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766993 tn?1235064012 Some say it is not alot but can some one tell me why within 6 hours i am in leg pain, arms, stomach pain mnausea and the next day idf i havnt taken any at bedtime i am so sick such pain feel almost like i could die or I read stories on here and different sites about how to taoer off the drug.alos that vicodin with/d is not dangerous? I am scared and afraid of something really bad happeneing if I were to stop cold turkey.I went to the er atime earlier.
Avatar m tn The worst of physical wd symptoms do get better after about 4 days, but it takes a while for your body to recognize real pain and rebound pain. The opiates knocked out your bodies natural ability to fight off pain naturally, so it takes a bit for your brain to balance out. Opiates can create rebound pain, meaning that when the pain comes back after the opiates wear off, the pain is more intensified. It can take a couple weeks or more to know where your real pain meter is at.
Avatar m tn m currently going through Zoloft withdrawals and have many of the typical Zoloft withdrawal symptoms. I was just wondering if taking a Vicodin will interfere with the recovery of my Zoloft withdrawal? Could I have done any permanent brain damage from taking a Vicodin since my brain is in recovery mode? This is the first Vicodin I have taken since I stopped taking the Zoloft.
Avatar f tn This is a symptom I started having when put on pain medications and cannot feel the pain while on them for the obvious but starting withdrawal the pain in the back of my head/neck is really bad. The time I clench my jaw most is while i'm sleeping or concentrating really hard on something. You may not notice you're doing it because you don't have to be grinding your teeth, just clenching really hard.
Avatar f tn Hey guys never actually thought I would be on this site but due to my conditions this site an the ppl seemed very helpful!..I got in a accident about 6mnths ago broke my arm fractured leg an pelvis leg popped out my pelvic so I started taking Vicodin well got addicted to them an now I'm withdrawal from them cause I stop taking them 39hrs ago.first day was hell all day stomach pain an that is my question. How long will this stomach pain last an how long before this is over?.
Avatar f tn Today is day 8 of vicodin withdrawal. I was using vicodin since November, starting at one and a half and going up to two and a half. Months ago I tried tapering down to one but then went up to two again. A month ago, I went through my third of three abdominal surgeries in the last year. After each surgery, I was given a few days worth of pain medicine but back in November I got the script from a neurologist for my back and I've had access to it ever since.
Avatar n tn The reason you're not feeling any better pain-wise is because tramadol is weak as pain medications go. It's not as strong as Vicodin. The reason you're not having any withdrawal symptoms from the Vicodin though is because the tramadol is still stimulating your MU receptors, which are the same receptors that the Vicodin attaches to, therefore as far as your body is concerned, you are still taking a narcotic. That's the problem with tramadol.
Avatar m tn Percs make me feel depressed. Vicodin does not do that. I am a pain patient. This may sound counter intuitive but oxycontin acts longer with getting a less addictive buzz or high like one does on vikes(hydrocodone). The war on pain patients is a cruel broad brush that punishes people in pain along with addicts. Addicts do "kitchen chemistry" with oxycontin to get a fast release that is very addictive.
Avatar m tn I just took one because I had a stomach cramp from the Zoloft withdrawal.
1472677 tn?1330175915 Hello my name is Kim and I am taking myself off of Vicodin for I am having severe pain in my stomach. It has been bothering me since my menipause surgery. What is the best way to get off Vicodin? I just want to live again......
438868 tn?1207700684 I started off with Darvocet and advanced quickly to Vicodin. Once my tolerence built I was referred to a Pain Mgt. doctor. Then I was placed on Morphine, Fentyl (sp), etc. Fentyl made me very sick so I was not on that one for long. I was placed on a long-acting morphine. I took that every day for 1-1/2 years. I finally decided to stop. I called my doc and weaned as he said. He stated that I should have no withdrawal. What a lie. I was lucky to noi be working at the time.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have taken Vicoden for the past few years (for menstrual pain). In addition, I have been prescribed Hydrocodone several times (by the pint) for persistent coughs for the past six years (now diagnosed as asthma). Basically, I have always taken one or the other everyday. Now, I decided not to take this awful drug anymore and find another pain managment alternative. I have not taken anything for the past six days, and I feel like I'm going to die. Severe nausea, chills, stomach pain, etc.
Avatar f tn I always had nausea and vomiting when I took vicodin in the past but since I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition my body ended up getting used to it. Now I dont take it as much and I get severely nauseaous and vomit. I take prescription Phernergan to help with the nausea but I think the Vicodin is too powerful and doesn't let the phenergan work. Also eating before you take the pain med helps but not always.
