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Avatar f tn could it be sinusitis as the pain is around the eye n cheeks?or just an oral infection?can u suggest me any home remedy?thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn t know how you are eating). There are eye drops for dry eyes, and my eye doc likes certain brands like Systane because they are preservative-free. There is an autoimmune disease that causes dry eyes also. Sjogren's. Hopefully it's not that. I know your problem is infections, but usually eye infections are from touching, so I am thinking of causes for rubbing. Oh, and also the nose and ears are all closely linked to the eyes, so maybe there is some other hidden infection going on.
408662 tn?1210650733 The black hard stuff is nothing to worry about. All dogs get some kind of eye-boogers - just like people do. :-) It sounds like he might have a bit of an infection causing excess tears that picks up dirt and results in black eye boogers. You'll need to have your vet take a look at the eyelid, and will probably need some antibiotic drops to get it better. Don't let it go without treatment, or you'll end up with a bigger and far more expensive problem.
620923 tn?1452915648 s an infection present if there is pus collecting around the eye. In my experience, an eye problem is usually caused by a scratch and antibiotic eye drops are needed to heal it. If you've been cleaning it yourself, just make sure you don't touch the eyeball & potentially cause more damage. Even soft towel fibers can cause more damage. I'm sure your pet store carries some kind of cleansing/soothing eye drop for dogs. That could be a good place to start to see if it helps her.
Avatar m tn And one in particular said that a QUICK and IMMEDIATE fix is put a pinch of cayenne pepper and strain it many times in warm water...then perform an eye wash...Is this okay to do?? Or should I not do it?? This infection is annoying me and i need a quick fix...I've been doing the warm salt water and tea bags but if i can do a quick fix with cayenne pepper then why not? Please let me know! Also...I saw somewhere that colloid silver works too...Should i just try that???
Avatar m tn Respected Doctors Sir, I am recently noticed that some floaters are seen in my right eye for last month. I am very upset because I am one eyed person my second eye is vision less due to cataract caused by a tiny wood in childhood stage. I consulted with eye doctor but he not suggested any thing to solve the problem. He said it is normal aging process. But I have fears to loss my vision totally and temperamentally. is any remedy or latest research is available now? please suggest me.
Avatar m tn Masturbating not STD but it can be irritations,inflammation or bacterial infection. Dont try for any remedy, Get STD or Skin doctor for check and its very important to act now. You should take swab test before the ucler heal. How is chennai?
1550435 tn?1294041748 It could be a Sty! Application of a warm compress or warm washcloth to the affected area for 10 minutes, four to six times a day, can be an effective home remedy and speed rupture of the sty that aids in the relief of symptoms. A sty should not be pressed or squeezed to facilitate drainage, since this can spread or worsen the infection. If a sty persists for several days, a doctor may lance (drain) the infection under local anesthesia in his or her office.
Avatar m tn To help your retina doctor evaluate what is happening with your eye, try to make brief notes to yourself each week regarding whether the vision is improving at all. Get an Amsler grid (you can print one out online), read about how to use it and do so. FYI I had an episode like CSR four months ago (although the typical fluid 'bubble' under the retina layer didn't appear on my OCT results) - I had sudden blurriness and distortion of straight lines in one eye.
Avatar f tn Some sort of treatment is neccessary as it sounds like your cat has an eye infection. These infections (especially in kittens) left untreated usually cause blindness in the affected eye. But some sort of antibiotic is definitely in order.
Avatar f tn Once you have an established infection, it is most unlikely to experience a fever to the extent you state as a direct result of the virus or immune response. If you are experiencing severe headaches then you should present for medical advice.
Avatar n tn I have found an Herbal remedy for Ptosis, however my son has just turned 2yrs old I need to know weather it is safe or not.
Avatar n tn No there is no herbal, homeopathic or "home" remedy for glaucoma. Treatment is drops or laser or surgery.
1124398 tn?1263071731 My kitty, Max, has goop oozing from his eye, does anyone know what this could possibly be from and if there are any homeopathic or home remedies for it? Thanks!
964075 tn?1390448278 I underwent "eye muscle surgery" four years ago for strabismus, that surgery resulted in constant diplopia ( Never had it before ).... Opthamologist seem to can't get a fix on this problem, prisms are un-effective on me..( I am blacking out one lens on sunglasses ). My next step is to seek a method to eliminate the vision of the amblophic eye thus eliminating the double vision....
Avatar f tn Address this question to the Eye Care forum. An opthamologist will answer you, even though it is not an "expert" forum. I have gotten very good advice there.
Avatar n tn Then later on the pain moved behind my head, neck, and ear on the right side. I still feeling preasure on my eye brown (right side). The pain wakes me up in the middle of the night every time i move my head. Is that sinus infection?
20797125 tn?1510364014 I was diagnosed with "Pink Eye" around October 1st of 2016. It was an intense case from the beginning that lasted all the way up until Thanksgiving time in the end November . With over a 2 months period of treatment, the redness and crust went away, but I noticed that my eye was still significantly smaller than the other, in photographs ,and in the mirror. It was as if the pink eye was still there with out the redness and crustiness.
Avatar n tn Had cataract done 18th Feb 2009 on right eye and am experiencing glare. Light is coming off headlights, street lights etc as a strong defined line (similar to a laser loght) running from top right to bottom left of eye at about 45 degrees. As l drive for a living it is very distracting as at night right eye has bright lines continuously crossing field of vision and is very distracting. Is this a normal effect after having cataract done or unusual? What is causing it and is there a remedy?
Avatar f tn Hello, I was hoping to find out if it is normal to have stringy discharge in your eyes if you have allergies. I have had seasonal allergies since I was 9, I am now 43. The junk in my eye that I can pull out which is ewww and irritating, it's there when my allergies are bad, and even when I'm not dealing with allergies, it's just a lot more when my eyes are irritated, swollen, and hurting. What can be done for a remedy.
Avatar m tn I get some times in a week late night eye pain severe in my right eye quite inside the eye ball and same travels to my forehead and eye temple lid. It is so severe and lasts for 30/40 minutes and wakes me in sleep. Also I get my right nostril blocked and also simultaneous bowel movement with stomach disorder. Brain MRI was done 3 years back when I developed these symptoms and same was in order. Stomach endoscopy done and found in order.
Avatar f tn There could have been bacteria in your bathwater that caused an infection, which you passed to your husband. Both of you should go to the doctor for treatment. Stop having sex until you are both healthy, so you don't continue to pass it back and forth.
Avatar f tn You need to see a doctor such as your primary care dr, urgent care doctor, ER if that's all that's open, or a urologist if this is a chronic problem for you. You do need an antibiotic. A pain-relieving medication can be obtained over the counter, but it only helps by numbing the urinary tract and does not treat the problem. Not treating the problem would lead to permanent problems affecting your kidneys. Brands here in the US are Azo Standard or pyridium.
Avatar m tn Hi I am desperate to talk to anyone who has tried the Reflux Remedy Report at the following website, http://www.refluxremedy.com/ I am worried that this is just a scam as it really does sound to good to be true. i am a genuine GERD and Thyroid sufferer who is desperately seeking alleviation from my constant discomforts and I do not want to be exploited by some shoddy scam.
Avatar n tn You've got ear exzema, there's a lot of posts on this site about it with what everyone's using to control it. Can't cure it but swab with antifungal (monistat, lotrimin) and alternate with cortison cream and neosporin.
Avatar f tn Thx.My Eye doctor told right now their is no remedy for Fundus albipunctatus .but in next 5 yrs definately it will be.Can u suggest.