What is vicodin withdrawal like

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623065 tn?1275503695 I was on day 3 when i went and i had anxiety like no other the dentist gave me a script for temazepam and extrastrenght vicodin witch is what i was quiting like to say now on day 6. But on next wednesday i might be put back thats the day i go. Im going to try and not fill the script unless i just cant tollerate the pain. Is temazepam addictive? He gave me 30 of those too! I dont want any kind of medication i thought last day one was it. Uhh so frustrated. Any advise is helpfull!
Avatar n tn My question is what are the symptoms of vicodin withdrawal. I have been taking 8 tablets a day for over a year. I know that doesnt sound like a lot to some people but for me that is quite a bit. I have been experiencing overall pain for quite some time. I would get prescriptions for vicodin(5mg...7.5mg and 10mg) also I would be get prescriptions for tramadol. I would use them the way I was supposed to and then stop when I didnt need them.
Avatar m tn Could I have done any permanent brain damage from taking a Vicodin since my brain is in recovery mode? This is the first Vicodin I have taken since I stopped taking the Zoloft.
Avatar m tn If you take a vicodin, the W/D symptons will subside, BUT, only because you are giving your body what it wants. Basically you will have put yourself back at the starting line. Are you finished tapering? Have you found it easy to taper? I know I could never taper. I always took what I had thiniking "this one last high will be worth it" ugh was I wrong. tapering takes incredible strenght. the fact you are doing it, says a lot! Good for you! What are you down to right now?
Avatar f tn We want to help you. Becoming drug and alcohol free is what these forums are about. Wishing you the best!
Avatar f tn If you are having blurred vision and confusion I would encourage you to seek medical care asap - I highly doubt that is still from vicodin withdrawal and you may have other issues going on. Usually the worst of the withdrawals is the first 5 days then you would just feel weak for a couple weeks. What you are experiencing is not normal. Call your doctor or go to ER.
Avatar m tn In my and others experience, the best withdrawal method is a process of cutting back your dosage over time. Going into a rehab unit is pure hell. And anyway you are not an addict. Take it slow friend. In my humble opinion the vicodin you may want to stay on the longest. Percs make me feel depressed. Vicodin does not do that. I am a pain patient. This may sound counter intuitive but oxycontin acts longer with getting a less addictive buzz or high like one does on vikes(hydrocodone).
Avatar n tn So as far as your addiction goes in my opinion that is not a high dosage of pills to come off of, and also Vicodin is one of the easier ones to detox from(only compared to say tramadol, oxycontin, kadian, fentnyl patches, methadone) I was taking as much as 400mg-even as high as 600mg or more of oxycodone in a 24 hour period and then do it day after day until I would run out. Trust me that is the gods honest 100% truth. But enough of me, DETOXING IS DETOXING!
Avatar n tn I cry alone because of the emotional withdrawal but I know I am not out of the woods yet but I know what I just went through this past week I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN. Here's what helped it may not work for all . You have to find what work for your situation Make your mind up and be strong about it. Drink plenty of liqs Xanax only when needed Ambien or Melatonin when needed I used Claritin D 24 for the sneezing , watery eyes, etc I ate chicken no red meats multi vit.
Avatar f tn im sorry about ur situation, i guess what this means is you have become addicted to the vics. but u have come to the right place. i struggle with pill addiction, too. have u been reading all the other posts similar to yours? have you thought about talking to your doctor? and it seems like maybe you are more worried about being addicted to pills rather than your job knowing, which makes a whoole lotta sense.. take care, keep posting k?
766993 tn?1235064012 stopping vicodin c/t will not kill you. you may wish it would before you finish detox, but it wont. if you feel you cant stop c/t, in patient rehab nay be good for you. you can try a taper but most addicts cant stick to a taper. i could not if i had pills they were taken. i stoppede an oxy habit of 240 mgs per day c/t..in a week i was feeling alil better and it just kept getting better after that. you can do this...you have to think positive, be prepared and keep pressing forward.
Avatar m tn Could I have done any permanent brain damage from taking a Vicodin since my brain is in recovery mode? This is the first Vicodin I have taken since I stopped taking the Zoloft.
Avatar m tn I am not gonna lie to you and say it is easy because it is not, but compared to what you have been doing it is well well worth it.
