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1358341 tn?1282213443 // + - Renal dry (US and Germany) - And I've decided to give her once a week 1 wet Sheba Chicken (UK) since she only likes real slices in the wet and her phosphorus is still ok. - Low mineralised water for low sodium and low calcium diets (France)
Avatar n tn I put those words in italics because I personally believe that height/weight charts are laughable and it's no way to actually judge whether or not a person is at a healthy weight. I can guarantee that I will never weight 135 LBs. I certainly do need to lose some weight because I am carrying some unhealthy weight but I am one of those people who will never be thin or "height/weight proportionate".
Avatar n tn My now 15 y/o son, about whom I have posted in the heart forum, has suffered a marked deterioration in his usual perfect athletic health. We first noted HTN in 8-98 during an EBV, strep C infection. A good resting BP would be @150/90+ with paroxysmal bursts as high as 186/128, 170/110, etc. Cardiac testing in 8-99 indicated LVH, rt. atrial enlargement. EKG=RBBB, LVH. Stress test=inverted T-waves upon standing, etc. A 24 hr.
Avatar n tn I have digenerative disc disease and my neirologist just prescribed topamax, he said it would help with the pain and tingling but could result in weight loss. I am wondering if prescribing topamax for ddd is common among neurologists? I can't seem to find any other information related to topamax as a pain med, only information I have is that it's a powerful drug with lots of side effects, most not so good. The weight loss aspect is the only plus...
Avatar n tn If depression has already caused you to lose weight, and if further weight loss would be detrimental to your health, Wellbutrin may not be the best antidepressant for you.
Avatar n tn and further more the very next morning i swear....i have gained more weight! i am literally gaining weight EVERY DAY.
Avatar n tn But now No matter what I eat I have to force it down Its getting really hard. I want to lose weight the Healthy way not by starving my body. Is anyone else having this trouble? I also have very bad Dry mouth.
Avatar f tn is never good at any time but healthy eating is wonderful! I live in Canada and we have the Canadian Food Guide to follow which give healthy portions and what foods can be eaten freely and which ones are a no-no. I would suggest that you talk to your physician about what healthy eating guide you should follow and they might have some suggestions as to what are no-no foods if you do have MS.
Avatar m tn MRIs + lumbar puncture etc… I’m worried that the health care system in Canada won’t properly take care of me. Its 2-3 months to get an appointment with a neurologist! WHAT! It was 1 week in France! The waiting time for an MRI in public hospitals is 8 months minimum or you need to pay 700$. So I just signed up for a personal health insurance but I had to lie on the form about my symptoms otherwise they would have excluded any expenses related to my condition.
1076386 tn?1255971162 I don't lose consciousness, but I get to week to even get off the floor. I live in Canada so while the free health care sounds fun, it ***** so much I would rather pay. With a laundry list of symptoms, including a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism, my Endo wouldn't do much, because the stupid lab values weren't "bad enough". I have been so sick the last few months, to the point I cannot walk long or far, can't play with my son, can't do anything..
Avatar f tn a woman) I would. But I'm in Canada (Alberta to be exact) and our health care system is crap. It takes a long time to get referred and then at least 6 mths before you see one. I saw someone before this ******* who just looked at my chart and said that it looks complicated and just like you, as a patient, get to pick your doctor, I can pick my patients! WTF??? You know what I've decided to do? Since my hysterectomy is booked for May 29 (two days away....
Avatar f tn I don't know if you guys are Canadian but health is free here and it is slow as f**k. As a 31 aged, otherwise healthy female, I feel like they should care more about my symptoms. I'm bed ridden for gods sake.
Avatar m tn An Endocrinologist would be able to verify adrenal deficiencies and function, without necessarily establishing the potential root cause. Dr Lams Adrenal Fatigue Center website has a great tutorial on adrenal health. I think that covers everything for now. Keep in touch and take care.
Avatar n tn Of course, this depends on symptoms and other medical conditions, general health, etc. We are all somewhat different and comfortable at different levels. Do you still have hypo symptoms? TSH is quite volatile and even varies intraday. You should have labs drawn at the same time of day each time so that you are comparing apples to apples. Keep pushing for the FT3 can be such a valuable piece of the puzzle, especially when you establish your own personal history.
Avatar f tn One of my sister's shattered my dream and said, think about your age, think about your health, think about your weight. Ok I know I'm over weight, but so was my older sister, her last child weighed 11lbs-2oz's, where my sister I'm speaking of is slim and had normal birth's. The sister I talked to about this was 40 yrs old and had her last baby of normal weight, so what says that you and I cant have that too.
