How long before period does ovulation occur

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1430240 tn?1290434023 They say implantation can occur 6-12 days after ovulation. The clear stringy, egg white consistancy, discharge is a sign of ovulation. It sounds to me like you are having ovulation symptoms. Take care.
Avatar m tn m actual due for my period next week. How long will I know that I am pregnant. And do you still think I could still get my period . Will my body hormones change that fast? Oh I'm 23 ,if that's helps .
Avatar f tn trying to conceive had sex last week and today now I am spotting 2 weeks before my period is due.
Avatar f tn I was taking bc pills for 4 days in week 1 of my pack before I missed 2 pills. According to my ovulation calendar I missed the pills 2 days before my ovulation. My bf and I had unprotected sex on both these days.The third day after missing the the pills I started bleeding heavy and this lasted for 3 days. So I stopped taking the pills. Is this my period and can I still get pregnant? My normal period isnt due for 2 more weeks. Thanks!
Avatar n tn After trying to get pregnant, how long does it take for you to get pregnant ? or is it best to wait to see if your cycle starts?
1563665 tn?1301841707 s implantation does it suppose to hurt like period pain, should I be bloated so much and how long this spotting should last? Thanks....
Avatar f tn have been trying for a baby since. I done a hpt this morning with a neg outcome. does anyone know how long it can take to get pregnant after having it out. We do have intercourse during my ovulation time & lots throughout the month but it isnt happening. i have a little boy from prev relationship & my partner has been tested to see if there was any probs with him which come back normal. its very upsetting to do a test every month with the same outcome.
404138 tn?1308941656 As of 3 days ago I could have gotten pregnant...Im a newbie.. How long before I knew if Im pregnant? Can I find out by the 13th? Is that too soon? I was thinking I would check on the 25th of this month....but I wanna know now! lol. Please let me know how to figure out when I can take a preg test.
Avatar f tn depends on when your ovlating and how long long your cycle is
Avatar f tn So I had my IUD removed the 16th and I was try to see how long did it take you ladies to get pregnant after having your IUD remived?? Husband and I want to get pregnant fast!!
Avatar f tn Ovulation does not occur 14 days before your period. Ideally, yes it does. But a 28 day cycle is also "ideal." DH and I were ttc for a year before I started charting my bbt. I went 2 months without ovulating. Then when I finally did ovulate, I ovulated on cd 14 (which would be indicative of a 28 day cycle), but I had a luteal phase of 12 days, not fourteen. The next month I ovulated on cd 21, and got a bfp at 10 dpo. Getting pregnant the day before your period is highly unlikely.
613536 tn?1294238447 Does this sound like ovulation pains? How long do ovulation pains last and if I am ovulating within the next few hours, will I miss my time to BD and catch the egg today as I am at work?
Avatar f tn If you take Clomid on the third day of your period/cycle, (and if it works) ovulation should occur on cycle day 14, and your period should occur 14 days after that. Implantation should occur 10 days after ovulation, and after the embryo implants it begins to produce HCG which is what pregnancy tests detect--so the earliest that most pregnancy tests would be positive would be 10 days after ovulation or 4 days before the period is due.
Avatar f tn For example, sometimes a woman will have an ovulation test show up positive more than once during her cycle; however, a positive ovulation test does not guarantee that ovulation will occur. Women can gear up to ovulate and then not actually release an egg.
737715 tn?1347791040 the 1st day of my last period was the 29th of december so pls help in the calculations or estimations on when i could be fertile?! also does stress affect the result in ovulation times? please help!!!
Avatar f tn if it is a 28 day cycle, your ovulation may occur on day 14 (again 28-14). The best way to know your ovulation day is through OPKs (ovulation predictor kit). I wouldnt recommend digital ones. I use OPK called OvuQuick onestep... it is pretty accurate and has worked for me quite well. If you cant find it in stores, you would most definitely be able to get it at any fertility clinic's pharmacy. Just check it out.
Avatar f tn How long after sex does implantation bleeding occur? And anyone who's had it please tell me what it looks like.