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2026902 tn?1369101998 First by wanting to.say this place was awesome during my pregnancy. Have all those august babies arrived? What did you ladies have boy or girl? How did labor go? When did baby arrive? How's is being a mommy? Our lil surprise came 2 weeks early July 19th. A girl charlotte Elizabeth she was 6lb 9oz, 19 1/2 inch. I had an easy labor, harding felt the contractions. I actually took bath at hospital it relaxes me so much they almost stopped. The Dr was shocked I still.
Avatar n tn And Hill- I found out I was pregnant by taking two home pregnancy tests. I know what blood work you are talking about though, they have to wait until after you ovulate to make sure your testosterone levels, etc...are all normal. We've been trying for over a year, now, so I'm hopeful but not too hopeful. I'll let you know how it goes...
Avatar f tn Hi Mommies. Well just got a call from the doctor saying my 10 week prescreening for down syndrome came back positive. I'm 12 weeks now and going in today for counselling and ultrasound. I'm 39 yo. Anyone else go through this? Any info on your experience would be helpful. I hear there are many false positives. I'm trying not to worry too much. Errrrr nothing ever seems so easy with our pregnancy. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I think the earlier the ultrasound the more accuate the dates although they can still be off by more than a week in either direction. BTW they cant tell the exact date she got pregnant only an estimated date of delivery based on the growth of baby.
Avatar m tn My wife just found she is pregnant about 6 weeks. Currently she have dark brown spotting for more than 7 days, along with a little blood sometimes. I went to the hospital and they said they need to monitor by HCG's but also that I have to take UTI. I have taken both HCG & UTI , both results are normal as of now . She does not have any seviour cramping & heavy blood loss. Now she is worried more about the discharge.
280369 tn?1316705641 i can't wait to hear all of the details afterwards.
Avatar f tn Also remember that these calculators (and your doctor) give you a gestational week. Meaning they actually start you week on the 1st day of your last period. Technically you actually re 2 weeks pregnant when you conceive. So if your calculator says 6 weeks, then it is 6 weeks gestational and 4 weeks actual.
Avatar n tn Doc thought it would be fine if I stopped at 12-14 weeks. Thanks for asking! This week is going by so slow because I really just want it to be OVER!!! My last night of work for the summer is tonight, so I'm hoping life is just about to get real good around here!
342647 tn?1291111533 Well this week i am off to my doc for my 19 week check up and i can't wait to see how my baby has changed and how much him or her has grown. Then the following week i am having my 20 week scan (19.4 weeks), and i can't wait to see all the little details and 3D shots. This is the scan that makes everthing so real and makes them look like little babies. I think i am going to find out the sex but put it in an envelope and look when I am by myself as my husband does not want to know.
Avatar m tn My wife just found she is pregnant about 7 week + 2 days . Currently she have dark brown spotting for more than 10 days, I went to the hospital and they said they need to monitor by HCG's but also that I have to take UTI. I have taken both HCG & UTI , both results are normal as of now . (HCG level on 21.12.10 is 28,777 & HCG level on 27.12.10 is 58,558 ). Does increase level in HCG indicates that the child is growing healthy? She does have some mild cramping sometimes .
Avatar f tn Honesty I don't feel the slightest bit like I'm going to have my period this week, none of the usual symptoms for the days prior to AF. I told my STBDH that we will know by the end of this week whether we are pregnant, he got all sweet and consoling and told me not to stress over it. I told him, well, that' s kinda easy for you to say because you are not in my body with all the daily changes. ;-) Breasts not sore No cramps/twinges No CM discharge Migraine headache on Sunday temp 96.
317019 tn?1532969186 i have been following some of your updates throughout the week as for me....i passed the glucose test...my result was 118....yay....i was having problems with cramping in my legs (charlie horses) but most likely it was from the road trip to pa last week....so i have been eating bananas like crazy...my doc wanted to do bloodwork just to make sure everything was ok and i havent heard anything yet so hopefully thats all it was my next u/s is 7/19 and next ob appt is 7/20....
Avatar f tn i started the dreaded two week wait this week. i have done 4 rounds of clomid (plus hcg injections)-i responded really well-ovulated 1egg, 2eggs, 3eggs, 2eggs had a chemical pregnancy the second round but have not fallen pregnant since. the last round of clomid (the 4th) my levels did not get up as high as they would have liked and they told me to move on to another drug-puragon. had to stim on purgaon for 20 days til i got 1 mature egg.
Avatar m tn It has been going on for 5 days without any of the normal clots or the ebbing of a normal period. I cannot test for pregnancy for another 5 days. Can a pessary cause bleeding in early pregnancy? Is this dangerous? Has anyone ever had a similar situation? There is almost no information out there regarding wearing a pessary during pregnancy.
