What is menstruation period and why does it occur

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Avatar n tn I've been trying for a little under 3 months and am going crazy. I never had a reg. period so I have no idea how long it really is... been taking test like today and the day before... but still instantly NEG. I ovulate about 10 days ago... My last couple of period were... 35 days apart and then 21 days apart... and now I'm just waiting for the next... I have breast tenderness and cravings...
Avatar m tn That means no sex during menstruation and the reason is that it indeed is blood and the person who spoke above is correct - blood is blood. Blood doesn't have to be in semen during intercourse there is plenty of friction (you'd hope) that could lead to an abrasion that was not evident. DEFINITELY wear a condom.
Avatar n tn Hiya, I used to get really heavy periods when i was younger and my doc put me on the pill but now im trying for a baby I cant have anything to control my sometimes excessive bleeding and it scares me! That is why I am on here this time of night as I had a HyCosy mid month and my tubes are fine amd my periods are always spot on but this month its like somethings burst inside me as when i wipe there is handfuls of blood but no clumps like my miscarriage 2 years ago!
Avatar n tn I was wondering if anyone has experience in this: I had surgery three weeks ago today for an ectopic. I ovulated around the 7th (based on an OPK, BBT and CM). My progesterone on Mon. was 1.5. I know low prog. can mean you will start to menstruate...but here is my question: I think I am just starting to get the first period after the surgery but am not sure. Yesterday I had a spot of bright red blood and then a little brown mucus.
Avatar m tn Does a woman's menstruation increase the likelihood of transmission, and if so, by how much? What are the chances Im infected, taking everything into consideration (timeline of illness, exposure, etc). If I had told you that I had unprotected intercourse and she was menstruating, you would agree I would probably be likely infected, correct? Remember, I said it is certainly possible there was penetration for a brief period of time.
Avatar n tn Well I am pushing on 3 weeks of this so called period if that is what it is. when I use bathroom it is no longer brown when I wipe it is blood this started about wednesday or thursday....but when I where my pad it is only brown spotting. I don't know what is going on with me. Should I just ride this one out of go see doctor immediately. And will a doctore see a female with them on a period. Not sure if it is even my period.
Avatar n tn She tested my thyroid,2 diff pcos hormones, diabetes, male hormone, woman hormone and I think that is it. So when I get my results I will know and keep everyone posted. I too doubt that it is namely PCOS, I have always thought it was severe endo.
Avatar n tn Usually it is about a week or few days before my period. I'm about to have my period 7 days ago but it is late. I'm not pregnant and feel really bloated. I had my night sweat last night and all the chills that I used to feel just before I get my period. Not sure if I blame it on recent traveling and my cold mediation during my vacation 2 weeks ago that could have delayed my period. Or I could be starting perimenopause. Anyone experienced the same when they were starting perimenopause.
Avatar n tn I actually had a neg ANA, which is surprising to me, given the thyroid antibodies and RH factor. Do they know what is causing the Chiari malformation and are they going to change your diagnosis from fibromyagia? Which dr. gave you the fibromyalgia diagnosis?
Avatar n tn She was like well maybe you just pay attention to it around your period time. The only difference I see in mine and what everyone has posted is that many times mine rarely goes away without antibiotics, but this could be b/c 9 times out of 10 when I have a cold it turns into a sinus infection. I liked the post with the website about the hormones, I'll have to ask my doctor about that.
Avatar n tn I call what is happening a period because it is when I would be having mine. What has been happening for the last several years is that I will spot lightly for about a week, then my breast will get sore for 2 days and I will bleed good for about 3 to 4 days, spot alittle then in two weeks start the process again. With both "periods or bleeding" it has happened the same minus the real good red bleeding. I have passed clots, light pink, and the dark that I have always done before.
Avatar n tn 09 then of course on my inactive pills on the 3rd one started my real flow period it is alittle bit heavy and also passed on the 3rd day of the PERIOD a large as a ping pong ball blood clot with white fiber or fat or something don't know what it is . today is my 4th day of period and last day of inactive pills.. and NO SIGN AT ALL FOR THE PERIOD TO STOP ..can any one help ?????
Avatar n tn about 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend and i had sex and i bled afterwards. I was a bit scared when i saw it. I knew it wasnt my period because i got it 2 weeks before it happened. Any suggestions???
Avatar n tn I also had cramping and was told that since you had so much going on...with ER/ET that it is completely normal.... When was your trigger shot??? this is what it could be that is making it positive.... I waited until day 9 and then took one each day and it got progressively darker.... that way I knew it wasn't the trigger shot.....good luck to you!! Can I ask how long you stayed on bedrest and how many embryo's did you put back??
