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Avatar f tn And my cheek, from above my ear to below my eye to my back lower jaw. I have been on antibiotics and Vicodin and the Vicodin and motrin are not even helping the pain anymore. I'm afraid to go to the Dr!
Avatar f tn I am 38 weeks n 2 days. Now when I wake up or try to walk around feels like a have a hard ball shoved in between my pelvic bone it hurts so bad.. does anyone know how to make it not hirt as bad?
Avatar m tn In most cases withdrawal symptom feels like a flu. Muscle ache, diarrhea, nausea, sweat and etc.. How sever they will be or how lengthy is really different from one patients to the other. Maybe your will not be so bad. Some patients have minimum side effects. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn m just nervous on the idea of having two kids..
Avatar f tn Im 12+5 and have 191 days left it feels like its gunna be forever til i have my baby and the days are dragging til my first scan anyone else feel the same ?
5860273 tn?1407865851 Feels like my son has moved to the bottom of my belly feet n all... Kind of a silly question but wen do yu knw if yur baby is about to break yur water? I can hardly walk at times it hurts & dont get me started on sleeping,Its so hard to sleep at night my back hurts n i cnt even sleep on my right/left side its soooooo uncomfortable......... My other question is can yu really hear yur water break or is ppl jus making that up?
4643945 tn?1363372357 I am home in the tub at 3:00 am. My tummy and back are so achy and it feels like contractions every 10 minutes. I am gonna start timing them but i am soo uncomfortable.
1562256 tn?1384459598 see it does look like two. so that is crazy.
Avatar f tn I'm 37+1 I'm sitting in the recliner feeling on my right lower side what feels like menstral
Avatar f tn Since last week i am feeling like headache, totally energy loss., feeling like mental I don’t know what is happening? Since i notice i got warts on testes and sometimes i get itching on it not a pain but from yesterday the warts looks like different And the headache is still on since last week Can anyone suggest me please what’s going on?
Avatar m tn I've been broke from vicodin i just got laidoff and this year has to be the worst every night and day i always thinking ending my misery, seriously. i had to pawn some stuff to really get something to eat and gas and vicodin i went to the doctor and he gave me 120 almost a month ago i eat 3-4 a day. I want it out of my life also It feels like everything is falling down and i'm crying so hard inside noone can hear and i hide my emotions.
1182133 tn?1266851531 Now I think I need to stop the vicodin. Yest I went over 13 hrs no vicodin. Then tried to sleep and the RLS kicked in, so I took a vicodin and thought that'd help. The RLS went away but still didn't sleep.... Somebody rescue me from this HELL!!!!
Avatar f tn Fast forward two days after last Vicodin and now I have this horrible skin burning sensation. Feels like a sunburn but my skin looks perfectly normal,o rash, no redness, nothing.  Skin burning sensation is on my face, neck, chest, arms, random places on legs, palms of hands.  Mouth at time feels numb.  Went to ER, did head CT, blood work, EKG everything normal.
Avatar n tn i am 6 days clean from vicodin and the first 3 days were bad im not gonna lie. It feels like a really bad flu. By my 4th day i felt like a brand new person. By day 5 i went back to work, still i feel great. If you want to get your life back it takes up to 5 short but yet so long days. It feels so good that i no longer have to count pills for the week or miss out on things cause i had no pills. I dont have to pop one just to get out of bed.
4753943 tn?1359934569 I'm so afraid to tell my doctor that I'm addicted to Vicodin, because I know she'll stop prescribing it and I feel like she will judge me. I'm really anxious about the withdrawal symptoms because I'm hypersensitive to medication and side effects. It feels like I have just been hit by a bus when I stop taking hydrocodone for a couple days. How long do these withdrawals last? I have only been on this medication for a year or less, by the way. Thanks.
Avatar f tn m 20 days clean today from vicodin, and slept great but omg I have the worst anxiety if feels like my heart is leaving my chest like it wants to jump out my breathing feel weird. My question is this is a part of the withdrawal? I took vitamins, eat healthy, and drinking waster? I feel so weird? Please is this normal?I need some sort of hope this stops.