Avatar f tn I have read alot of entries on this site and it looks like I am certainly not alone. I had been taking vicodin for at least 4 years .... 7.5s, anywhere from 4-8 per day all depending how my back was feeling that day. I know the withdrawal symptoms are going to be bad but I have no choice, I can no longer take these pill, back problem or not.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum, Marine! Lots of nice people will be looking out for you and helping in any way they can. So do post often; even if you don't have questions, we like to hear what is going on with you each day. Okay, fill me in 'cause I'm a little confused: is your Lortab 7.5 a legal prescription that you can still get, but you are taking it too fast and running out of ahead of time? Or did you used to have an Rx and it has recently stopped, so you have to buy off the street?
Avatar f tn s a good idea to stop taking anymore, especially if you can take something that is less addictive. Vicodin can become a nightmare (addiction) if you become too dependent on it. Have you tried taking it only when you feel the extreme pain coming on? Maybe something to think about: has your Dr. or Pharmacist talked with about other pain relievers that you can take besides the Vicodin? Like the previous poster mentioned, consult your Dr.
640856 tn?1223241935 do it now while it is still a relatively low dose in the scheme of things..read the thomas recipe..stock up on what is recommended and exercise if u can..force urself so to release much needed endorphins..and just remember..this dont get no better...
1202033 tn?1273771354 Well, i'm now on day 5 and each day it is getting easier for me. Today i have cleaned my kitchen, dusted my furniture, vacuumed my whole apartment and went to court to have my divorce finalized! Yay! I get my name back! I also ran up 4 flights of stairs twice outside the courthouse. I was trying to get my heart and blood going, although i probably looking like a raging lunatic, LOL! It's far too cold and windy to go for a long walk, so i'm doing what i can.
Avatar n tn HANG IN THERE!! Ten days is such an accomplishment and like Headache says, you do NOT want to start over again. For me, two weeks was "the hump." Restlessness, sleeplessness, body aches, "head in a vise" feeling were all part of my moment-to-moment existance. I went c/t on a Friday, and three Sundays later (15 full days) I woke up feeling so good I was giddy and my wife thought I was was high.
Avatar m tn i follow Sudie's recommendation. Just quit taking any more pills. You are on such a low dose they aren't helping you really at all and you are already withdrawing so no sense in prolonging it by trying to take even one. 5-6 days tops, and maybe less.. i found physical mostly done day 3/4 and i was on massive amounts of 10 mg Norcos... but everyone's body adapts to whatever amount they are taking so you will still get the classic w/d symptoms as you are starting to experience..
1019316 tn?1262615059 Can anyone help me and let me know if this is just withdrawal? I think that is what it is, because I took less that 6500 mg a day, and then the next day took it again. It says on the bottle not to exceed 8 in a day. So 8 in a 12 hour period, but is it safe to take that every day??
Avatar f tn s in 2004 started using injuries i had caused myself while using or drunk, (fights, car wrecks etc,)to manipulate doctors and pain clinic to get prescriptions and started a 8 year daily opiate habit and in the end heroin, found this forum in 08, and ppl here put up with some rather obnoxious posts for quite some time,(they hung in there and encouraged me, to stop taking opiates if that is what i desired)in march of 2012 i stopped, went through w/d and got to where i was feeling better, but like
Avatar m tn Hey Michael. First of all you have to know that you are in the middle of a battle that can be won. You can quit these pills, it's going to take work on your part, but you can do it. I'm not sure what your rapid detox program consists of, but the pain, sickness and anxiety won't last forever. Whatever you're feeling right now is going to get better. What you feel is very normal as sad as it sounds.
Avatar f tn Withdrawal is withdrawal....Maybe what they are referring to is the fact that methadone and Suboxone withdrawal lasts much much longer, making it harder to accomplish. Whereas Vicodin withdrawal is somewhat short compared to those two. I have withdrawn from both, and in my opinion, it was easier to detox from Vicodin because the symptoms only lasted a couple weeks if that. My methadone withdrawal took me a good 4-5 months to get over.
Avatar f tn Today is day 8 of vicodin withdrawal. I was using vicodin since November, starting at one and a half and going up to two and a half. Months ago I tried tapering down to one but then went up to two again. A month ago, I went through my third of three abdominal surgeries in the last year. After each surgery, I was given a few days worth of pain medicine but back in November I got the script from a neurologist for my back and I've had access to it ever since.
Avatar m tn t severe. Like I said, I am not ruling it out. Everybody is different. However, talk to your doctor and make sure there isn't something else wrong. I have to be honest, don't take this offensively and be patient because someone else may give you better advise.