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432779 tn?1364494875 I am still feeding Fionn on demand and finding it very hard to schedule anything. I cant even have a meal without having to feed him at the same time.Also he doesnt take long naps during the day,although he sleeps well at night he is 15 weeks now.Is anyone else having issues like this?
976897 tn?1379167602 Thank you for your explanation, it makes perfect sense, but if I could put down how I understand this, I hope you can find time to comment on whether I have it right or not. When we experience an emotional response, such as fear for example, our brain will put our body into 'fight or flee' mode. It will lower blood flow to less essential systems and increase flow to muscles needed to run or fight.
Avatar f tn s very important to nurse on demand evertime you nurse it tells your body to produce more milk.
667866 tn?1225433629 -Lots of Water -Exorcise Daily -Make sure you take Multi-Vitamins (some people suffer alot more than they have to based upon just lacking certain vitamins theyre brain needs!) -Change something! (Re-arrange your room, your house, your cabnets! This exorcise really helped me out alot.. sometimes you just need a little change in your life to keep things interesting and help get rid of re-accouring anxiety and panic attacks where you once would have them!
Avatar n tn This is my second baby, but with my first I found out at 12 was and delivered at 23 weeks, also it was six years ago so it feels like my very first.. I will demand the iron and frolic acid on my next app.
Avatar n tn I don't know about vitamins but my on told me with my first to drink alot of milk but not to worry to much about it because my body will know when its time to make the milk and he was...
Avatar f tn eat well balanced diet, take prenatal vitamins, ect... i dont understand how come your Dr cant find out for sure or not? cant you request an ultrasound or the blood work that actually measures what level you hcg is at... i would be going back and demanding some sort of test to give a definit yes or no... but like i said live healthy and take care of yourself...
Avatar f tn Low progesterone could likely be the cause of your lost pregnancies in the past
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your recovery from the gallbladder removal, however, a post-cholecystostomy comprehensive strategy is necessary, to ensure healthy digestion and G/I function. You no longer have the "on-demand" availability of concentrated bile, just the continuous flowing diluted bile from the liver.
359321 tn?1278268890 Does anyone else find the whole sex on demand stressful to deal with? I was just thinking about my DH aka the "Love Machine", lol. He has a very high sex drive (like most men) and wants to BD all of the time, but then when we HAVE to BD it's all awkward and scientific for us. I wish our BDing around O time could be like the BDing the rest of the month.
Avatar f tn hi - if your thyroid labs look ok i would "demand" that the endo run additional tests until you can pinpont where the problem is coming from.
1755745 tn?1313367131 Hello ladies, I've been doing a lot of reading on different methods for helping your newborn to eventually acquire a feeding schedule, and it seems that there are these two main schools of thought on how to do this, which is just confusing me more. I've seen that there is some controversy associated with PDF vs.
617347 tn?1331293081 Yeah, yeah, yeah.... These people.... Sheesh. Here they are telling us to demand more, and everyone of those celebrities are out there making all of the "shoot em up" movies that come their way. Why don't they step up and quit taking parts in violent movies... if that is indeed the problem? Why don't they? Millions and millions of dollars, that's why. If you really believe that these "shoot em up" movies are the problem, celebrities.... quit making them.
Avatar m tn I have been going to a methadone clinic 4 1/2 months and am now down to 13 mgs I have a plan to jump at 3 or 4 mgs on dec 20th in 20 days I have had some slip ups but have been doing ok. I take many vitamins protein and green drinks. I will need a lot of encouragement and prayers. I made up my mind NO MORE slip ups. I have been seeing an addiction councilor. Please pray for me.
Avatar f tn Usually they say 3 monthes but it depends on your body I threw up my whole pregnancy with my 1st.. try ginger ale, cracks, and non greasy foods...
432779 tn?1364494875 I am still feeding Fionn on demand and finding it very hard to schedule anything.Sometimes he will feed every hour for a few hours. I cant even have a meal without having to feed him at the same time.Also he doesnt take long naps during the day,although he sleeps well at night he is 15 weeks now.Is anyone else having issues like this?
Avatar f tn My doctor tld me 2 Flintstone vitamins a day is ok longs u takin in sum type of vitamins I switch off n on from the fusion gummoes to the Flintstones cuz sum times the gummies make me sick too
Avatar f tn He started me on Plaquenil and ibuprofen and told me to see him back in three months. After getting home and thinking of some questions, I called back and was told it would be a month to see me. I waited a month and now have a diagnosis of polymyalgic rheumatica. Is Plaquenil an appropriate drug for this diagnosis? Everything that I can find says steroids. I have been on Plaquenil for six weeks and no real improvement. Is it too soon? Am I being impatient?
Avatar f tn Drink plenty of water and eat plenty if healthy meals there are tablets u can buy from chemists not sure if they work and raspberry leaf tea helps with supply.
Avatar m tn There are many new sports drinks out that will increase the vitamins and minerals that our bodies demand when you compel them to perform. I encourage you to read the labels and select one that is right for your training. Once you injure a muscle and that can happen from placing too much demand on an normally resting one, it will take time for it to heal. So go very slow after allowing it several days of rest and applying ice. Once it has rested than start slow and use heat.
659471 tn?1229459690 Her feedings will be a bit erratic for awhile but will eventually even out and become more predictable/routine. Be sure to feed on demand (never by the clock!), and let her feed as long as she needs. Don't offer the second breast until you're sure she's done w/the first, to allow for her to get more of the hindmilk which will keep her fuller longer. The nights will get better.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks old today, came out before he got his fat deposit so have been feeding him on demand - clicks his tiny jaws when he wants it and I have been indulging him. Looking better now so the sleepless nights have been worth it.
Avatar f tn If you have low Vitamin D and take mega doses, it is essential for you to be monitored by a doctor every month. The cautions above are on-target, you shouldn't just do this on your own. My levels are <20, I just took my first dose and believe I might be having symptoms due to side effects/response. I've put in a call to my doctor. So, definitely take Julie's advice and work with your doctor on this.
Avatar f tn THE BEST vitamin and mineral specialist is Orthomolecular Specialist. They know more about vitamins and minerals than Naturopath doctors unlessNaturopaths are Orthomolecular Naturopathic Specialists.
3063937 tn?1352422855 b12 sublingual tablets - good for energy.
Avatar m tn Hi, congradulations on day 45!, i am on day 61, and I can tell you calcium/magnesium/zinc, and a multi vitamin is what I take everyday.It seems to help alot. at first I was taking the c/m/z, three times a day but now i find that one a day works fine.It comes in one pill and has vitamin D3 in it.