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Avatar n tn Probably an irregular period if the last time you had sex was two months ago. You don't have a period while pregnant, nor does implantation happen so late in pregnancy.
Avatar n tn May 22 is when you started your period so that would be the first day you put to find out when you are due.
Avatar f tn I'm very irregular but I get my period almost all the time in the days like 6 to 18.
Avatar n tn Recently, I somewhat skipped my period- by that I mean I did not have any menstruation except during bowel movement. During those 7 days, I had no bleeding whatsoever, not even light spotting. But during bowel movement, I would see menstrual blood come out exactly like I was on my period (it came out from where it was suppose to and not from stool). As soon as I finished, I would stop "menstruating" completely, and did not even spot until the next time I had bowel movement.
Avatar n tn It is excactly a period only with stroger cramps. I am so worried and wondering is this the period? Could it be possible to have another "forced by the pill" period 6 days after taking the pill and 4 days after the normal period is over? the pill has messed me up, but will everything come back to normality and the cramps go away? Do you think is the period?
Avatar n tn I just finished my menstruation last week. It came down today for a short period of time then went away. Does anyone know what that means?
2148443 tn?1336403401 Anyway I'm really not sure if this has been asked before on this, so my apologies if it has. Since my period started at 13 or 14 (I wasn't one to keep track) I've had severe cramp. At first I thought that I just couldn't handle it like everyone else did, but it was impossible for me to move, I got fevers, nausea, cramp in my legs and tender breasts. Since then it hasn't changed. I've been given a lot of medication including Mefenamic Acid 500mg, but it seems to have stopped working.
Avatar n tn i went to a lot of doters and no period sometimes come foe two months straight and with clot blood most every day I'm very scared can u help me pl z. all of my blood works keep coming back normal i have to go for a mri but they on the net a pituitary only make woman periods short not long so i don't understand. and finally i have milk in my breast also . pl z get back to me i'm really scared. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn why everytime i had a period its really annoying me bout the smell.. why is that?
Avatar f tn I had my last first day of menstruation last february 2, 2010..I had sex Last feb20, 2010. Could I possibly be pregnant? when is the earliest time that I could test for pregnancy? as of today, I don't have any signs of menstruation yet.BUt yesterday, I had a very small spot of blood in my panty. Could it be implantation bleeding?or maybe Im just delayed and just have to wait for my period?
Avatar n tn I will have that shortly after the second period starts (there is a specific time frame where you have to have one, like right after your period but before ovulation), and if it is ok, then right after the third period I am good to go. But I think this is really a case of my body gearing up for my period. I have had periods like this where I will have a day or two of spotting and even some blood, then my body takes a break for a day or so and then it comes on full force.
Avatar n tn In October 2003, I thought that it will be good to stop using it and see what will happen (as I was gaining weight and increaing hair growth. Doctor agreed and it took 20 months to get my first period back. The first period was extremely brown and for 3 days(no real period), then 2 and 1/2 weeks later I had it again (same). Then 2 weeks after I got what I called a real one (normal bleading, normal color, and 5 days duration). I was kind of happy thinking that my body was cleanning up a.
Avatar f tn can a woman get pregnant on her 20th day of menstrual cycle. last period was dec. 4. got sex last dec. 23 but we use withdrawal method.
Avatar n tn You should be going into menopause soon or be in it already. Do you take birth control pills? Those can sometimes make you have a period longer than you would even if you are entering menopause. Another thought is perhaps you have fibroids? These can cause bleeding. Do you have any pelvic pain? They can also regulate your periods to make them less heavy by giving you birth control and so forth. You should see your doctor to get an exam if you haven't had one recently.
Avatar n tn I have missed two periods and the first time my test said I was not pregnant. If i get another negative test this month what should i do?
Avatar f tn Did your period come on time? Any possibility that you may have been pregnant? Is your period starting to lessen at all? If not, then I suggest you see your doctor. Although periods can vary, it is not normal to have a bleed for 13 days. Was this a heavy period, or tapering off? Your hormones may be out of balance or you may be anaemic. A doctor can do a blood test to check for a hormone imbalance and for anaemia. Keep an eye on things and keep a menstrual cycle chart. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I'm currently on the pill and get my period on time every single month. This month it did come on time, however, the colour was different. I usually start with a really dark brown which turns into a reddish colour after a day or two (and it's usually really heavy). This time, however, I didn't turn red but rather into a light brown and today's my fourth day. My period is not as heavy as it usually is, I don't know if it's spotting.
Avatar m tn Is fingering a womans vagina on her menstruation period a risk for hep c & hep b? I do have a cut/wound due to dry skin. But not bleeding.
Avatar f tn How to induce period week ahead of an important event. My period will likely fall on family-getaway week and id like to make my menstruation come ahead of that. Please help me. I dont take pills or anything and i have regular period.
Avatar n tn My 12 year old started her period last year which has been irregular and this time her period has'nt stopped since the last 16days.
Avatar f tn 14. I guess im safe by that time. I have my regular period and been using this calendar method by years now. I remembered I got super stressed for the first week of November. By this time, I felt that my boobs get sore and have a cramping, also I have a dry vagina. Please help.
Avatar f tn the first and second time periods was almost regular.last time my periods came on 35 days interval. this time already covered almost 40 days. we are using condoms in safe days also. please reply.
Avatar f tn i am 36 months postpartum and still not resumed menstruation. what is the normal time by which it should be resumed and what should i do now?
Avatar n tn If one does not ovulate, only estrogen is made and one will skip a period. The danger of not getting a period regularly is that the excess and unopposed estrogen can stimulate the lining of the uterus. Over time this can be a risk for getting cancer of the uterus. Your doctor is right to recommend provera to reduce the lining of the uterus and bring on a period. sometimes it is not known why some women do not ovulate.
Avatar f tn My period usually comes every month and a week late. For example if it arrives january 1st, the next time it comes is feb 7th. It has been this way for years. The last 2 months however was different. It arrived april 17th then the next month may 17th. This has been the one time that it has arrived on the same exact date. I experienced brown discharge today, will my period be coming again on the 17th or was my period regularity only for that month.
Avatar f tn My 10 year-old daughter has her menstrual period most of the time with just a week interval and lasts two to three weeks. It's been like this for about three months now with heavy flow. I am worried because it affects her studies and social life. What's wrong with her? Please help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have just stopped taking Microgynon 30 in August this year as i am hoping to become pregnant in time. My period started as normal exactly on the day which i should have been due in September, it was very heavy period i then stopped bleeding after 8 days then two days later i started bleeding heavily again, it has now started to lighten up a lot but i have now been bleeding in total for 11 days.
Avatar f tn I would use the bathroom and it would look like being on my regular period, but then the next time I used the bathroom, it would be a very small amount of blood again. Lately, I've been feeling dizzy, fatigued, very depressed, and lethargic. And very, very anxious. The anxiety started around the time when I first began having period problems. Also, I am overweight and I know that has an effect on hormones.
Avatar f tn I have a late menstruation this month . I have a regular mens that come every month but this time I have no mens .. My last mens is Dec. 20 . I have a unproctected sex last Jan. 1,2 and 3 . Plsss answer why my mens is so very late . I have some symptoms like vomiting , nausea and abdominal cramping .. Answer me ..
Avatar f tn I m 28 years old, weigh 80kg, married, and have sexual intercourse about 1 to 2 times a week. My periods are irregular since teen age. I have my periods once in 2 months time, 1 in 3 months time or once a month lasting for 3 to 4 days. This time it has been almost 6 months that I did not have my period. I get the feeling that my period is coming, but eventually it never came.