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405614 tn?1329147714 She told me that she would work with insurance to get it approved if it worked out for me (and it seemed it would, as I was already more alert and happy about it), then told me I couldn't take Phentermine (appetite suppresant) while taking Provigil. I really wanted the Phentermine to help me lose some weight, but being awake is realllllly important to me, and I assume I will be more active and able to burn calories.
405614 tn?1329147714 She had me stand on a box, put my weight on one leg, and reach behind me with my other leg, tap the floor, bring the foot up without touching the box, and repeating 10 times. By #9 on the second leg, I totally lost my balance, fell sideways off the box, landed on my left leg (tweaked my bad knee), stumbled across the gym sidestepping until I wrapped both arms around the front of an exercise bicycle.
Avatar m tn Imiquimod (Aldara, R-837, S-26308) and resiquimod (R-848, S-28463) are members of a new group of low molecular weight compounds, the imidazoquinolinamines3 (Figure). These have been shown to have properties as immune response modifiers in vitro and in vivo, and demonstrate antiviral and anti-tumour activity via endogenous cytokine production.
Avatar f tn Once I'm finished creating my chart of my past medical history, lifestyle and current symptoms- I'm thinking of creating a website that would allow everyone to fill out and submit their own chart (the chart would be a template but it would also allow someone to insert additional info as well). This way doctors can see there's more then one woman going through this- and we can connect similarities or differences much easier then skimming through posts.
Avatar m tn the link is easy, hbsag is produced by cccdna in the liver cells so a decline of hbsag is a decline of cccdna. cccdna is the template of the virus that aloows persistent infection in the liver, getting rid of cccdna is getting rid of hbv.
Avatar n tn I spent almost the entire labor sitting on an exercise ball leaning forward so my weight was off my butt. The morphine and drugs definitely eased the labor contraction pain, but did nothing for the butt spasms. Not until the epidural- after 36 hours, that finally relieved the anal-spasm-shooting-jabbing-pain. Sorry to be so long-winded, but this is a relief to communicate this somehow. Has any one else experienced this during labor? Thank you for any answers/thoughts..