What is menstruation period and why does it occur

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Avatar f tn I have regular menstruation. Had my period on October 23 then in November it was very early as expected it was November 09. Had unprotected sex on November 26 . Should I be expecting my next period on December 09? But I'm delayed. I don't know what's going on.
Avatar n tn Your body temp rises during ovulation (because of hormone production by your corpus luteum) and then it falls when corpus luteum dies and you get your period.
Avatar f tn There is a huge difference between cycles in which the woman ovulates but does not get her period, and one in which she gets her period but does not ovulate. In the former case, the woman is almost certainly pregnant. In the latter case, she has had an anovulatory cycle. If you do not chart your ovulation and have an anovulatory disorder, then you may assume that you are menstruating normally when anovulatory bleeding occurs during your cycle.
Avatar m tn i already took a pregnancy test a week after the expected date of my menstruation but it is negative,,, but still my menstruation doesn't occur. I didnt even experience a delayed menstruation it always happened on time.. what really the causes of this i got worried do i am pregnant or something else....
Avatar f tn Hi im a first time mom and I have been having cramps like if my period is going to come and they hurt... What does this mean???
Avatar m tn I am unmarried yet ,30 years old ,i have the feelings like menstruation ,but i do not occur i just feel pain here is my report please guide me about it ,why i have very little bleeding i want to know whether my uterus size is normal or not ?will i get pregnant in future or not ?i m really afraid about it. 4.07*2.03cm right ovary visualized having multiple irregular outline follicles DUB due to hormonal imbalance FSH level : 6.1 LH level :13.
Avatar f tn I am 18 and I have only had period in my lifetime, and it was only when I was on birth control. It was so bad that I had to get off of it. What could this mean? Why don't I get a period?
Avatar f tn i've been breastfeeding since my son is born as well having my menstruation every month. but this month i didn't see any. i'm actually 10 days late last time i slept with my son father was in may. My son eat solid food 3 x a day. is it normal that i skip my period? and i'm still breastfeeding but my breast dont get full and dont leak.
Avatar f tn Hi, it sounds like implantation bleeding to me, wait a few days and take a test.
Avatar f tn Wait a few days and it should fully come. If it does not, you can take a pregnancy test just to put your mind at ease, but chances are, your stress got to you and delayed you period for an extended amount of time.
Avatar m tn I was just wondering does this increase the risk of anything more than say it was unprotected but no period What risks can I be exposed to if she is STD free.
6745164 tn?1391806591 I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. Why is my period so late and what does this discharge mean.?
Avatar f tn So I was wondering, is it normal for the period pattern to change with age? I read somewhere that when you turn 20, your hormones change as well. Thank you for your answers in advance!
1622934 tn?1301691326 Especially when u claim urself that ur period is late from time to time...Wait it out and see what happens Stressing out can also delay ur period.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the community, samfa. I am sorry you lost your ovary but glad your recovery went well. The remaining ovary does usually take over for the one that was removed. However, I don't know that there is any set time frame for this to occur. While your body is figuring this out, your cycles may be irregular due to hormonal changes. I hope all returns to normal soon!
358971 tn?1330888975 Hey I dont have any idea what it could be, but I would call your doctor if it is causing any pain... I just wanted to bump this up so maybe someone will be able to give you a better answer. Talk to you soon.
Avatar f tn It can take a half hour for the sperm to meet the egg, It takes 7-10 days for the egg to be implanted into the uterine wall, at that time your body doesn't even recognized that is pregnant yet.
Avatar n tn uhm...4 days... and at first it was brown but later on become the same as usual...what do you mean about the full-on period?
Avatar n tn Implantation bleeding should occur around the time you should get your period. It tends be watery, very light and pink, lasting anywhere from an hour to a few days.This will be accommodated with cramps so many times is confused with menstruation.
959562 tn?1247109979 because i am 2 weeks late and the ultrasound showed that i wasent goin to get my period she put me on provera. now it has me thinkin. i have no idea when my ovulation is....because the meds will force me too bleed can i count 14 days from that to see when im going to ovulate...or does that not even count? My doctor said i have her stumped...which kinda scares me...i hope everything is ok with my body. my husband and i have only been trying for 4 months...
Avatar m tn why is that my wife when menstrual period of her is little it is just like one string and some stomach problem sometimes she feels shes pragnant even do not,shes 42 of age and 4 children tnks a lot.
Avatar n tn my menstruation came after one month of delivery while still breastfeeding is it normal
Avatar f tn I am a 32 yr old female. Overweight however losing weight on weight watchers. About 7 years ago I began having pvcs and over a few months time they escalated to on a 24 hr holter monitor I had over 17,000. They did an ablation and it worked until February of this year. so 7 years later they came back. This time they aren't as bad though a holter monitor showed almost 7,000. they won't do the ablation this time because supposedly it isn't enought to warrant that now.
Avatar n tn and is that the bleeding soon after delivery for a round 10-30days is related to menstruation?and what happens for menstruation while breast feeding?and if there's no production of egg during breast feed then why some people concieve during that peroid?please explain these things to me.
Avatar m tn There is a period between menstruation and menopause where that does occur so that is a large possibility. It could also be your uteran wall cleaning itself out (that happens alot after periods) any infection including brown discharge is Vaginitis. Which goes away quickly with propercare. The other possibility is cervical cancer which you might want to receive a Pap for. (Cervic check for cancer) if that case happens.. Not too likely.