What time period does the notebook take place in

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272759 tn?1270489194 Finally, the fourth is fetus which is 8 weeks up until birth in which growth and development take place. Each stage of pregnancy presents it's own unique dangers. Obviously, the during the early stages, your baby's organs are developing and baby is making its own bone marrow, blood in the liver, and the spleen. I have another book that has a chart that's a lot easier to read... hold on...
Avatar f tn I just feel like im in a dream all the time, im scared all the time, does anyone else get this? I took myself into ER earlier today in the hope that someone could help but they didnt even examin me, they just said to go home and calm down, why cant they just reassure me? Am i really going crazy? Thnks again.
97676 tn?1340408973 I got the program a few years back. Never fully committed to it though. But I will...someday. I really think Lucinda has a good heart and is meant to do this type of work. She has suffered the same anxiety/depression issues we have. I liked listening to the tapes & DVD but had a hard time making the time to do the "homework" in the workbook. Just laziness on my part. I know the program is there in my closet whenever I need it and I do refer back to some tapes.
Avatar f tn Sounds like the honeymoon period of your relationship has worn off and now you are faced with the reality of how things actually are.............the reality of REAL life. In the beginning there was no baby and no real responsibilities, so perhaps that is why everything was so wonderful and light. This happens. Have you tried talking to him?
2065348 tn?1331078807 Unfortunately I was in one of the worst xanax withdrawals in the history of the drug so what thoughts did occur to me were completely psychotic and hideously deranged. I was frozen with no space or time. It was a dark, colorless, two dimensional vacuum where nothing registered, had an identity, or even occured to my mind as shapes/forms.
7002065 tn?1443077214 I went in to pick up my cat from the vet, paid the bill, and walked out without the cat. I could not remember what the knobs in the car were for. I made coffee without grinding the coffee beans and sometimes without any beans at all. LOL. I spaced out driving and kept going past my exits, several times per trip. Some people quit driving because they kept getting lost and could not find their way home.
338830 tn?1230003078 And if you speak with the grandparents, make sure you come across as being for what is in the best interest of the child but personally I wouldn't do that without your bf support and attendence. Grandparents can be very protective. And since you are "just their son's girlfriend" in their eyes, you might get some resistence.
Avatar n tn later, after he went through the records and decided he didn'y thinink i had secondary AI they told me lower the HC dose in 4 weeks--and that once i was off of the HC he would probably take me off the thyroid. I wan't told to come backin at any time, nor was i told to call and let them know anything--basically, i was left hanging in the air with no instructions. when i was in his office he didn't give any RXs for my medication that i was supposed to be weaning off of.
Avatar f tn I have been on pyridium plus and enblex and Elmiron for IC during this time. I have had problems with kidney stones in the past and during this time. yes the pain has gone to my shoulder blades and omigosh my c-section scar just on the lower left side all the way to pubic bone is sooooo painful, it is now the 15th and i only have three days before it starts all over. It even involves pain on my right side.
893889 tn?1294280577 other random pains in my uterus and in my left thigh (?!) I also am hot ALL the time!! Especially at night and that's very strange for me...I'm the first person to freeze! I am very small and the cold gets me, very easily, so that's odd. And with the night sweats last night....again, with the heat! And it was pretty chilly during the night last night, apparently!! What else?....sudden, strange headaches yesterday and, wow, as I'm typing this (the power of suggestion perhaps?
147426 tn?1317269232 Another tip-off cited is when a person comes in with complaints in many different systems in the body. Uhhhh, does MS ring a bell? The hallmark of many autoimmune deseases and many infections, like Lyme Disease, is the vast nature of their possible symptoms. So, that criterion didn't impress me either. Another tip off was "doctor-shopping." The history that the patient sought help from numerous doctors for their problems. This will be a whole discussion soon.
6450897 tn?1381422335 I know he goes from 0 to 10 in a flash, but think of what leads up to it. I would jot it down in a notebook. Examples--- could he be tired, hungry, is about his things getting touched, is he frustrated, mad, what generally frustrates him, etc. Just record it all looking for any type of pattern. This really helps get a clue as to what is going on and sometimes adjusting a few things will help curb the meltdowns/outbursts. It helps to work on better ways of handling emotions as well.
148057 tn?1231430591 seems way worse in the morning.(or maybe just cause i take meclizine in the morning and i feel like crap till it kicks in) 2 cat scans, blood work, VNG, allergy test....all normal.....just wanna get some kinda answers as to what is going on and why and what can i do to prevent this. i need to finish school and i cant when i feel like this..... im going to back to ENT in about an hour and a neurologist on monday, who would be the person to diagnos meniers disease?vestibular neuritis? BPPV?
Avatar n tn I find the muscles that do this are in my lower back and every time I do stuff like this my pain in the morning is greater. I have an old bed and just can't find the time to get to Sears. I find rubbing both sides of my lower back helps when I get up. Also I learned how to lay on my side and push myself up with my arms. The pain is there but it's manageable when I do this. I also find as I get older it takes more time for all the pain to go away in the morning.
