Virus infection of the eye

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Avatar f tn some one said it sounded like some type of airborne virus. docyors gave hm a ten day supply of antibotics. any body heard of any thing like this before?
Avatar n tn if you kind of what you call it like cleaning something out of your eye... then the membrane if covered with blood or cemen, then the substance can penetrate the membrane. Saliva by itself is a save medium. Even if you lick semen or blood, more than likely the virus will not be able to survive or penetrate saliva.
Avatar n tn I remember as a kid getting it in 1 eye & then a week later, the other eye. It's either viral or bacterial. Just like a cold or flu virus to the eye. If it's bacterial, you usually have an ear/nose/throat (one of these) w/ it. It's transmitted person to person quickly. Rub your infected eye, shake someones hand, they rub their eye, they get it. It starts in the inner lining of eye & can really go after the white of eye. Dr. needs to determine viral vs bacterial.
Avatar n tn In some tropical countries, chlamydia eye infection (called trachoma--which is why the formal name of the organism is Chlamydia trachomatis) is fairly common, but those infections are not sexually transmitted. In 30+ years in the STD field, I have seen only 1 case of chlamydial conjunctivitis, and that was in a person with obvious genital symptoms. Also, chlamydial eye infections almost always involve only 1 eye, not both.
Avatar m tn Hi, around 4 days ago I got sore throat following by a few mouth ucler (2 on the tongue). Then after 2 days (yesterday morning) my upper lip went a bit numb and really dry. Today the numbness is gone but still extremely dry no matter what I do. So in the afternoon I went to the doctor, and he told me I have an infection, didn't say anything else and prescribe me with "Azithromycin Monohydrate Tables". The problem is now my left eyes is completely red and a bit itchy.
Avatar n tn and given the nature of your exposure (oral sex, not genital intercourse), the virus type of concern is HSV-1, not HSV-2. But I don't think herpes is your problem anyway.
Avatar f tn Throbbing thumping pain, then sometimes dull and achy. Pressure on my the whole side of my face. From the side of my cheekbone all the way around my eye. I went to my GP (that was when he had me blood tested). He says we will figure it out but it is not herpes. I love my Dr., he is wonderful, and I pray he is right, but the symptoms have persisted. So 3 days ago, I went ahead and took 2 500mg doses of Valacyclovir, which is how it is was prescribed to me to treat an outbreak.
Avatar m tn Have you ever had chicken pox? Shingles is causes by the latent virus after having chicken pox. It can hit at any time, especially if your immunity is low or stress is high. Shingles causes nerve pain on one side. The pain can be anywhere. It can also itch. It often starts on the side where you are talking about. Sometimes you break out in small round scalelike sores that may itch. Sometimes you have pain first. If you don't get it treated, it can be very serious.
Avatar f tn HIV infected people do not have enough virus in saliva to transmit the infection; saliva inactivates the virus. Even if scant blood were present, it wouldn't make much difference. And if you are in the US or other industrialized country, the odds are the sex worker doesn't have HIV anyway. From a risk assessment perspective, you don't need to be tested. But this and your thread last August suggest you are an axious sort of person, and most likely my reassurance will not settle your fears.
Avatar n tn My question is, where can I find a good resource, perhaps a textbook of some sort, which would have a good overview of normal flora and disease causing organisms of different body sites of the canine. I have a wonderful book for humans, but have not had much luck finding a resource of this nature for canines.
Avatar n tn My western blot Lyme test came up positive in only one out of the sixteen sections and all the rest of the Lyme testing came up negative, but my doc wanted to treat me for it anyway. My aches and pains since being on the antibiotics have gotten worse. Especially in themorning. My dermatologist wanted to test the rash on my ear for other things just in case....well he tested it and I got a phone call at ten pm the other night from him.....not good news.....
Avatar m tn Raven Went to eye doc says the eye symptoms are chronic dry eye not virus, seems too convenient it started jut after exposure, am doing treatment as doc suggested and seems to help though. Sinuc congestion remains have been on natural yeast treatment helps it a bit. The other day and few other times I was outside got sweating doing physical stuff, the next day I get very itchy in groin area followed by soreness, happened twice.
122065 tn?1241388929 It could be meningitis or other infection with spread around the eye. If he checks you and this is not the case, then get an eye exam from an ophthalmologist. If you don't have a history of migraines before this, it is unlikely this is a migraine. You may have to go to the emergency room if you feel like you are getting worse and can't reach your doctor. If you have a fever or chills currently, that would make me more concerned. Don't sit on this.
