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Avatar m tn my dogs left eye looks like something may have poked it...the white part of her eye is very red. she cant open it all the way due to what looks like some swelling. there is also some kind of dis-charge comming out of the corner of her eye she does not seem to be in pain...should we take her to the vet now...
11591819 tn?1419664949 A pellet was under the film of his left eye. I took him to an eye doctor for animals and they evaluated him and wanted to remove the eye but said it would just be cloudy if i decided not to remove it. I decided not to and it turned a almost solid gray and remained normal size. About a week ago his eye began to swell and turned a blood shot red. It is now probably the size of a golf ball. Im taking him to the vet on monday.
Avatar n tn Can I use Besivance in my dogs eyes? He has an eye infection. He is totally blind and is 16 years old.
408662 tn?1210650733 The black hard stuff is nothing to worry about. All dogs get some kind of eye-boogers - just like people do. :-) It sounds like he might have a bit of an infection causing excess tears that picks up dirt and results in black eye boogers. You'll need to have your vet take a look at the eyelid, and will probably need some antibiotic drops to get it better. Don't let it go without treatment, or you'll end up with a bigger and far more expensive problem.
Avatar m tn Sometimes cloudiness in the eye can be a result of an injury or infection. Or it could be cataracts. Yes, other animals can get cataracts too. We had a first year vulture come in with cataracts. Never knew the cause but there it was, a very young bird nearly blind. A vet can take a look at the eyes, try some treatments and see if they clear up.
1627010 tn?1299446388 I changed all of her drops and cyclosporine drops are one of the ones I put her on. I put 1 drop in each eye 3 times daily. Her eye has improved some. I know it will always be with her, I just want her to be comfortable, not in pain or discomfort.
Avatar m tn Ive never been allergic to dogs, but maybe the combination of dust and pet dander is effecting me? I would still think that my nose would be clogged and I would have difficulty breathing if this were the cause.
Avatar n tn The following is the complete list of 54 causes of feline anisorcoria pasted from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine Consultant list: 54 Possible Diagnoses o Babesiosis, babesia, in dogs and cats o Bacterial, vegetative, infective, endocarditis in dogs and cats o Blastomycosis, blastomyces dermatitidis, in dogs and cats- zoonosis o Blood transfusion reaction in dogs and cats o Bromethalin toxicity in dogs and cats o Cerebellar or pericerebellar abscess o Cerebellar or pericerebe
Avatar f tn I can't make sense out of your treatment: "no infection" then put on one of the strongest antibiotic drops available, then "infection" and put on a mild steroid drop. Get another opinion FROM AN EYE MD OPHTHALMOLOGIST, not a pediatrician, not an optometrist.
1355431 tn?1369975306 After hearing my mom crying and begging me not to take him, that it was not that serious of a injury, only a small knick, I decided not to take him if he didn;t have any signs of an infection.. I asked that when my child was at her home that all of her dogs must be outside. She agreed. The wound healed after a few days and things blew over. When he was there the dogs were not or so I thought. This is the hard part.
Avatar f tn THE most common thing this could be is a third eyelid infection or cherry eye. This is if the growth or bump is on the inside corner. On the outside of the eye this could be an eyelid gland cyst and again - common. They don't need a biopsy. Treatment of cherry eye is very straightforward and consists of surgically repositioning the gland.
Avatar m tn I am not seeing any noticeable different discharge from her eye. She seems to get relief from me rubbing it. Thinking it may be a tooth infection, however she shows no sign of any discomfort when eating. She also has a large lump on her left side above her leg which I have just assumed was a cyst. This has been there for a few months and appears to be getting smaller. Her energy levels are good and she seems fine other than this large lump that formed overnight.
12270954 tn?1424407445 I was looking for a companion for my 6-year-old female CKCS and to possibly have puppies, as I am extremely fond of Cavaliers! I knew the puppy had an eye infection when I bought him. The lady said one of his littermates scratched his eye and he was on meds, but he was about done with them. After closer examination of his eye I realized it was not better and immediately took him to my vet, who said he (Bentley) was not a well puppy.
Avatar f tn Hi Kate..Eye infections are common in dogs......Left untreated, they can cause serious damage to the eyes.....Ask your parents to make a Vet appointment for your dog.....Antibiotic eye drops are used to clear up the infection.....It's very easy treatment and not too expensive... In the mean time, take a warm, soft, wet wash cloth & gently wash the debris from your dogs eyes.....Good luck & let us know.....Eye infections clear up quickly once treatment has began...
Avatar n tn s dog several years ago, and the eye had to be removed because the infection could have blinded the other eye by traveling along the optic nerve. The dog did just fine after surgery.
Avatar f tn Our girl Abby, 55 lb German-Australian Sheppard mix has been to the vet three times in the past year for one ear infection and two separate incidents of skin rashes. The vet diagnosed allergies, all treated and cleared. The last visit a couple of months ago vet said we can start with otc cortisone if rashes return and see if it helps, but if more frequent episodes then consider going back for prescription strength meds.
Avatar n tn Brought him in and started the same antibotics on him and also gave him some benadryl.What could this be ??I have never seen or heard of this before and have had dogs all my life.Can you suggest anything else I can do ?? We are very rural here and vet doesnt answer calls on weekends.
Avatar m tn Your Doxie's behavior is entirely normal - for a dominant dog. It has nothing to do with sexuality, and everything to do with her asserting herself as the top dog in the pack. As for the licking, do you mean the doxie is licking herself, or the other dog? Sniffing and licking each other is merely a social activity amongst dogs and shouldn't be discouraged.
Avatar m tn Toy breeds & Tiny toys are notorious for dental problems.....85% of ALL dogs have some form of Peridontial Disease by the age of 3yrs. old. I agree with Lindapalm, your dog needs to see a Vet and have his teeth cleaned! Yes, they will pull the rotten ones (You want this) & put him on oral antibiotics for the infection... If left untreated, your dog will experience extreme pain (If not already) & have trouble eating....
1609789 tn?1298147175 You definitely do not want these to develop into anything worse, such as infection. So do keep an eye on any of these, and if you see anything at all you don't like the look of, or any signs of her shaking her ears, itching, redness...etc, then go to the vet about it. There would be no harm asking the vet's advice anyway, just to be sure.
Avatar f tn s shitzu has had 5 litters and knows it is wrong the will sell the male.....now the female has a eye problem.My friend does not have alot of money, what can the do with the female dog? The dog's eye is NOT infected,but the can't afford surgery. What will happen to the eye? Should they keep putting eye drops in? Is there a way to save the eye?
Avatar n tn s in both ears, it could be caused by allergies or he could have a yeast infection in his ears. A yeast infection, while not as easy to clear up as a run-of-the-mill ear infection, CAN be cured with medication. If it's allergies, however, it can be more difficult to treat because the first step in treating symptoms caused by allergies is to eliminate the allergen, which can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.
6542587 tn?1382274108 Presently we are visiting our daughters home, note that she has 2 Inside/Outside Dogs and that during our stay of 5 days our Havanese dog has started Discharging a GREEN substance out the corner of her Eyes. What do you suggest we can do in treating our Havanese (Lilly).
Avatar f tn ve worked as a vet tech in a vet dermatologists office for years and seen many allergy dogs be just that allergy dogs (mine being one of them). Don't worry just take it one symptom at a time. Raw diets can be scary because dogs can shed bacteria in their scales so be very careful if you have anyone in the house who has a weak immune system or is pregnant and of course children. Humans can easily contract the bacteria. Be careful and good luck!