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Avatar f tn Scientists postulate this as a viral infection, which is making the facial nerve swell, or inflamed. it is more common in diabetics, people sick with cold or flu and pregnant ladies. Most of the people improve without treatment. Most of the sufferers begin to improve in 2 weeks and completely by 3 to 6 months. So do not worry and take care.
Avatar n tn then a week later, the other eye. It's either viral or bacterial. Just like a cold or flu virus to the eye. If it's bacterial, you usually have an ear/nose/throat (one of these) w/ it. It's transmitted person to person quickly. Rub your infected eye, shake someones hand, they rub their eye, they get it. It starts in the inner lining of eye & can really go after the white of eye. Dr. needs to determine viral vs bacterial. Everyone frequently washes hands.
Avatar n tn if you kind of what you call it like cleaning something out of your eye... then the membrane if covered with blood or cemen, then the substance can penetrate the membrane. Saliva by itself is a save medium. Even if you lick semen or blood, more than likely the virus will not be able to survive or penetrate saliva.
Avatar n tn My eyelids are not swollen or aything. Not stuck together or crusty in the morning. Is chlamydya of the eye pretty obvious in terms of lots of pus and stuff or is it sublte, maybe just looking like eye strain and some redness of the eye that visine helps some? Would it be possible I got chlymdia of the eye from mutual masturbation and was never infected genitally based on what I have mentioned here? HELP - I AM SICK WITH WORRY!!
122065 tn?1241388929 It could be meningitis or other infection with spread around the eye. If he checks you and this is not the case, then get an eye exam from an ophthalmologist. If you don't have a history of migraines before this, it is unlikely this is a migraine. You may have to go to the emergency room if you feel like you are getting worse and can't reach your doctor. If you have a fever or chills currently, that would make me more concerned. Don't sit on this.
Avatar m tn You could also have an allergy, virus in the eye or have accidently got something else in your eye. Try eye drops and if it doesn't clear up in a day or two then see an eye doctor. Try not to touch the eye and wash your hands if you do.
Avatar f tn So after struggling with my eyes for some many years, today I went to an eye specialist and told me that i may have vasculitis or herpes in the eye. He said that one part of my right eye had a small lightish purple mucus producing thing that can very well be an indication of the herpes virus. When he told me that I didnt know what to do because just by hearing the word herpes, I panicked. I didnt get to ask him so many questions about it.
Avatar f tn Those are all good questions but only the Eye MD ophthalmologist that examined your eyes can answer most of them. The most common form of herpes eye infection is type1 related to the cold sore causing virus and not sexually transmitted. Type 2 herpes is not nearly as common and often is sexually acquired.
Avatar m tn Stored sera from the bitten sister was found to be HIV-antibody seronegative on 10 August 1983 (before the fight), but she was discovered to be seropositive on 12 January 1987. It was believed that the most likely route of her infection was the bite from her sister [4]. In 1996, Vidmar et al. [5] reported the case of a 47-year-old man, who, during late-stage HIV infection with a high HIV-RNA count, had a grand mal seizure in May 1995.
Avatar m tn Some people progress more rapidly than others in the illness. If it gets in your eye, you could lose sight. Ask your doctor about shingles just in case.
Avatar f tn About 6 months ago, I had a little cut that I did not yet realize to be herpes. I had the palm heel of my hand on my lip in that spot while plucking my eyebrows. I then moved my hand to get another position and my palm heel was directly on the top of my left cheekbone. I did not vigorously massage it in by any means but it wasn't just a brush of skin either, it was planted for a while.
Avatar f tn HIV infected people do not have enough virus in saliva to transmit the infection; saliva inactivates the virus. Even if scant blood were present, it wouldn't make much difference. And if you are in the US or other industrialized country, the odds are the sex worker doesn't have HIV anyway. From a risk assessment perspective, you don't need to be tested. But this and your thread last August suggest you are an axious sort of person, and most likely my reassurance will not settle your fears.
Avatar n tn I did start treating with the eye drops she gave me, but considering this is the second time he has had an eye infection in a little over a year, I would like to know if we are treating with the most effective antibiotic for the causative organism. My question is, where can I find a good resource, perhaps a textbook of some sort, which would have a good overview of normal flora and disease causing organisms of different body sites of the canine.
