Staph infection of the eye

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Avatar n tn i saw a dr. yesterday who said i have a staph infection of my eye.. and keratitis of my cornea. please explain to me what this means?
Avatar n tn It actual seems like fluid retention. My question is, is this a normal side effect of staph infection and if so then why and what is it?
Avatar f tn A staph infection, bacterial infection, and impetigo are all grouped in one as a staph infection. The likelyhood that all the infections going around your home are one in the same. Hope this helps....
Avatar n tn This nerve can affect the eye, but usually doesn't do so unless there is also involvement of the tip of the nose. Otherwise, the condition basically takes care of itself, and anti-zoster antibiotics probably won't make much difference. You're very likely to be OK, but I think you should see a doctor more familiar with zoster tomorrow, just to be sure. Nice shiner! Take care. Dr.
Avatar f tn Now it feels fine, except a bit of itching now and then and my eyelashes near the area are turned toward my eye probably because of the slight bulge where the infection is. There is a ball type feel to it on the outside and the inside of the eyelid has a light shape to it, like a healing sore. Recently I had an eye doctor visit and was told it was a staph infection. I was instructed to apply a hot compress and massage it, putting a drop of Vigamox two times a day for 7 days.
Avatar f tn Now it feels fine, except a bit of itching now and then and my eyelashes near the area are turned toward my eye probably because of the slight bulge where the infection is. There is a ball type feel to it on the outside and the inside of the eyelid has a light shape to it, like a healing sore. Recently I had an eye doctor visit and was told it was a staph infection. I was instructed to apply a hot compress and massage it, putting a drop of Vigamox two times a day for 7 days.
Avatar f tn I have been on antibiotics for six days for a nasil staph infection now the bridge of my nose is tingling.the pain is all gone but I still have a small opening inside my nose and it is still red inside and it swells and then the swelling goes down through out the day. Why is my nose tingling?
Avatar f tn Aveena has a good moisturizer for acne-prone skin. Avoid the eye area with anything for acne as it is too harsh for the thin skin around the eyes. The vitamin C cleanser or neutrogena glycerine stuff is fine though.
Avatar f tn About 1 week ago, started developing rash like pimply mark on right side of forehead followed by 3 swollen lymph nodes in neck, right side. Went to the nurse, she told me to change my earrings- didn't help. Next few days, started getting right sided migraines, extreme fatigue, eye pain(right side) and a general lack of appetite, also it was like my eyes moved slowly & I was sometimes disoriented. Went to doctor they told me "your body is working" and gave me ibuprofen.
Avatar f tn I have been to 2 diferent doctors and every hospital in town. When I first got the infecton the left side of my nose swelled righ up and my left eye swelled shut. the hospital put me on I.V. antibiotics called Keflex It took 6 days for it to clear and I followed up with a round of keflex in pill form. that only lasted a few days then I went back to th Dr.
Avatar n tn The ones on the left side of my cheek are a little larger then the ones on the right the ones on the left are almost the side of a grain of salt and theres only about 7-8 of them. The ones on the other side are about 30 there the size of a needle head but really close togeather. If these things do cause a little swelling that i can ever notice unless i press out on my lip should i have them removed. When i look at these things for some reason i think of plaque for some reason.
Avatar m tn Then after that the boils kept returned and I did some research on the internet and was pretty with it was a staph infection, then I got tested by the doctors and while they were kinda vague, was apparently a staph infection in my nose. That was almost a year ago, though I've had several minor boils since then. Now my left nostril is swelling up and has become very painful, red & sore.
Avatar n tn c then its sure that you have infection(specific simptoms of chlamidia infections and other)You must take sample of the eye fluid ( microbiology)and then the results will show vitch antibiotic should work.
Avatar f tn You probably had the cheek infection and then you touched the area and touched your eye and it got in that way. You may not even realize you did it. So you will to be very vigilent to wash your hands when you have an infection. Don't touch the wound or infected area and if you do wash your hands and turn off the water with a paper towel or something and throw it away. Then clean the handle with disinfectant. Any clothes, sheets, pillow cases etc.
Avatar n tn Please help me with any advice on how to get rid of that cotton ball in my eye since the prescribed drugs are NOT helping at all, and I would like to find out what created this cloudy cotton ball, is it a scar, can it be removed, if so, will I see again? .
