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Avatar f tn Today is day 8 of vicodin withdrawal. I was using vicodin since November, starting at one and a half and going up to two and a half. Months ago I tried tapering down to one but then went up to two again. A month ago, I went through my third of three abdominal surgeries in the last year. After each surgery, I was given a few days worth of pain medicine but back in November I got the script from a neurologist for my back and I've had access to it ever since.
Avatar m tn I would have been 8 weeks off of the Vicodin as well because I stopped both these drugs at the same time, but I took Vicodin to ease withdrawal symptoms after 14 days off of all drugs, and to my surprise, I didn't feel ANY euphoria from the Vicodin. I still felt the depressing effects of it when I came down from it, but no euphoria AT ALL.
Avatar f tn You need to talk to your doctor ASAP, to change you prescription to something less addictive and something you can taper. Maybe Vicodin. It is not as strong, but you don't need pain relief at this point. OxyContin is very rarely prescribed now for post operative pain because it is so very addictive. You will need to be in some discomfort when you switch to Vicodin, but it should not be as severe. Then taper it off slowly , realizing that you are still going to have some withdrawals.
469428 tn?1207201619 Hi I am new to the forum,I have read post's and I am so sorry for everyone's pain. I had a cervical dissection with a spinal fusion on c-3through c-6 19 month's ago and now I am back where I started in sooo!!! much pain. I have been on vicodin,neurontin,lyrica,flerexil,I cannot remember what else. Now I am on celebrex and darvocet. I have almost contemplated suicide but I am too sane for that, and I don't want to go to Hell so I guess I have to find some pain relief.
675923 tn?1296238011 Even though your dose of vicodin is relatively low, your long period of use has likely resulted in some withdrawal. There are also different aspects to withdrawal, including physical withdrawal which would mainly consist of diarrhea, body aches, insomnia, and intense fatigue; psychological withdrawal which would be primarily agitation and depression; and finally something called 'PAWS' or 'post acute withdrawal syndrome'.
Avatar f tn Oycodone is in a different class of drugs than Vicodin. Vicodin is a Schedule III drug and Oxycodone is a Schedule II drug. It is stronger than Vicodin and probably the reason your doctor prescribed it rather than the hydrocodone (vicodin) is because oxycodone is available in a pure form without acetominophen in it. Hydrocodone is not.
Avatar n tn today is day 4 of withdrawal from Dr prescribed 50mg tramadol. I was taking 300-400 mg daily for 2 months for pain post bad hysterectomy a year ago. I just discovered drug dependency a couple of weeks ago when I quit taking the drug for a day due to no pain. I had the worst night of my life and got relief almost immediately after taking the drug again. I have taken hydrophone, codeine, Vicodin, and others post surgery as the Dr recommended and have never had a problem with addiction.
Avatar f tn If you are having blurred vision and confusion I would encourage you to seek medical care asap - I highly doubt that is still from vicodin withdrawal and you may have other issues going on. Usually the worst of the withdrawals is the first 5 days then you would just feel weak for a couple weeks. What you are experiencing is not normal. Call your doctor or go to ER.
Avatar m tn I am tapering down from at least 4 - 7.5 mg Vicodin and several 12.8 codiene phosphate to about 4 Vicodin per day. I am waking with terrible shahes and nausea as wall as other problems. O am trying the therapy of medicines recommended on this site. This is about my 3rd day of tapering. Should I take a Vicodin first thing to help out. I can't stand this feeling.
Avatar m tn My pain was so bad that they put me on fentanynil patches for 30 days and I am wondering how they will go trhu with taku=ing my off these patches. I have taken btween 600-700 vicodin and percocets before the patches and want to know the process of ending this.
Avatar f tn You are now likely either in withdrawal from coming off oxycodone, or in precipitated withdrawal from the buprenorphine's opioid blocking effects. I wish I had an easy answer for you, but the right way forward at this point depends on many different factors-- factors that I do not know. I would recommend getting back on the meds you were taking, and making sure that your doc understands the complex effects of buprenorphine-- including the opioid blocking effects of the medication.
