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Avatar m tn Hi, around 4 days ago I got sore throat following by a few mouth ucler (2 on the tongue). Then after 2 days (yesterday morning) my upper lip went a bit numb and really dry. Today the numbness is gone but still extremely dry no matter what I do. So in the afternoon I went to the doctor, and he told me I have an infection, didn't say anything else and prescribe me with "Azithromycin Monohydrate Tables". The problem is now my left eyes is completely red and a bit itchy.
Avatar f tn Throbbing thumping pain, then sometimes dull and achy. Pressure on my the whole side of my face. From the side of my cheekbone all the way around my eye. I went to my GP (that was when he had me blood tested). He says we will figure it out but it is not herpes. I love my Dr., he is wonderful, and I pray he is right, but the symptoms have persisted. So 3 days ago, I went ahead and took 2 500mg doses of Valacyclovir, which is how it is was prescribed to me to treat an outbreak.
Avatar f tn some one said it sounded like some type of airborne virus. docyors gave hm a ten day supply of antibotics. any body heard of any thing like this before?
Avatar f tn ll add that the most important health risks here concern your baby. Although the chance of infection of the baby is very low in women with longstanding HSV-2, this is something your obstetrician needs to be aware of. I suspect you know this, but just wanted to be certain. I hope these comments have been helpful. Best wishes for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby!
1688555 tn?1305705515 I do not see the obvious blood, nurse gloves really exposed to the blood on the paper
Avatar m tn the blood would not have been exposed to air because it was trapped between my finger and the wrapping. it was sprinkling rain and i instinctively wipped my eye with the finger that was on the blood. i know air kills the virus but it would only have been exposed to air for a split second. that is not enough time. would other factors such as a change in moisture levels and temperature been enough to deactivate the virus if not kill it?
Avatar n tn I have always been affected by this syndrome, since my early days of HCV infection over thirty years ago. Unfortunately the SS eye problems did NOT go away after my SVR. I have had these ongoing eye problems for over half my life now, and they began when I became infected with HCV. I really thought most everyone was aware of the extrehepatic manifestations of HCV, such as SS, and Reactive Arthritis, Fatigue, etc. that are often a consequence of the infection.
20208478 tn?1492509208 Different environmental conditions affect the rate at which the virus becomes inactive, but in general, if the material containing the virus is dry, the virus can be considered noninfectious.
Avatar m tn First off I just want to say I don't know where I to post this but this is the close one I can find to mine or maybe not the same at all sorry! Hey my name is Louis I'm 19. I've had some type of viral illness for about 23 days now I think. I don't know what kind it is but I'll walk you threw everything.
Avatar f tn Also, from all this time I have been carrying this virus In me, could all the girls I have kissed contracted the virus from me? What are the odds of the virus being passed on to them if I've never had cold sores? The doc gave me acyclovir for a whole month. 400mg and 5 tablets a day. He said that with this it will shut down the virus and make my eyes all better but it's going to take about 3 months. He never advised me of not having sex or getting checked.
Avatar m tn i have a white discharge from my eye which blocked my vision when i woke up this morning. thank you and i will go to c my doctor for my eye. thank you again.
Avatar m tn I have been getting tremors in my body, from my hands right to the back of my neck, eye difficulties - somewhat sparkles which I see in my vison 24/7 however my eyes are apparently healthy according to the eye hospital aswell as increased floaters in my vision. I also get waves of pressure build up in my head which lasts between 5-60 seconds along with headaches and light sensitivity.
Avatar n tn 32 years old male, no health problem before this case. I had one time sex with a girl from Africa(Rwanda I think) and condom fail (so we need to view this as unprotected sex).Came back home and started to take PEP. I only took it for 11 days. This is what happened to me since: 1.About 15-20 hours after sex started to have some strange dry cough and herpes outbreak bellow my eye. 2.Day 39, had a severe illness. Never had something like that before.
Avatar n tn I figure I will wait 2 months and test for both, as hard as it is I am accepting the fact that I have contracted some form of the virus, and life shall go on. I am just concerned about the eye infection possibility.
Avatar f tn If the virus infection is inactive, and if the scars on the cornea are very superficail then a eximer laser PRK might work, otherwise it may require a partial thickness lamellar keratectomy or a full thickness penetrating corneal transplant. See a cornea Eye MD.
Avatar f tn The whites of the eye and the inside of the lids are covered by mucous membrane, which is susceptible to the virus. I would not worry too much about it, however, especially if her eyelid was closed. Ocular herpes are thought by experts to be usually caused by a recurrence of an old oral infection, not an outside infection. However, it will be helpful to avoid kissing her on her mouth, eyes, nose, ears, anywhere that might have a mucous membrane.
Avatar n tn My western blot Lyme test came up positive in only one out of the sixteen sections and all the rest of the Lyme testing came up negative, but my doc wanted to treat me for it anyway. My aches and pains since being on the antibiotics have gotten worse. Especially in themorning. My dermatologist wanted to test the rash on my ear for other things just in case....well he tested it and I got a phone call at ten pm the other night from him.....not good news.....
Avatar n tn I know that hsv-1 is the virus that most easily transmitted to babies, and that it can cause an infection of the eye and of the face. However, could hsv-2 also be spread to the eye? 2. How likely is it that my hsv-2 could have spread to my baby? If I touched a sore and forgot to wash my hands, how long would the virus survive on my hands and then infect my child if I touched his eye? 3. Does the blister I described sound like a primary hsv-2 outbreak?
Avatar n tn Yes, the flu and colds are spread by human to human contact, by both airborne sneezing and coughing near you and you breathe it in, and by touching mucous or spit left on surfaces and then you put your hand on it and then, say, rub your eye or maybe eat without washing your hands. It's the HIV virus and STDs that are passed through intercourse, not the cold or flu. Viruses and bacteria all invade the body differently, depends on which kind it is.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor I made a regretful mistake 5 weeks ago and had unprotected oral sex from a CSW. Approximately 5 days after the exposure I felt itchiness in my left eye, the next day my eye was slightly red then by the following day my left eye was very red and had swollen eyelid. I went to the doctor who prescribed tobramycin and started taking this thinking it may be bacterial in nature but it did not seem to help.
Avatar n tn I'm just doing a bit of online reasearch and I've found this... the muscles on the right side of my face, particularly close to my eye, have been twitching for about a half hour, and they also sort of feel the way a bodypart feels when it "falls asleep". My eye has only twitched like this for a few minutes at a time before now. It's probably no big deal thought...
Avatar n tn This is a continuation of the unknown viral infection i got 2 months ago ( In short, i got a viral infection in my right eye 2 months ago and even after treatment my eye was back to normal in about 1 month and 1-2 weeks since the initial infection symptoms.
Avatar f tn In the OFf CHANCE that blood oozed enough to flick in your hair and then into your eye, this would not transmit the virus . The blood is exposed to air and air inactivates the virus. I would have to ask you from this scenario you describe if you have an anxiety disorder? It is what we call an irrational fear.