Avatar n tn I have not gotten fever or hives like she did, but I have had muscle, bone, and joint pain for about a week as well as been a bit more tired. Could it be the same virus manifesting itself in a different way, or should I get checked for lyme disease or some type of scarier disease? I am outside a great deal because I am a cyclist, but I have not had any ticks or weird bulls eye rashes at all....
Avatar m tn For past 1 1/2 years i am having a reccurant viral infection in my left eye. Due to which i have a foggy/blurry vision on my left eye which may decrease if i put the steroid drops more times a day and increases once i stop or decrease the frequency of drops. I have shown this to many specialists including retinal surgeons. They are saying it takes long to cure.
Avatar m tn Raven Went to eye doc says the eye symptoms are chronic dry eye not virus, seems too convenient it started jut after exposure, am doing treatment as doc suggested and seems to help though. Sinuc congestion remains have been on natural yeast treatment helps it a bit. The other day and few other times I was outside got sweating doing physical stuff, the next day I get very itchy in groin area followed by soreness, happened twice.
Avatar f tn If the virus infection is inactive, and if the scars on the cornea are very superficail then a eximer laser PRK might work, otherwise it may require a partial thickness lamellar keratectomy or a full thickness penetrating corneal transplant. See a cornea Eye MD.
Avatar f tn Below is a timeline of my eye infection: Week of 3/24/14: The inner and outer corners of my right eye were really red. My ophthalmologist diagnosed me with viral eye infection and prescribed me TOBRADEX. I used TOBRADEX 3 times a day for the first two days, then 1 time a day for another 3 or 4 days, and then stopped. Week of 3/31/14: My right eye became red and swollen. I went to see a new ophthalmologist and was told that I just had to wait for my body to fight the virus.
Avatar m tn you just put some dye off of a strip in the eye and look at the eye with a slit lamp. Any eye doctor can do it easy for you.
Avatar m tn I have been getting tremors in my body, from my hands right to the back of my neck, eye difficulties - somewhat sparkles which I see in my vison 24/7 however my eyes are apparently healthy according to the eye hospital aswell as increased floaters in my vision. I also get waves of pressure build up in my head which lasts between 5-60 seconds along with headaches and light sensitivity.
1527510 tn?1392304944 She said ulcers leave tiny scars and if it were in the middle of my eye the scarring could leave permanent damage to my sight, so thankfully that's not the case here. She sent me home with eye drops that I need to use EVERY HOUR for the next 3 days and then I've to drop to every 2 hours. I go back to the hospital on Thursday to check how it's doing. All this pain for a tiny thing on my eye.
Avatar m tn The issue is anxiety. You have no infection or virus. The simple fact that it has lasted 13 years is evidence enough that your condition is not associated with any infectious disease. You had PROTECTED sexual intercourse with a prostitute. Condoms are very effective. STD do not migrate and infect your brain from your genitals. The only STD capable is syphilis but that is only after 20 - 45 years of infection.
Avatar m tn Again he had me start up the steroids again this time only 1 shot in one eye twice a day and just one shot a day in the other. Clearly it was not as bas as the first time. Well after another week of steroids I was again back at 100%. Went back to doc and after the slit lamp exam I was given the all clear. He said my eyes were 100% healthy. He also said that the virus I had was usually an innocuous one but that it could recur at anytime for the next few months or even for the next year.
Avatar m tn Red bumps could be virus infection, allergic rash or hives. Irritation around the anal area could be due to hemorrhoids. It is very difficult to pin point the exact cause without clinical examination. Please consult a physician as soon as you can. Take care!
Avatar f tn Can I have spread hsv2 into my eye or even onto my contact and then in my eye this morning? Thanks for the reply.
Avatar n tn Or does there have to be a visable open lesion in order to transmit it to another area such as the eye? For the past 2 days since I touched my eye, I have been having mild blurriness, but this, again, could be chalked up to my anxiety enhancing a totally normal situation. So, if I DID have genital herpes, and I WAS experiencing a prodromal sensation, could the virus be transmitted to my eye during this prodromal stage, or would it have to be an active lesion to transmit? Thanks.
Avatar f tn There was no mention of you experiencing a fever, so perhaps these symptoms are prodromal. The calm before the storm lol. You're in college, muscle twitching can be as simple as dietary intake and lack of magnesium, calcium, etc. or anxiety. I doubt it is from a nerve conductivity issue. My suggestion goes along with JJs and encourage you to visit to the primary doctors office to correctly diagnose you and not google doctor yourself into a complete frenzy of anxiety.