Where is hiv rash located

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Avatar m tn I came back and started developing this rash and a pain that almsot seemed internal where the rash is, I went to my doctor who said it was fungal and prescirbed ketzancole and applied it for two weeks with no results. He then prescirbed cortisone for two weeks and again no results. I was tested for std's 10 days after I got back. I came back april 16 and was tested on april 25. All tests came back negative.
Avatar m tn The rash would not only be located on the legs and it also lasts 1-2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Can some1 explain how an hiv rash looks ? Im scared cuz i have brown/dark itchy blotches...hitting da 12 wk mark.
Avatar m tn Yes I do unprotected sex and I have 3 rash on my leg 2 on my left and one on my right and they are very itchy
Avatar n tn ars rash is generally located on the TRUNK of the body.
Avatar m tn 2 days later I got a rash on my arm and a day later rashes on my upper thighs, which are still there 6 days in. No other symptoms. Could this be ars rash? Or is it way too soon to experience that?
Avatar m tn ve read to be an hiv rash. This rash had been located directly on my chest. However just today it had progressed very quickly to my belly and back. I'm wondering if I should retest for hiv immediately or if should should just wait for the 3 month period? I've read that once an hiv rash is apparent that any and all hiv tests should test accurately because at this point the rash is a response to antibodies being formed.
Avatar m tn I got a red rash (well I think it is a rash) that is located on my neck. Actually it is located where my shirt collar would be. It seems to extend from one side of neck to the other. It is not raised, but completely flat. I don't know howling I had it. I suspect about two - three days. Starting saturday, on monday it started to go away. Now it is gradually going away day by day. I did not see my face had a rash, but it might have been a little red for a day or two.
Avatar m tn Hi doc, I never had intercourse nor drugs before, but i had some concerns abroad in china. I received erotic massage from a possible hiv carrier. I licked her thigh, touched her boobs. When I lie on the bed, her nipple touched my uretheral cirifice, my foreskin and my penis. No intercourse, no nothing. Before I leave, I hugged her with my pants on. Here's my concern. Before all of this happen, I masturbated couple hours ago.
Avatar m tn ARS rash is typically located on the trunk of the body
Avatar n tn It's unfortunate that you didn't use protection and sounds like you may have genital herpes. Although symptoms vary between patients, you need to see if you have swollen lymph glands (located on the sides of your neck below jaw), red bumps around genitals, fever genital discharge? You might want to see a physician and know that June is FREE HIV month and you can get tested for free. Check your health department in your area for locations and times.
Avatar n tn They do not itch at all, Does this sound like it could be an HIV rash, can someone send me a link to some rash pictures, as google images seems to be all over the board.
Avatar f tn This is an HIV prevention forum so we don't do diagnostics. Besides, you were previously advised that you had no risk.
Avatar n tn 5ml) splashes directly onto their arm where the healing rash is located and is present from approx. 1-2 minutes is there risk for transmission if the person was HIV+? Thanks for your time.
Avatar m tn This is not ARS. It doesn't start an hour after sex. 3) Always is a strong word, fever is usually present with ARS. As far as you know the condom stayed on... That means you had protected sex. You weren't at risk.
Avatar m tn rainlover said that hiv rash is always found on torso and limbs. My rash is fount on my limbs also hands and feet what you have to say about that one?
Avatar m tn OMG my rash is not due to HIV ARS, while laying on couch I felt something on arm, right where the rash is located. I reached over and grab whatever it was, and guess what it was a small reddish bed bug. Guess the doctor was right.
Avatar m tn I am quite worried that I contracted hiv and am very scared. Is this a typical hiv ars rash..most sites say if a rash appears its usually 2 - 3 weeks after infection takes place. Is this true and does there usually be other sysmptons too..would appreciate your honest answer on the above doctor if a) this sounds likes ars rash and b) some sites say al over body rash..what exactly is all over? C) what does it look like. Man thanks in advance for your answer Doctor.