for S1 nerve damage discussed in the consultants report and started her on Anti-epilepsy medicine to help control the pain. My question is this, can S1 nerve damage take time to present itself? After the accident my mother was put on strong painkillers which may have disguised the pain is this possible? Can it be a pure coincidence that this pain started after the accident?
Avatar f tn I assume you have not had the surgery so it sounds like nerve damage. You need to talk to to your doctor and tell him your medication is not working and see what options he/she can offer.
Avatar n tn i have spoken to several of my doctors on different occasions and my surgen said that i have nerve damage, my chemo doc says that he has heard of patients having arm pain, and my family doctor is clueless i have taken several anti inflammatory medications to no avail. over the years i guess i have developed a high tolerance to pain meds nothing helps. i do not like taking RX pain meds due to i have 2 very active childern and i dont want to miss a minute of there lives.
Avatar f tn I have vagus nerve damage- non diabetic gastroparesis. I have extreme acid production. This past year the acid has gotten worse at night. I get up every two or three hours because my stomach feels like it's on fire. I currently take 2 prevacid in the am and two at night. I take an extra strength zantac when I get up at midnight. The relief lasts about two hours then I wake again with my stomach burning so carafate. The carafate helps sometimes but not always.
Avatar f tn Nerve damage, or nerve pain? Two totally different things... Sciatic nerve pain is very common in pregnancy, but is generally self-limiting. I certainly suffer from sciatica during pregnancy. Nerve damage is permanent and becomes chronic. But it sounds to me like you are describing ligament pain, resulting from the stretching of abdominal ligaments.
Avatar n tn Hello Kay I reply regarding your question is there a treatment for nerve pain. Well at the moment i too am suffering nerve damage down my right hand side it starts in my buttock and spreads down my leg. I am currently under pain management and have been since this problem occurred. They prescribed me gabapentin 300mg 1, 3xa day, then increase the medication to 2 3x a day. I am now taking 3 3x a day they are not working for me.
Avatar f tn I had a simple mastectomy 4 days ago and the nerve ending pain has started on the back of my right upper arm. Is there someone out there that can tell me of something to relieve this painful burning sensation? Thanks. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259545'>Nerve ending pain</a>.
Avatar f tn This is a common complaint that is often attributed to nerves regenerating over time. Unfortunately, due to invasive surgery, tissue and nerve damage and especially if you had radiation therapy the discomfort could last for a long period of time. If your pain is constant I think you should be seen in a Pain Center, because there are definitely treatments for it.
1776001 tn?1315065510 Healing would depend on the type and severity of nerve injury and the nerve(s) involved. A nerve conduction study (NCS) may be able to give a rough idea of the injury and the healing. It would be best to discuss this in detail with your neurologist/ orthopedician. Meanwhile you may benefit from medications that help in relieving neuropathic pain. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn When did the sneeze occur? I have a similar issue. If you've had the nerve damage for 20 years, whatever nerve damage exists is probably permanent. I've been told that nerves heal at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month, so for the sciatic nerve, you are looking at up to 2 years for recovery. After that, what you have is what you have. Now, that assumes that your problem is entirely resulting from the nerve damage. I don't know what type of strengthening you've tried.
Avatar n tn What distinguishes the symptoms of nerve damage, and nerve pain from muscle tension? (I have a much longer post detailing my experience in another forum) Also what are the major differences between an anti-inflammatory and a muscle relaxer? In terms of pain relief how are the two different in function? Thank you in advance for any replies! I am new to this forum.
Avatar n tn I was a very hard worker who never gets no where ,but I never give up,but latley I have. I started feeling very sore and worn out. I feel its nerve damage. I get muscle spasms in my chest and I cant breathe ,my right side of my body has tingling sharp pain and muscle spasms from my face to my toes. My Rumotoligist ,Nurologist and Primary Doctor cant find nothing they feel there is something but we have been just trying all kinds of blood tests ,MRI's ,x-rays, catscans and whatever.
Avatar n tn Hey Paula and welcome to the MS Forum. In response to your post I would like to say that the Cymbalta may take a bit of time to start showing you any relief. Many of us here suffer from this "Nerve Pain" and it is not pleasant but you may have to try a few different meds before you find the one that will work for that pain. I have tried topamax, neurontin, lyrica, tegretol and finally they tried elavil (amitriptyline) for the pain in my legs and it seems to have helped.