Avatar f tn Hi, I read your post and am sending this directly to you as the post is a couple of years old. I will post it there as well. In part you stated " I had my platelets tested and they were in the normal range, but my blood is most definitely not clotting properly. I cut my thumb yesterday (tiny cut) and it keep bleeding quite profusely, relative to the teeny size of the cut, for 24 hours. Definitely not normal.
Avatar n tn As for you having sex while on your period.. Well it is a personal choice. People have reasons why they do like it while others have their own reason why they don't. It is up to you. I do hope that you don't mess around with a tampon in again though. What if he had gotten a little carried away and gone in further? Could have sent you thru the roof if you get my drift.
Avatar f tn First of all why do you think they aren´t going to find anything? How would you describe your pain? When does the pain occur, or when is it the hardest? Does the pain spread (like to the rest of your abdomen, back, thighs or...)? How is your appetite and your stool? Have you noticed any changes in your stool when the pain began? Do you have trouble urinating? Do you feel the pain when urinating? Have you drunk any medications before the pain appeared, and which?
Avatar n tn Today I took a hpt and it was negative. Im not sure what to do, how likely is it that I could be pregnant? Does the blleding sound like implantation bleeding or not? Please help.
Avatar n tn iam 26 going through this about a day or so before my period starts and during! idk what to do about it. it drives me insane and is severely uncomfortable.
358971 tn?1330892575 Here's some info I found from THE BABY CORNER ******* (i found it useful in my current plight) During the beginning of the cycle, the time of menstrual bleeding, the cervix is normally low and hard and slightly open to allow the blood flow out. It feels like the tip of your nose. I normally don’t check it during menstruation, simply because of the mess. After the bleeding stops the cervix remains low and hard and the "os" - the opening to the uterus - remains closed.
Avatar n tn I see that many people on this site have benefited from it and have wonderful babies or good pregnancies. What I am worried about is the side effects. I am already a worrier and now I see that it causes it blood clots. In the past couple of days, I have had the feeling of pulled muscles in my legs and I am not sure if I am just being paranoid. I can't take asprin because I have asthma so if anyone has some great advice or reassurance, I would ever be so grateful.
Avatar n tn My doctor wants to monitor it for a month. Then try birth control pills. Does anyone know what causes this? or what is wrong?
Avatar n tn Ok my gf has the same problem sperm comes out after I nut in her... Were trying to have a baby but she doesn't come out pregnant.. what can I do or what can we do for her to get pregnant ?
Avatar n tn go see the doctor soon as possible, the blister should be treated right away without getting it bigger. and ask the doctor what is it? does this cause you to skip your period? The blister sounds like it might be related to yeast infection, im not sure, my friend had it and treated it right away by oral medication. She was fine after that, she had problems missing her periods in her past.
Avatar m tn I am urinating every 30 minutes and it is heavy urination. I have seen and endocrinology and urologist and done many tests, yet the cant find anything. I just know I have hiv irrespective of the negative hiv test. I have been in hell for this 6 months.
Avatar n tn and last night and this morning it felt like my period is comming back on.i mean u know the feelings you get when your period is around the corner. should i be woried or i shouldnt be woried at all?
603463 tn?1220630455 The HYPOTHALAMUS is signaling the PITUITARY GLAND to produce FSH and LH--it does this by secreting pulses of GnRH every hour. It also secretes a continuous small amount of GnRH, but the pulses are very important. The PITUITARY GLAND is producing LH which instructs the ovaries (theca cells) to produce estrogen. The PITUITARY also produces FSH which tells the follicles (tiny cysts containing eggs) to start to grow. Approximately 30 follicles will begin to grow.
Avatar m tn I am so sorry to hear what has been happening to you with no answers. I do understand. My son is now 13 yr old and it all started at age 11. "Highly Suspected MS" is what we are told but still not a diagnosis. Very frustrating for sure! Maybe you can explain to me about the Ebstein Barr +. My son was + also but never had mono. They say that EBV+Encephalitis=Demylination and then triggered MS (maybe...
Avatar n tn It is a possible exposure. I think there is a difference between "risk" and "exposure". You had a risk, but not necessarily exposure. OK, if she's lying: The chance a woman has HIV in the US is somewhere around 1%. With her kind of background (middle-class?) its even lower. Besides, people usually do not lie about their HIV status. For instance, it's unlikely for person to say "I'm negative I just got tested".
Avatar n tn I would suggest taking a pregnancy test if you have missed your period. See what it says and go from there. If it is negative and you still dont get it then retest.