Avatar f tn I too have been addicted to vicodin for the past two years. i am weeks away from having my second child, the ob said it was okay to use but never really said how many. My ob said the baby shouldnt be born with any addiction that it is very very rare and they have people taking high doses of stronger narcs like methadone and are pregnant. i have to take in the am when i get up as my neck hurts the worst when i try to sleep at night.
Avatar f tn Hi~ I think you could just stop. I say this because I took Vicodin in Sept. for two months. I had broken my leg; a mess. After two months I just didn't want to take it anymore and I stopped. Nothing. I didn't even think about it at the time. It was not my DOC. You actually may feel a lot better!
Avatar m tn Ok what about Vicodin? Would taking Vicodin slow or halt the recovery process from quitting Zoloft? You know since my brain is in a weak state since I'm recovering from stopping Zoloft, I think. I ask because I was addicted to Vicodin for a month and a half AFTER quitting Zoloft. I was taking 60-80mg of hydrocodone a day during that month and a half period. Would taking Vicodin weaken my body and prolong the withdrawal process from Zoloft?
554409 tn?1218403468 My problem is I am in agony, and if any one has any ideas of anything that can relieve abdominal pain I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently taking a generic form of Vicodin, Hydrocodine, but I can not take this at work. An on call doctor has suggested taking fiber, but I have heard that this could make my symptoms even worse. I am hanging on barley here, so if any one has any ideas of anything that may help, so I can make it through, I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar f tn When I went through Vicodin withdrawal this time I had access to Xanax but stayed away for the reasons given by nursegirl above. I'm an addict and Benzo is SO addictive it's scary! 2 Vicodin withdrawals and 2 years ago ago I had Ambien to help with sleep. I ended up hooked on that next. Took me a long time to kick that stuff. No fun at all. Keep it simple Roni.
1279189 tn?1275244868 Ok, today I am picking up my RX for the Fenytal patch, my idea is not be on both the patch and still have to take Vicodin. My question is if I just stop the Vicodin, if the patch works out great for pain management. Will I have withdrawals from the Vicodin?... Also just want to know with the patch, do you get that spike In Energy like I get from the Vicodin, one of the things I did enjoy with the vicodin...haa haa... As it helps keep up with my 2 and 10 year old..Just woundering.
Avatar f tn Vicodin will probably suppress your withdrawal symptoms while in your system. Tramadol withdrawal is usually easier and faster than Vicodin. Usually will be 3 days and then starts getting easier. Have you spoken to your doctor about your plans to withdrawal? May be he can help you through your symptoms just for a short few days.
Avatar f tn I've been taking 0.25mg of Ativan four times a day for about 6 weeks for anxiety. I haven't taken any for 4 days and feels really anxious and am having trouble sleeping. I also take Vicodin 5/500 1/2 tab 2-4 times a day. I was also taking that for anxiety. I'm still taking the Vicodin hoping that it will help me get off Ativan. I'm really scared by all the stuff I've read about Ativan and wish I'd never started it.I guess my question is: Will I feel better soon?
Avatar f tn I stopped because I had epideral injections that were suppose to give me relief from the pain. That was a week ago. I still have the back pain and now I am having all the symptoms described by alot of you in wd. The stomach pain last night was the worst! I really thought I was dying. My heart was pounding and I was sweating and couldn't sleep! I have also been having a stabbing pain at the bottom right side of my skull. My physical therapist said it could be from the hydro wd.
Avatar f tn I am getting ready to start a vicodin withdrawal and although I know tapering is the best way to go , I do not have any to taper with and not asking for any from the doc. I do have a bottle of 100 mg gabapentin (270 count) and have heard it willl ease withdrawal symptoms. How much should I start with, how many doses a day and how many days can I safely take it until I have to withdrawal from it too? I also have a bottle of methocarbamol and have heard it could ease the withdrawals.