Avatar m tn i have a white discharge from my eye which blocked my vision when i woke up this morning. thank you and i will go to c my doctor for my eye. thank you again.
1688555 tn?1305709115 I do not see the obvious blood, nurse gloves really exposed to the blood on the paper
Avatar f tn Below is a timeline of my eye infection: Week of 3/24/14: The inner and outer corners of my right eye were really red. My ophthalmologist diagnosed me with viral eye infection and prescribed me TOBRADEX. I used TOBRADEX 3 times a day for the first two days, then 1 time a day for another 3 or 4 days, and then stopped. Week of 3/31/14: My right eye became red and swollen. I went to see a new ophthalmologist and was told that I just had to wait for my body to fight the virus.
Avatar m tn you just put some dye off of a strip in the eye and look at the eye with a slit lamp. Any eye doctor can do it easy for you.
Avatar f tn At the end of Jan., he had all the symptoms of the flu and ran a high fever (103+) that made him a little delirious until I brought it down with ibuprophen & cool compresses. A week after the virus seemed to be gone, the eyerolling tics started w/a sinus infection diagnosis 4 days later. Any ideas what could cause these symptoms? He's a smart, very social boy that never had this type of thing happen before.
Avatar m tn I have been getting tremors in my body, from my hands right to the back of my neck, eye difficulties - somewhat sparkles which I see in my vison 24/7 however my eyes are apparently healthy according to the eye hospital aswell as increased floaters in my vision. I also get waves of pressure build up in my head which lasts between 5-60 seconds along with headaches and light sensitivity.
Avatar f tn Also, from all this time I have been carrying this virus In me, could all the girls I have kissed contracted the virus from me? What are the odds of the virus being passed on to them if I've never had cold sores? The doc gave me acyclovir for a whole month. 400mg and 5 tablets a day. He said that with this it will shut down the virus and make my eyes all better but it's going to take about 3 months. He never advised me of not having sex or getting checked.
Avatar m tn A sensitive/less sensitive immunoassay of the blood sample confirmed a recent infection with HIV [7]. Apart from the brief case report of 1987 [4], which gave no indication of the stage of infection of the source patient, all the other transmissions of HIV from human bites were from patients in late-stage disease [8,9]. Back to Top | Article Outline References 1. Richman KM, Rickman LS. The potential for transmission of human immundeficiency virus through human bites.
Avatar f tn Those are all good questions but only the Eye MD ophthalmologist that examined your eyes can answer most of them. The most common form of herpes eye infection is type1 related to the cold sore causing virus and not sexually transmitted. Type 2 herpes is not nearly as common and often is sexually acquired.
Avatar m tn Is the eyelid swelling and Stye just a process of the stye or is this tied to adeno virus?
Avatar m tn 3 days ago,I started getting headaches,and had a slight pain in the corner of my eye. 2 days ago,I woke up with a swollen eye lid,pain and pressure around the socket,and the pain in my neck is a still there(still not as bad as 5 years ago) I went to the doctor,worried I have glaucoma(I'm 35,never smoked,not family history)so her perscribed me antibiotic eyedrops which didnt work...yesterday,I saw an eye doctor who perscribed me antibiotic/steroid eye ointment which hasn't worked...
1527510 tn?1392304944 She said ulcers leave tiny scars and if it were in the middle of my eye the scarring could leave permanent damage to my sight, so thankfully that's not the case here. She sent me home with eye drops that I need to use EVERY HOUR for the next 3 days and then I've to drop to every 2 hours. I go back to the hospital on Thursday to check how it's doing. All this pain for a tiny thing on my eye.
Avatar m tn Red bumps could be virus infection, allergic rash or hives. Irritation around the anal area could be due to hemorrhoids. It is very difficult to pin point the exact cause without clinical examination. Please consult a physician as soon as you can. Take care!
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago I noticed my lower back hurting. Nothing else was out of the ordinary. My legs began to feel weak although I could still do everything like walk to class, walk up stairs, etc. Then one night I noticed tingling in my legs when I was laying down. The next few days abunch of different symptoms began showing up. Tingling began in my arms and eventually my head. I have random twitches in random placeson my body that all only last about a second.
Avatar n tn First, your tight throat is unrelated to any of this. You might have a garden variety virus, but gonorrhea of the throat almost always is entirely asymptomatic. The effectiveness of treatment is variable, and you don't say what antibiotic you received. But even without treatment, oral gonorrhea just about always goes away on its own in a few weeks.