Avatar n tn It started with something the size of a pea and grew to half my check within what seemed to be 24 hours. Unfortunately this could not have happened at a worse time. Our beloved family doctor of 12 years is no longer in practice. Now, I am left scared about my children being infected by me, concerns for my eyes which after 9 days on Bactrim 4 per day for 10 days and a 5 day round of bactroban are really red and feel dry. I am scared the infection is in my eyes.
Avatar n tn I had to come back home and one of my aunts is staying there with her. I am unable to talk to her or the dr's (because of the recent HIPPA laws) I can't imagine a staph infection being so contagious that she won't be able to stay with me anymore. Or at least 3-4 months as they say. I would appreciate any insight that you could give me. Is is possible for the staph infection to be so contagious that she can't stay with me or is it my aunt using that as an excuse?
Avatar f tn On jan 6th I went to the dr b/c I thought I had pink eye. the dr gave me eye drops to clear the "pink eye" up. It slowely got better each day. But then I got swollen tonsils & the dr did a culture & it was staph, so I got bactrim to treat it. However, my eye isn't red anymore, it still feels like there is something in it very irritating, is extremely sensitive to light, itches, hurts to keep it open for long periods & after itching it, & waters alot.
Avatar m tn Dear Redeyesforyears, Blepharitis is an infection of the eyelid margin and may be caused by the same organisms present in your nose. The best treatment includes eyelid hygiene although it is possible that topical antibiotics may help. I would seek the care of an eyeMD to determine the best treatment. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn Started with a pimple in the fold of nose on the outdside of the nose. It now is red and swollen and extend up to almost my eye. What treatment will help? Is it staff?
Avatar n tn I just got out of the hospital for the same thing... Mine was a serious staph infection in my nose.... This is nothing to play with it is serious you need to go see your doctor right away...
Avatar m tn Dear MD, I was recently treated for Staphylococcus of the eye and with just a few days on my doctor's presribed eye drops the staph cleared up. My doctor then caught me off guard by saying that from this point forward I should only wear glasses with very limited use of contacts (a few hours per week). I am very active and it would be tough for me to function on glasses only.
Avatar n tn Bacteria especially staphylococcus grown in the debris. Staph produces a chemical (exotoxin) that inflames the eye especially the cornea. Your body makes antibodies against the exotoxin. The antibodies and antigens react and cause an inflammatory reaction at the edge of the cornea which produces white patches that irritate the eye. removing the oil and debris by use of occusoft foam eyelid cleaner several times per week will often prevent reoccurence.
Avatar f tn Hi, I think it is normal as your body is fighting off the infection as long as you are still on antibiotics and your immune system is probably still activated. But, keep an eye on your temperature for sure, also the site of infection and where the PICC line was. If anything looks red, hot or hurts etc. then see the doctor. Try to see if anyone can come over to give you a break to take a nap too.
Avatar f tn about 2 weeks later she developed a severe infection that was treated with oral antibiotic and constant soaking of the infection. It has since cleared but she had develpoed new blisters around her body...first one was on her inner was large and puss filled, was hot to the touch and had a golf-ball sized lump underneath it. We did our best to keep it clean. The blister broked and about a day later a hole developed (very scary looking) and since has scabbed over.
Avatar m tn ) It is also the case that the tests don't detect the bacteria that causes Lyme directly, but instead detects the antibodies the body makes in response to the infection. Early after infection, the body may not yet be producing antibodies leading to negative tests. In late stage Lyme, the immune system may be too fatigued to produce a strong immune response, also leading to negative tests.
Avatar m tn Then I went to ENT and he told me I had a sinus infection, with some fungus growing on the right side of sinuses where my eye was always swollen. I had surgery and they ran some cultures, on top of everything else I had MRSA (staph) in my sinuses. They put me on Vancomyacin for the staph. The Doctor told me he cut out polyps which are a sign of auto immune disorder, which explained all the breakouts on my skin. Also explained that those who get staph or MRSA have low immune system.
Avatar f tn for the past 4-5 weeks ive had a problem with my left eye, its constantly red,and my vision goes bliurry , i wake up with a medium amount of gunk stickin my eye lashes together, everytime i blink my eye feels scratched, and i have a what seems to be a blister actually on my eye , its about a centermeter long and wide, and i believe my eye sticking together its caused by the blister leaking gunk , ive had this for song long , people were commenting on how long ive had it and how red my eye