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281219 tn?1219118514 I googled other 30 week 3D images and I can see something similar in a few of them. But then other 3D images I saw were SO crystal clear... Not sure what to think???
Avatar f tn Her head was by my left rib and her legs bent up with her feet in her face during the last few wks of my pregnancy. No one knew until I got in delivery and they couldn't feel her head.
Avatar f tn Amelia21x, im in the uk too if your high risk you get 4 more scans if your high risk 28, 32, 36, 40, ive been having growth scans Im not glad im high risk but glad I get to see my baby again
Avatar f tn Can they determine what the baby is going to be on week 16 of your pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I tried to get some of my babies last week and the place I went said the best time is 25-26 weeks that way they have pleanty of fat to look cuter....
3057436 tn?1359318238 I had an 80% chance of getting hyperemesis again, and it didn't. Every pregnancy is different so don't fret too much! Enjoy not being sick in case it sets in in a few Weeks! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Not saying its a bad thing at all and sorry each momma to their own but is anyone else kinda creeped out by the 3d 4d ultrasounds?
562884 tn?1279635934 I wonder how much she's put on by now. I have my 3D on the 15th so they will tell me, I get a mini report with my order, lol. By the way kiki, I saw this crib bedding, which I think will go perfect with your nursery decor, It has the same colors you are using and it has LADYBUGS!!!! check it out... http: //www.toysrus. com/ product/index.jsp?productId=3188832&cp=3462169 I spaced it out so make sure to put it together. It's called lady bug paisley!!!
Avatar f tn It was really neat to see, but I would recommend waiting until your further in your pregnancy so the pictures come out clearer. Im going for another one when I am 31 weeks and expect that the pictures will be very different. As for being safe, it is. Its a regular ultrasound, they just transfer the pics of the baby from 2d to 3d on a computer in front of you.
Avatar f tn I had a scan every week until I was 10 weeks (I wasn't considered high risk, but had suffered a miscarriage, super anxious about it happening again and I was diagnosed with an SCH). Nothing wrong with that, and it absolutely doesn't hurt the baby. When the measure your baby (crown to rump) there are many positions the baby could be. If the baby is in a really tight fetal position then they might not be able to get an accurate measurement.
Avatar f tn Went to the dr. for the 1st time last week. I had an ultrasound. They seen the baby, but not the heart rate. Is it ok not to see it at that stage? Just too early? Cause for concern? The dr. said maybe I 'ovulated later than he thought', & that he didn't see any other 'cause for concern'. Still I am VERY worried. I am almost 43, have an existing thyroid condition(on levoxyl for several yrs) & this is my 5th baby.(the other 4 are all grown) I am scheduled for another u/s in 1 week.
Avatar f tn 21 weeks in less than an hour my pregnancy is going by slow and fast
Avatar n tn my u/s is showing a 4 to 5 week pregnancy. I have been asked to go back in 9 days to repeat my u/s they have not taken my hcg so i dont know if my levels are good or not.
Avatar f tn Oh and i go back in 3 weeks, i just new i would be going back in 2 weeks. So i will be 33 weeks when i go back then she probably wont see me for another 3 weeks then maybe every week after that, sighssssss. I guess i will take that as things are going well for me and baby.
784127 tn?1261408176 I am in the 20th week now, and have an appt next week. My last ultrasound was when I was in the 17th week.... and in that one both were head down. I had an appt with the midwife a week ago and one was head down and the other she couldnt tell. They can move around a lot still at 20 weeks and still have a lot of room... I dont sweat it when they tell me I fall into small percentages anymore.
Avatar n tn One week later I had another ultrasound and that blob just had blinking in the middle it had grown so much in one week that you could sort of imagine that the blinking was the chest and what the rest of the blob should be. I have not had one since I was 9 weeks I am now 14 but I did get to hear the heartbeat for the first time at the OB office and it was the best moment of my life so far. The ultrasound you see it but you dont hear it. Still amazing.