Avatar m tn visits and what was said, all tests, and what the results were. Get copies of EVERYTHING and place in a notebook. Once you are on the path of continues symptoms and persistently negative testing this timeline becomes incredibly important. Keep posting questions, new symptoms, thoughts. You are in the situation that I hope this forum can be useful for.
198419 tn?1360245956 In the summer is keep a plastic water bottle with me when I know I'm going to be out in it long periods. The cool mist helps me alot. As does the cold water (someone mentioned that too). It cools my core. I may go into the shade for a few to cool down instead of seeking a drastic temperature change inside. Any other contributors?
Avatar n tn Truth is, even in Canada, when a diabetic is looking at ways to feel better and get/stay healthy -- the first place we must look in the mirror. There's lots of opportunities staring right back at us, if we can muster the courage .... I wish you some new successes and hope you'll post again with an update.
172023 tn?1334675884 My sister just called. My father is dying. He's battled Alzheimers for several years, and in the past month, has been pretty much gone, mentally. This terrible disease has not taken him easily...he's been fully aware that he lost many of his abilities and memories. He's been violent and very aggressive due to frustration and anger over his situation. Only my dad could be kicked out of 4 consequtive nursing homes. My mother died almost 2 years ago, after they were married 60 years.
Avatar dr m tn Researchers found that when people with Alzheimer’s and OSA are treated with CPAP, cognition and memory improves. This study was published in the November edition of the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. They estimated that about 70-80% of Alzheimer’s patients have at least 5 apneas every hour. The authors concluded that CPAP may be an effective tool to improve cognitive skills if someone with Alzheimer’s also has OSA.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi everyone! Welcome to Part 14! Please come in and make yourself at home. We're all glad you made it here.
1201929 tn?1293711672 when I did a bit of modeling back 7 years ago (wow that's like ages haha) I had a photographer that called my photo Onyx Angel because the necklace I was wearing during the shoot was made of Onyx gorgeous long and really expensive necklace and it was for a Valentine's day mini catalog and I had angel wings. I remember thinking oh thats really cute. I'm the Onyx Angel! and that's it always stuck with me haha.
184674 tn?1360864093 He tells me that he likes pizza only with hamburger, and the large ones from Dominos, blah blah blah, and the price beats what they charge for these personal pan pizzas here. Just to proceed with the friendly small talk, I said, "Yeah, Pizza Hut has a good lunch deal too. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet of pizza for like, 5 or 6.99.
Avatar m tn I just use both thighs, injecting in the right one time the left the other and go about two inches down each time till I start over at the top if I'm having problems. I'm WAY too much of a chicken to EVER try the stomach.
Avatar m tn Read a good book watch a funny movie/ show exercise I like to draw clean talk to god walk my dog do word puzzles/games edit my videos I take surf the web get on this site for support everything I have learned new about my addiction that will help me in the long run I write it down in my notebook. That way I can always look back and u have no idea how much it helps me. That's something i do also when I get cravings. u also need to k ow what ur triggers r and how to avoid them.
359574 tn?1328364024 It said I have one small lesion in the anterior insular region on the left side. Flashback time! 1999 or 2000, I had a sudden vision change in my right eye. It was like someone had stuck a gray blob in the mid-lower part of my vision, and I had to "look around" it. Had an MRI and opthalmologist exam, but nothing showed. It either went away, or I got good at working around it, because it only came back when I was really tired, and has ever since.
Avatar f tn If you brake a leg it takes time to heal, if we abuse our brain with chemicals, it takes time for it to heal in the physcial sense. Understanding this can help in the process. Feeling down, anxious, or just feeling a little off, say this is my brain healing and it will fix itself. Hope this makes sense.
Avatar f tn 35 iu/ml mine is high but on the lab results it stats the magnitude of the antibody titer does not correlate with the clinical activity of the disease. what does this mean? Before taking medication I did have a racing heart sometimes in the high 90 sometimes it would get up to120 (i drank coffee and smoked I have quit both since the 29) I had tremors mild. I could but barely pick up my 4 year old that wiegh 37 lb.
Avatar f tn After a while you will be doing it automatically. As you are new to the job, it will take you time to learn all about it. If you are not sure then ask your colleagues. Can't understand why your manager gave you wrong information, she either isn't familiar with the procedures herself, or has it in for yu (don't want to put you off). Some people gel with each other more than others. The probationary period plays two ways.
Avatar f tn Our 1 year old nappies ran out of stock and when i asked to fill the stock the answer was 'i do not have money' and when asked where is the money gone the answer is ' i had to give someone'its been a few days that am saying we are running out of stock. So the argument got hot and he slap he hard on the face. I pushed him and caused nail marks on him. To finish dragging me out of the bed and causing my waist to hit the floor when he know vey well i have been complaining about back pain.
Avatar n tn You are in the right place, but keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, and we can offer only guidance and support, not diagnoses and prescriptions. I understand that you're scared ... but you have a doctor visit on Monday, and so you'll get attention soon, and your long-term prognosis won't change as a result of this interim period. I would advise you not to read various websites, especially about tumors, etc.