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Avatar f tn Not able to exercise because of still rehabbing from the broken leg. When will these withdrawal symptoms go away? What about the blurred vision? Can the withdrawals ever last long than the actual time I took the Vicodin?
5783082 tn?1374177161 Can you tell me a little more about your Sub use? How long did you use, how many mgs were you on, how many mgs were you on when you jumped off? If you're on Day 4 without feeling any ill effects you may be one of the lucky folks who won't experience the Sub WD's. I'm well aware Subs have a very long half-life (similar to Methadone) but you're already on Day 4 so hopefully you'll skip all of the nastiness.
Avatar f tn Hi and Welcome - so you are 23 days off vicodin and having these symptoms? How high a dose had you been taking and for how long? If you are having blurred vision and confusion I would encourage you to seek medical care asap - I highly doubt that is still from vicodin withdrawal and you may have other issues going on. Usually the worst of the withdrawals is the first 5 days then you would just feel weak for a couple weeks. What you are experiencing is not normal.
Avatar n tn how long does it take for all or most of the symptoms to go away? Thank you so much in advance!
544292 tn?1268882668 I need more! More information! Question - How bad is Tramadol WIthdrawal? Answer - Ultram (Tramadol) Withdrawal Tramadol is highly addictive. Normally your doctor would reduce intake slowly. Various withdrawal effects may include shakes, shivers, diarrhea, nausea, and possible flu-like symptoms. Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here.
Avatar f tn m not sure what to do and if nothing how long will this last? I was under the impression that he worst withdrawal symptoms were within the first few days for sub. Anyone with any experience in this I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a reply. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Once you stop taking the opiates, the worst physical W/D symptoms will last about 5 days. Of course this may vary depeding how long you were taking the opiates. Stay hydrated. Drink some gatorade if you can. If you simply can't keep anything down, try sucking on some ice chips. Opiate W/D won't kill you, BUT, if you are dehydrated for to long, you can get sick. So the most important thing is fluids. Keep posting!! It will get better.
Avatar f tn How long do I need to wait from last time I got high til I start taking clonidine 1mg.
Avatar n tn This is what makes me crave the pill not the high but quashing this type of w/d that I experience. I absoltely need to know about how long I can expect to feel depressed. I absolutely will not take anti depressants, they make me feel so much worse. I have thougt about tapering off slowly as I arge that I got this way slowly, but I am afraid that is just an excuse to keep using a bit. I am a mother and I feel like I am not being a very good one right now.
Avatar f tn are you already sober and experiencing withdrawal long after you quit? Or are you getting ready to withdrawal? Or are you asking do withdrawls alwys occur when quitting? Help me out then maybe I can help you.
Avatar f tn Today is day 8 of vicodin withdrawal. I was using vicodin since November, starting at one and a half and going up to two and a half. Months ago I tried tapering down to one but then went up to two again. A month ago, I went through my third of three abdominal surgeries in the last year. After each surgery, I was given a few days worth of pain medicine but back in November I got the script from a neurologist for my back and I've had access to it ever since.
Avatar n tn so am looking (and looked) for ms contin withdrawal and for the lowest dose i am on (15 mg) if i will get withdrawal symptoms or not or if i just have to do it and see. any info will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn With any regular long term use you will have withdrawal symptoms that last usually 4-5 days with days 2-3 being the worst. If you can give more specifics I'll be happy to follow up. Are you physically dependent on the vics or do you feel it is more. If so c'mon over to the substance abuse forum and as Mary said above you'll find many helpful people who will support and guide you through this. Myself included! Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Today I took 1 so far and I have been unable to sleep and the diarrhea has just set in. I never took more than 5 a day. How long can I expect these withdrawals?
Avatar m tn Everyone is different, but for me, the withdrawal symptoms lasted about a week, and peaked in intensity about days 3 and 4! It really does depend on how much and how long, to estimate how strong and long your symptoms will be! If you haven't already done so, please check out the Thomas Recipe at the bottom of the page! There are vitamins and supplements that you can take which will help with the withdrawal symptoms! Drink tons of fluids like water and Gatorade to help flush your system!
9704730 tn?1405741284 I am finishing my 3rd day clean from 15 years of being chained to tramadol. This is the hardest thing I have ever done. How long does this pain from withdrawal last? ?? I am scared of figuring out how to live and function without this drug. I have been on it so long I don't remember how I was without it.
Avatar n tn My dr asked me if I ever experienced withdrawal symptoms. I knew this was not withdrawal symptoms, I felt like a mac truck ran over me. My left side feels like someone has just kicked me. Today(Tuesday) I started thinking about what she said. I do believe I am experiencing something. I still have not taken anything for this pain, except for tylenol(extra strength) I am having the runs. Anyway, now I kind of understand the cycle. I would like to know the symptoms of withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone has any idea as to about how long certain w/d symptoms from Tramadol last? I have not had any Tramadol in 11 days and I am having severe GI upset (abdominal cramping and diarrhea) and the restless legs at night are terrible. can't sleep to save my life right now. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum. Getting here and looking for answers is the first step. The withdrawal is uncomfortable at the least, but it's a 14 day span at the most for the physical symptoms. How much and how long and what drug have you been using. There is always someone here who can offer more specific advice.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response. How long were you in the hospital for? I think I'll make an appointment with my doctor to see if he can prescribe something to help with the symptoms, I think that would be cheaper than a hospital stay. I've had 21 surgeries on various parts of my body and now I suffer from chronic pain. I think at this point I would rather deal with the pain than be addicted to pain meds. Thanks again and good luck with your recovery.
Avatar f tn How long do u plan to take it and how?
Avatar f tn t have all the same symptoms, and your w.d will depend on how much you are taking, what you are taking, how long you have been taking it. There are many factors. By Monday, the worst of it should be over. You will be ok to be by yourself on Monday for sure. And each day will get better and better. Good luck with it...stay strong, you can beat it...
Avatar n tn I went c/t on a Friday, and three Sundays later (15 full days) I woke up feeling so good I was giddy and my wife thought I was was high. Everybody is different, as body size, amount you were taking and how long, diet, physical condition et cetera all affect how long it takes. However, two weeks seems to be "normal" from what I read on this and other forums and websites. That was ...lessee now.....three months ago and still going strong.
Avatar m tn Just give it some more time.... Read up on the Thomas recipe, perhaps it will help, not to downgrade your symptoms, but 4 months isn't a long time. If you were taking the pills for an illness for either one of the problems you mentioned earlier than that would make more sense. I was on them for 12 years and the first 6-7 months my withdrawals weren't severe. Like I said, I am not ruling it out. Everybody is different.