964234 tn?1331952807 Human Services, the AAP, the American Academy of Family Physicians, the American Dietetic Association, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and Health Canada all recommend that babies not be given solids until they are six months of age. As Dr. Jim Sears said on the Dr. Phil show, ""The American Academy of Pediatrics now recommends that no foods are given before 6 months. And that's very, very important.
Avatar f tn I did experience weight loss but not loss so far, but I do take daily vitamin and extra supplements plus making sure I drink Ensure and a V-8 everyday to keep myself health. I didn’t need to lose any weight. I also cut all alcohol out with the exception of the occasional glass of wine with we are out to dinner with friends…. (Mostly so I don’t look like a party pooper) and anything carbonated taste awful.
Avatar f tn talk to your doctor about the Acanthosis Nigricans, for the brown armpits etc, but all in all both these problems we are suffering from is from being over weight, if we target this we will target many of our health problems, but untill we are able to sort this we shall find remedies for our fungal and Acanthosis Nigricans conditions!!
335728 tn?1331418012 I sure hope that this isn't a precursor of diabetes but I wouldn't doubt it with all the weight I have put on. Then my so-called friends brought over a fresh baked home made apple pie! I think I can do without that for a while! I will let you know the next installment when there is a change ok?
370801 tn?1264408618 I purchase them over the counter at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Ontario, Canada. I am soon moving to London , Uk and will need to see if I need to bring a stock with me as I hear it's not as readily avaliable everywhere as it is here. I think in New York for example you can't buy it over the counter. Update: My depression was pretty bad and I've had it most of my life.. I feel like a different person since I have been doing b12, only more myself if that makes sense.
Avatar f tn Just list your due date below and the gender you are hoping for (please pick one, even though we all just want a happy, healthy baby). I am due September 4, 2011 and I'm hoping for a baby boy.
2055874 tn?1330534053 I am 52 years old and have being taking levothyroxine,my symtoms,were feeling tired,no energy,weight gain.depressed,Ihave being taking them for four years ,my blood test shows i am taking right amount which is 150 micrograms a day,i am also going throw the change,my symtoms have yet to change if anything i feel worse.
Avatar n tn I had swollen glands all over, even above my ears early on and I have never felt well since almost a year later! Keep in mind that I was always a healthy person before. I only had less than 5 sick days in over 10 years at work. HIV, EBV, CMG, HPV, there are a lot of viruses out there that can bring you down!! Don't fixate on HIV. Listen to what the test results tell you.
29837 tn?1414538248 I think you should get one more viral load to assure yourself and live your life virus free as you are. Take good care if your liver. Exercise. Keep to a healthy weight and don't drink and your liver may very well regenerate and heal itself. Other people at stage four who have cleared the virus have had their liver damage reverse. Very best to you.
Avatar f tn anxiety, weight loss, hungry all the time, hot, insomnia, crazy mood swings, no menstrual, hair loss, etc. After this diagnosis, I decided to look into natural dessicated thyroid hormone and found a NP who prescribed Nature Throid. My last TSH before seeing her was at 6.2 so I had cycled down to hypothyroid. Again, I lost the free t4 and free t3 results. After being on Nature Throid 1 grain for a month my labs are as follows: TSH: .22 range - .34 - 3.0 Free t4: .7 range - .58 - 1.
Avatar f tn I would love to switch but can't...Here in Canada you get who the primary care physician sends you to and that's it! Best of luck with your first shot, we'll all be waiting to hear how you did...
Avatar f tn Now I have sleep apnea, weight issues, and osteo in my knees. I have always worked hard in spite of it and my husband has seen my suffering and has been so sympathetic. Why! Because he knows I try to get through each day doing as much as I physically can in spite of the pain and suffering. This is a strange illness and they do not know that much about it yet...even though some of them think they do. Try to find a Rheumatologist that is understanding of Fibromyalgia.
1208743 tn?1267433201 TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU TO YOUR APPOINTMENT. Have your doctor send you a copy of all your labs and chart notes. Tell him/her this EVERY time you visit. Have it written into your record. Just tell him you will need to rethink the visit later and want all the details. I am curious as to what your actual T3 and T4 are. See, your TSH is a messenger hormone. It is knocking on the door of the thyroid and asking for more hormones.
1358341 tn?1282213443 I just found her past weight (30 July -> 8 September): 4.5 -> 3.250 Normally loosing weight should height her creatinine. Else there was a problem with the machine, else it's something with her (cured or wrong diagnostic). Probiotics lasted: 6 August to 2 September 2010, new ones didn't came. I restarted Renalzin phosphate binder today the 16th September, I had stopped the 2th September. She went to vet: 24 June, 30 July, 8 September Her Crea levels mg/L did 23.3 - 26.8 - 21.