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1238678 tn?1321857976 I was/am really concerned about side effects as well, mortified that I might experience some of the really bad ones such as memory loss, weight gain, mood swings...but, thankfully, (fingers crossed) so far so good. I do think though that after the next shot is when I may begin to experience them, since then is when I presume I may stop having a period and hormones will be in full swing. =( I'm nervous. And I understand your concern completely!
Avatar m tn m also interested in finding out if there are other medically supervised weight-loss programs in the Chester/Chesterfield, South Richmond, or Tri-Cities areas - so far, Hall-Harris is the nearest one I can find! Thanks for sharing!
Avatar m tn i bought 3 months supply at the apidexin website after viewing alor of reviews of people claiming that it really works with fast and amazing results. Been taking it for a week now and i havent noticed no weight loss or increased energy. I was already eating less and watching the food i eat so kept that the same and nothing. Has anyone else tried this product? Usually in the reviews they claimed to see avg. 5lbs less in a week.
Avatar f tn Hi in 20 i just start drinkin this tea called e-z weight loss tea i don't know if its working or not have anyone headed of this tea before
Avatar f tn d like to get down to 114ibs (52kgs) but I already eat healthy due to weight loss a couple of years ago but now the weight doesn't seem to want to budge, please could I have some advice on what to do to get the weight loss going:)
Avatar f tn Highly unlikely. There is really no supplement that will help you lose weight and keep it off except those that increase your metabolism, and that will be temporary as well. This is just an amino acid supplement with colostrum, which is a very odd thing to put in a weight loss product. This substance is naturally only found in the first batches of mother's milk of mammals and helps to build an infant's immune system. Have no idea how it would help you lose weight.
4971738 tn?1390565384 try the new qsymia, it combines that with other stuff..
Avatar n tn Ok I know this forum is ages 35+ And I'm only 26 but wanted to ask 2nd or more time mommies out there that has used them. Did any of you ladies use a belly band/tummy shaper/girdles right after giving birth or next day? Or if you waited how long did you waited before you started using one? What kind/brand did you use? Im a FTM 35 weeks started my pregnancy at 124lbs and gain so far 25lbs .
Avatar n tn Michele Nickels in Milwaukee, WI offers vitamin injections for weight loss and hCG-the weight loss cure. www.drnickels.
Avatar f tn I work at a well know online health information company as an online marketing manager and understand how this less than reputable weight loss companies will prey on your weight loss hopes, flood the internet with fake testimonies just to make a buck. They are liars and they digust me. Diet and exercise is the only real way to lose weight and if you find you really can't lose weight the old fashion way and need a little, consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn Am gonna breast feed and workout, but I wanna add the belly bandit to see if it will help tighten up things faster....I ve seen some good reviews online that it works, but wanted see if anyone on this forum have tried it.
Avatar f tn Are you having any symptoms like shakiness, increased heart rate or increased blood pressure,pounding heart, unexplained weight loss or no weight loss but increased appetite? Be proactive ..don't wait because symptoms do get worse....I speak from personal experience ... I just had my scan yesterday and tomorrow I start the antithyroid drugs and wean off the betablocker (was started to control my heart rate and bp). Before all this I was healthy...or so I thought.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried the Proactol Weight Loss Supplement? I found info on it at web site www.proactol.com. Sounds good just wondering if anyone has had sucess with it!
Avatar f tn Westin Childs who was explaing weight loss through Leptin, Insulin and Thyroid levels. I just wanted to some the community opinion on him as I think he's explaining things really well. But I wanted to know if his advice was thrust worthy and if anyone ever followed his advice. I am basically looking for references before I go down his road of advice. Thanks. Any info will be appreciated.
473352 tn?1207683038 Hey leessa... Don't know where to get phentermine except from a doctor at a weight loss clinic. I had mixed results with it. If you're looking to find an alternative to a prescription pill, I recommend searching the site dietblogtalk.com which reviews tons of pills, products, weight loss plans. I just ordered something called nuphedrine because of the 80% approval rating by current customers. I think it will certainly give you options and a lot of info. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I have been getting B-12 injections weekly to assist in my weight loss program. I decided to do it on my own for the last month because it is really expensive at the clinic. How much am I suppose to inject weekly? Also, when the diet is done, is it safe or bad to continue to use the injections for general health maintenance? I am also taking Vitabese diet pills as well. They have a lot of vitamins in them.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Unfortunately, there are no magic bullets when it comes to losing weight. Healthy weight loss means taking in fewer calories than you burn in physical activity. Save your money for more fruits and vegetables, and a good pair of sneakers." There are also some supplements in the GHR1000, some of which may or may not be healthy, may or may not work.
1641357 tn?1470495393 s hard to accept when the pill sites are promising fast weight-loss with no cons, but really, sensible dieting and getting way more active is the only healthy way to shed the extra pounds. The weight didn't get there overnight, so it's only sensible to realize that it won't get burnt off that fast either. Best of luck on your weight-loss journey!
Avatar n tn no i dont have any of those symptoms just so tired, and before i i have all the hypothyroid symptoms cold all the time tired weight gain hair loss muscle pains joint pain you name it i have it and this isnt helping. not sure why she put me on high dosage. and she didnt tell me when to take or anything she just gave it to me and lowered my sythroid.
484167 tn?1210001396 Its a less potent version of Xenical, I have never tried it or Xenical because it doesnothing in my opinion to help a person it just helps you excrete extra fat through your stools. If you want to lose weight just take your daily supplements and do a minimum of 30-60 minutes cardio a day. I don't recommend any weight loss supplements, they are all temporary solutions to weight loss, the best thing is eating healthy and exercising.
Avatar f tn I was given phentermine 15 mg by a "doctor" at a weight loss clinic. I'm a bit skeptical because of all the negative reviews I have read. I am currently 136 at 5' 3'' and want to get to my pre pregnancy weight of 120. I have tried other diets and just cant seem to get the extra weight off. My son is now 1 and i'm starting to feel a bit depressed about the extra pounds. Is 15 mg enough for me to lose the weight?
Avatar f tn t on it at all, the only bad side effect was loss of sex drive and libido etc. no weight gain or loss that i noticed. I have bipolar 1, and was on other medication at the time. as you probably know everyone is different when it comes to these types of medication so please don't be discouraged by my comment. My dad was on it for 10 years and said it was the best thing he had ever tried for depression.