Avatar f tn Your baby will withdraw slowly with you without any problems as long as you do it under close supervision of your obstetrician or midwife. If you are able to be off of all the opiates by the 20th week of pregnancy, then the newborn's meconium (stool) will be drug free if they should test it. As you will taper yourself slowly by spacing out the times and decreasing dosage, the baby will also withdraw slowly and safely together with you.
Avatar f tn GREAT!! According to the ultrasound the baby measured 6W 1D (this was on saturday) but by my LMP I was 6W 4D. So she said 3 days isnt bad at all. We got to see and hear the little heartbeat...it was 121bpm!! She said that was great! The baby is only 5mm long. So very very tiny. I am hoping this means the m/c rate has dropped some?!?! Does anyone know?? Anyway just wanted to let everyone know how things went. BABY DUST TO ALL!!!
Avatar f tn With this pregnancy i lost some od mine at 38 weeks n ill b 41 weeks tomorrow getting induced. So it doesn't mean bb will come soon.
Avatar m tn My wife and I went in to the fertility clinic yesterday to hopefully see a heartbeat in our 6w 3d future son/daughter. Unfortunately, the specialist said that he/she is only measuring 5w 6d. To me, it didn't seem like a huge deal, however, next thing you know, they are prepping us for miscarrying and how we need to wait 2 months and then potentially try again. A couple of things. I just want my wife to be okay.
4371309 tn?1357959929 @AddiesMommy Thank you for ur comment. I'll sure tell her, she cant go to a doctor coz she been riding with her husband in the truck(her husband is a over the road trucker, means driving all over the states) is it safe for her to ride in a 18wheeler truck? I dont know what she is going through, im just worried about her.
475489 tn?1223951882 yesterday while I was at the salon with his Mother her hair dresser got to talking about how she's heard 4D Ultrasounds or ultrasounds in general can cause the baby to be deaf.. is this true?? I seriously didn't think it was but after she said that I was thinking hm.. maybe I should look more into it first..and see how accurate that statement really is.. I know several who have had them done and nothing like that even talked about.. well anyway.. what do ya'll think?
1123420 tn?1350564758 So my question is, I'm 27 weeks, Im going to schedule the appointment for 2 weeks, when I'll be 29 weeks. Some say that when your so late in your pregnancy like that then its hard to see the actual baby, that's it more like just a big blob. Is that true? Am I waiting to long? Or is 29 weeks okay to do it? Thanks in advance. Baby dust to all that are TTC!!!!
Avatar f tn ) my whole pregnancy flew by in a blink of an eye, so hopefully it will for you too.
272759 tn?1270489194 she's literally folded in half! she's a flexible little thing! ;-) take a look at my new photos! i am in my 30th week...i know i still have plenty of time, but do you think she will flip in time or do you think there is a chance she will be breeched at birth?
Avatar f tn I had one at 12 & 17 weeks. Then I paid for a 3D at 30 weeks. They dont normaly give ultrasounds after the first two unless you claim to have problems like pain or bleeding..
280369 tn?1316705641 So I am thinking of having the technician put it in an envelope for me. Anyway, I may get one next week. What exactly do they do in this particular kind of scan? Do they check the baby and see how everything is developing and then give you all the pics and the dvd? Just curious. Don't know much about modern technologly here!! lol. How long is the appt. usually? Thanks for any advice!
342647 tn?1291111533 Well this week i am off to my doc for my 19 week check up and i can't wait to see how my baby has changed and how much him or her has grown. Then the following week i am having my 20 week scan (19.4 weeks), and i can't wait to see all the little details and 3D shots. This is the scan that makes everthing so real and makes them look like little babies. I think i am going to find out the sex but put it in an envelope and look when I am by myself as my husband does not want to know.
800427 tn?1324949319 he was all curled up like his usual snuggle bug self and wouldnt move...we couldnt get any 3d pics of his face...again *sighs* i guess he just wants to be a big surprise! lol we did get another gender shot again today and he is still a boy...as if he wouldnt have been...lol but DF likes to freak me out and say he's gonna come out a girl...but hes definitely a boy!!