Avatar m tn s of people will use advil during the withdrawal, but it can cause stomach upset and burning...and when your stomach is already not feeling well from withdrawal, it might be best to stick with tylenol. I don't think it would trigger anything...I've used it during my withdrawls to help with the back pain, and have had no problems.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks ago I had steroidal injections in my pelvis and asked for something stronger because the tramadol wasnt working. I only take the vicodin at night, but it doesnt get rid of the pain. I tried a few times to not take it, but when I dont I get very restless and get a bad headache. When I take it the heafache goes away within 10 to 20 mins and the restlessness goes awau too. I dont want to take pills all the time, I already have a bad liver from a previous surgery.
Avatar f tn t know what to think and im starting to come unglued just thinking about the pain and now withdrawing. the pills make the pain stop or at least lessen. but now after over 6 years of this I feel like it must be as much as a problem as a help. I just hurt so much without them. hopefully ill figure a way around this pain. til I can get it filled again. a weeks flu should be the least of my concerns really.thanks for your help S.
Avatar f tn i am 78 yr old female who has severe arthritis, severe back pain, scoliosis, bulging discs and so much acute back pain i can not. walk wthout vicodin 10/325 every 4 hrs. i take 4 a day and have been on it for 10 years. i have had 10 or more steroid inj. into spine with some relief but the last two gave me terrible headaches, relieved by nothing. i had ct scans of head and sinuses, no problems there. my back pain is gone since last fri.
Avatar f tn You will have issues with pain for awhile after that. Take something non narcotic. Find other alternatives for pain management. I had issues with pain and lack of energy. Once I went through the physical aspects of withdrawal, I didn't have anxiety. I knew I would never take another one, and I didn't even crave it any more. The lack of energy (probably had a lot to do with the fact that I didn't eat right, didn't take care of myself) lasted longer....
Avatar m tn Since I have been off pain meds I am able to control my pain and have my life back while on pain meds the pain got worse and worse because I was fighting a losing battle because the real pain was there but my tolerance was so high and my mind kept wanting more and more and believe it or not your mind will make you hurt to get the meds.
Avatar f tn I have a herniated disc l5-s1, I have been on tramadol 2-50mg pills every 3-4 hrs due to the severe pain and vicodin as needed when therapy got really painful, the dr told me to take 2 pills but failed to change it in the computer now I'm cut off till 2 weeks from now . I'm in chronic pain and have about 25 vicodin left. I'm worried about the withdrawl symptoms from the tramadol.
Avatar n tn My question is what are the symptoms of vicodin withdrawal. I have been taking 8 tablets a day for over a year. I know that doesnt sound like a lot to some people but for me that is quite a bit. I have been experiencing overall pain for quite some time. I would get prescriptions for vicodin(5mg...7.5mg and 10mg) also I would be get prescriptions for tramadol. I would use them the way I was supposed to and then stop when I didnt need them.
1070971 tn?1299614110 m done with taking vicodin and wanted my life back. I still have back pain and disk problems all over but have learned how to live with them. I'm not getting any younger. It's the Ambien withdrawal that completely blew me away. It's a short acting non-benzo hypnotic drug. If you take enough of it, for long enough, it produces intense withdrawal symptoms that effect the same brain reactors that drugs like Xanax effect. I had no idea.
1295973 tn?1279756268 I recently got off pain killers i was taking vicodin for leg pain/back pain and was also perscribed a couple days ago percocet for my back but i have stopped taking any pain meds. I was on vicodin since april of this year and recently ive been having huge migraines that dont seem to go away, feeling weak, rapid heart beat that feels kind of fluttery and sweating ... what could be the reason why i have been feeling like this?
Avatar n tn because they are very addictive on their own but if you do get any to take and they do help try and take them no longer than a week because you do not wanna be hooked on benzos you think withdrawal from pain meds are bad,,,withdrawals from those are not only bad but VERY dangerous.
532258 tn?1213194086 after asking a million docs about withdrawal symptoms of vicodin es, none seem to know. after a fatal accident, yup, fatal, 14 yrs ago, I was put on vicodin es for massive pain after craineotomy. last 2 yrs, when I run out, (once in a while while taking it, not often) I have massive diarrhea and nausea. My Gastro doc has done every test under the sun, and believe it or not, the vicodin is the only thing that will STOP the diarrhea.
Avatar f tn Hi Everyone, I've been reading everyone's stories and I think I need help. I suffered a bad bone injury about a year ago. I was getting treatment without vicodin then lost my health insurance. My sister was getting vicodin and starting letting me have them for my ongoing pain. I've been taking Hydrocodone 7.5 about 6 times a day for almost 2 months. I was afraid I was getting addicted so I've only taken 1 a day for 3 days.
Avatar f tn Hi Farout , My pain eased a bit after about 30 days off pain pills . Your brain tells you that you feel more pain when your pills are wearing off . I can now feel some pain relief just takeing Advil & using heat . My pain seems to ease after 3-4 hours now . Also don't be mad at yourself , Get mad at the pills and what they have done to your life . Hate the pills , and remember your hate every morning . Next week you will start to feel so much better just keep fighting hard..