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2207135 tn?1338937854 HT can make someone sick to their stomach (at least it does me) and that might make you eat less or not at all which can result in weight loss. I had struggled for years to lose weight and then found myself suddenly alarmed with how much I was losing or not gaining I guess. It takes time to get on track with meds and your thyroid can change over time. Take care of yourself.
Avatar n tn Hi Teak, Would someone infected with the early signs of HIV suffer weight loss??? say after 15 weeks post exposure or does this always happen it later stages??
Avatar f tn I almost went to the emergency room due to my weight loss. My normal weight is 98 lbs and I was down to 88 lbs. I am getting an allergic reaction to almost all of the food I eat!
Avatar n tn Has anyone else experienced a yeast infection or recurring yeast infections while on this weight loss program?
203342 tn?1328740807 I've been looking into Herbalife since I have a friend who sells it but it is kinda expensive. I guess they all can be. I don't know if it's any better than any other weight loss shake. I don't want something with a lot of sugar. I just mainly want something that has lots of vitamins, fiber, etc. that will fill you up and still be good for you. And hopefully something that tastes good too!
7729616 tn?1393799092 I don't know what it is I'm doing wrong as I've been eating well and I have cut my activity level down so as not to burn any unnecessary weight off. My weight is currently 7 stone 6 pounds or 106 pounds. It was 8 stone or 112 pounds 3 weeks ago. My doctor is now keeping an eye on me as they are worried about the amount of weight I have recently lost, more so the fact that it is going up and down a lot. An ACTH stimulation test came back normal and coeliac profile was negative.
Avatar n tn I would say that it is a 50/50 chance whether you would lose weight in the long run as the product wasn't designed as a weight loss product. (but I'm not a doctor so your dr. might be able to tell you what to expect).
Avatar f tn Frequently, but not always, if the body is healthy and nutritionally complete, ailments will resolve on their own. The reversal of Type 2 diabetes from excess weight loss is a good example of this. It has even been found to repel fleas when put into dog food! Hmmm...That make me wonder... if hypothyroids are more tasty to fleas or mosquitoes...But I digress...
1168718 tn?1464987135 I know that anything that messes with the nature balance of things can cause a yeast infection. I usually get a yeast infection after a round of antibiotics because antibiotics tend to kill good bacteria as well as bad. That can be one culprit. Other culprits can be hormones, diabetes, the use of prednisone, the over use of douches..just to name a few. Excessive dryness down in the nether regions can cause problems as well.
Avatar m tn I did not get a chance to see a dermatologist but in the mean time I started to notice other symptoms fatigue, anxiety, nausea, minimal weight loss, mild head aches, back pain & random micro pains throughout my body. I am fully aware this may have been caused by guilt but the combination of symptoms worried me.
Avatar n tn I took blood tests and everything came out good, except for my Blood sugar of course, its too high. Could this be the cause of my weight loss? And my yeast infections? If so, how can i get back on tract? has anyone been trhough this? I know i need to cut down on the sugar, i eat way too much fatteing food, but never gain weight. I realy wanna get my life back together. Thanks for any advice. God bless you all!
Avatar f tn Citrocillin can be an excellent way to start any health program because it seems to address major weight loss inhibitors to rapid weight loss. Example: Candida Albincans (yeast overgrowth) is a major weightloss inhibitor of weight loss. Test yourself for this major weight loss inhibitor. Citrocillin may be used both internally and externally. I was wondering how accurate this information is, I thought yeast was normal flora in your mouth etc.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have information on at home enemas? I heard that they help weight loss and are alot less expensive than colonics.
Avatar m tn Just an update, I still have loss of appetit, weight loss and now I am losing hair from scalp and eyebrows!! Which thyroid test should I do? and any other tests? I had checked my sugar levels in Janvuary and they were ok.
1666434 tn?1325265950 Ok everyone it's almost the end of the week, how is everyone doing with their weight loss program? Do you notice some things you are doing that help more than others? Is it exercise or watching what you eat? Or both? Share your progress, we can do it!
5747555 tn?1408731257 My glucose went down by 10 whatevers - but is still at the high end of the range. Good grief. My doctors says, well of course weight loss doesn't really do anything to cholesterol. So - I'm going back on the red rice yeast. We'll see what that does. And then in 6 months I'll add cinnamon maybe. So, why don't I just take statins, because damnit I don't want to.
Avatar n tn If you are taking PPI's for a long time, please look up the symptoms of a B12 deficiency... some are weakness/tired a lot, pale skin, sore red tongue, weight loss, nauseau, diarrehea/constipration, Shortness of breath, tingling in hands/feet, paplitations, yellowish tinge to skin. I am sure there are more so google it. B12 is a specific blood test your doctor can request. Also Prilosec after awhile gives me gas (farting in early Am then small burbs all day). Just an annoyance.
Avatar m tn , AIDS) and almost always there are other signs of illness, like poor appetite, weight loss, fever, and other symptoms. In summary, recurrent genital yeast infections in otherwise healthy women do not suggest HIV. This is a common problem in many entirely healthy women. Assuming you have this problem, you should discuss it with your gynecologist or primary health care provider; effective preventive therapy is available.
Avatar f tn His symptoms range from constipation to severe diarrhea, gas, abdominal cramping, vomiting, nausea, and severe weight loss. He is 6ft and used to weight about 180. He is down to about 120lbs. This all started when he had surgery to remove and biopsy a lymph node in his abdomen. He had colon cancer a few years ago. His oncologist put him on chemotherapy before the surgery to see if it affected the lymph node. It didn't so they went ahead with the surgery.
2141290 tn?1349036741 I actually started to loose once I wasn't sick. I saw the ob and he said the weight loss is normal in a lot of women and the baby's still growing fine and has a really strong heart beat. Thank God!
Avatar m tn is loss of weight and appitie and yeast and thrush a early symptom or something that come on later in years. I am awaiting the results of another test at 9 weeks and 6 weeks post exposure from a dna pcr test. I am too freaked out to even call for the results. What happens if you dont and you are poss. I heard that in the states it gets reported to health dept. Than when? Do they come to find you and talk to your partners or whet.
787203 tn?1239724533 WHAT I am saying is,it's a growth in my colon and I think I have cancer. The weight loss, the fatigue...yes there was at one time some upper GI bleeding, (very black stools) but not for a year. I am here because my doctor is both away and incompetent. I see an new one April 17th but I want to have some solid proof based theories about what I perceive to be wrong. It would be nice if a Doctor here at medhelp would respond.
1111469 tn?1258570061 All of my blood work came back great and even my cholesterol was in normal ranges. We chalked up the weight loss to stress and change in my diet when I switched from soft drinks to water during the UTI phase. All appeared fine. I had an annual follow up with a breast surgeon for a lump discovered and it was decided benign. I felt on top of the world...great! I'm sick again today and it's been about a month now since the last time. I need antibiotics again.
Avatar n tn I just have to find someway to deal with it on my own as the medical community seems at a loss as to how to deal with it. I will keep you posted on the results of my cleanse with Yeast Buster.
Avatar m tn a doctor checked my prostate and says it is enlarged which could cause penis pain around the tip. a burning sensation though normal? what does this sound like? i got some cream for a yeast infection & fucidin. any help would be appreciated. i am looking into a referral for a specialist as this has been awhile. all tests including multiple swabs, urine, and physical examinations came back negative. i never had a herpes test though. only examinations and a couple of those at that.