876979 tn?1310050503 i will be around 7 week 3 day by then....I hope everything be good.....so far Im only feeling a bit of nauseas the last 3 or 4 days....even my cramp and needle pain is gone....but my belly is ground really fast....I hope that it is normal....for what i remember from my first child, was totaly different and with all my misscarry too....let keep praying for everything be good how it is goin so far.
1310633 tn?1430227691 (Reuters) - Ex-staffers recounted tawdry details of former U.S. Senator John Edwards' affair during his failed 2008 presidential bid on Wednesday, but said little to tie him to allegations that he used illegal campaign contributions to hide his pregnant mistress. The focus halfway through the second week of Edwards' federal campaign finance trial was squarely on his dalliance with a videographer and the effect revelations about that relationship had on his cancer-stricken wife.
898530 tn?1268622382 It seems that alot of the people that get a BFP usually even though not always get some cramping. By the way, what does Beta mean? Since I am new to this I don't really know most the of the terms. I'm glad that you were able to have your little boy, what joy and happiness...I can still remember when my 11 yr old was little, it was really fun. One last question, since you've been through this process. Because of it being Mother's Day tomorrow I am tempted to do a HPT.
1432741 tn?1300202363 Your Baby By pregnancy week 10 your baby is growing big enough to weigh in! By pregnancy at 10 weeks your baby may be more than an inch and a half long, or roughly the size of a kiwi! Changes In Your Growing Baby Your baby is growing tremendously by the time you reach 10 weeks pregnant. As your pregnancy continues week by week you'll notice periods of time where your baby goes through rapid developmental changes.
Avatar f tn i have a low lying placenta with this pregnancy and also had the same with my last pregnancy infact the last pregnancy at 20 wks was almost completely covering the cervix but the didn't even seem worried they said as the uterus grows the placenta usually moves up and well i know mine did.
1473300 tn?1397592129 I have been very anxious for this u/s today because at my 8 week appointment the doctor said that if everything was ok with the babies at 12 weeks, then most likely everything will be ok with the pregnancy. My OB's office has 7 doctors and they want you to see all of them. I saw a new doctor today and she plain had me depressed when I left. First off, the babies looked ok, what I could see of them and she said they were ok.
Avatar n tn I am coming close to delivering my baby so I had my first weekly pelvic exam today. It was the most painful experience ever! It felt like I was being stabbed down there. Is this normal? I ASKED MY DOCTOR, "OUCH IS THIS NORMAL" and he said no but provided no further explanation. By the time it was over, I was so overwhelmed I couldnt even think straight. So I left feeling like crap(violated) and couldnt stop crying once I was out of the office for like an hour. Here are the details...
Avatar n tn Others will have more details, but I always skip that test (4th pregnancy, 34 years old) because it does have a high false positive rate. It is a personal decision to go through the amnio. I, personally would not, as I am not comfortable w/the risks involved. In addition, I would never abort the pregnancy if I learned the child wasn't 'right', nor do I feel that preparing everyone would be that beneficial.
Avatar m tn I do not know the details of this an issue/how reliable the pill is for preventing pregnancy. Thoughts? I believe she finished her period 6-7 days ago, so definitely fertile although I think that is also not the most fertile time. We talked a little, and she did not want to take the Morning After pill because of what it would do to her body, and she thinks she will be fine. What exactly are the effects of the Morning After pill?
Avatar n tn I too have been told that I could have an ectopic pregancy. I took a pregnancy test 2 weeks ago and it was positive. I really don't know how many weeks pregnant I am because my periods have been so irregular, and I can't remember when my last one was. They have said that my hcg numbers indicate that I should be around 4 to 5 weeks. They have done 3 hmg test within the last week. The first was 455 and the last one was 3305.
174267 tn?1220408828 and that it will be here before you know it...the summer always goes by so fast! Sweedy, 3 week countdown girl...how exciting! I like your motto "make one and take one"! Glad your spirits are up again. This is such an emotional rollercoaster! Oth, Praying for you girl! Get lots of rest and think positive! Sending you lots of sticky baby dust!! Well, I had quite a week...had to go into the emergency for excruciating lower abdominal pain.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex on October 31. I haven't has a period for November yet. normally if I'm late its only by a day or two, maybe three days tops. I don't have any signs of PMS. I feel like I'm not going to have a period. but I also don't feel pregnant. idk if I have any symptoms to be pregnant. I'm wondering if its possible n should I test? If I need to give out details of anything let me know. I was trying to keep.this short.
Avatar f tn 15th/March/2008 -------------------------- Investigation Result Free Range Status Free T3 5.57 3.20 - 6.8 Free T4 8.59 10.30 - 34.700 pmol/L Low TSH 1.97 0.40 - 4.20 m IU/L My doctor advised to take Thyronorm 25 mcg for one month. 3rd /May/2008 Free T4 8.22 10.